Pineapple Flow Series
In honour of Filipino Heritage Month, learn skills from Filipino folk dance to complement a dynamic movement practice.

Every Saturday in June // 11am // 75 minutes
Option to register for Full Series or Single Sessions

Note: The Google Meet link to these virtual classes will go live 5 minutes prior to start time
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June 5th // Binasuan X Backbends // June 12th Malong X Muladhara // June 19th Singkil Fan X Santosha // June 26th Tinikling X Tapas
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June 5 // Binasuan X Backbends
Binasuan is a dance from Rural Philippines. It is a festive dance that where soda-filled glasses are balanced on the head and in the hands. This will challenge you to centre yourself as you move with intention. This awareness will help to prepare for a yoga practice focused on backbending.
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June 12th // Malong X Muladhara
A malong is a tubular wrap which can be worn in different ways are commonly used in Southern Philippines. Gorgeous handwoven malong from Maranao, Maguindanao, and T'Boli exhibit different patterns based on where the weaver is from.Within this practice, students will connect to their Muladhara (Root Chakra) while using a malong* to find length and strength. Hanumanasana (front splits) & Visvamitrasana (flying warrior pose) will be the focus.
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June 19th / Singkil Fan X Santosha
Singkil is the story of a princess being banished to a forest and getting caught in a terrible storm. In some versions of this tale, a prince is sent into the forest to "save" her, but it is clear that she can save herself gracefully maneuvering her way from danger.The fan play skills required for Singkil, warm up the wrists and strengthens the shoulders and forearms in preparation for arm balances. With Santosha (contentment), students will explore Bakasana (crow pose), Eka Hasta Bhujasana (elephant pose) and possible variations based on experience.
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June 26th / Tinikling X Tapas
Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines. It depicts the Tikling bird dancing through bamboo as they are clapped together.Tapas is one of the personal observances (Niyamas) in the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The Sanskrit word for "fire" or "burn", Tapas is much like the heat built through the skills from Tinikling, except we will be using this motivation to observe modified Sun Salutations to keep the body moving and the heart rate up. These modifications will include push ups, planks and mountain climbers. Bring a towel.
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