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Pre-Conference 1/2-Day Workshops (4 CEUs)
Free Workshop: Introduction to PHIUS+ Climate Specific Passive Building Standards, Principles, and PHIUS Programs
Instructor: Katrin Klingenberg
HVAC for Multi-Family & Commercial Passive Buildings
Instructor: Galen Staengl
Multifamily Hootenanny Part I
Instructors: Many
Multi-Family Hootenanny: Part II
Instructors: Many
Building Science & Ventilation of Multi-Family Projects
Instructor: Joe Lstiburek
Design Optimization: Practical Strategies and Exercises for Heating-Dominated Climates: High Performance, Low Energy Details in the Field
Instructor: Rachel Wagner
Hot Water Systems for Multi-Family Passive House Designs
Instructor: Gary Klein
Passive Houses and Renewables: Designing for Positive Energy
Instructor: Marc Rosenbaum
Pre-Conference 1-Day Workshops (8 CEUs)
WUFI Passive: Static Passive House Verification Basics
Instructor: Lisa White
WUFI Passive: Advanced Modeling for Multifamily Projects
Instructor: Prudence Ferreira
Pre-Conference 2-Day Workshops (16 CEUs)
PHIUS+ Rater Training
Instructor: Chris McTaggart
WUFI Passive/Plus Dynamic: Comfort Analysis, Multi Zone, Hygrothermal Analysis
Instructor: Florian Antretter
Core Conference (14 or 7 CEUs)
Core Conference Break-Out Sessions
14 for 2-day, 7 for 1-day
Passive Projects Tour (4 CEUs)
Projects Tour
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