Portland Media Day 2018 Registration Form
Thursday, March 9, 2018 | 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM | University of Oregon in Portland, White Stag Building

Portland Media Day encompasses a series of workshops aimed at enriching middle and high school journalists. This very special event affords young journalists in and around Portland the opportunity to interact with professional journalists and college professors. It is a day filled with instruction, practice, and skill-building.

Join NWSP and save big on Portland Media Day registration. Membership fees include entry into all 2017-2018 NWSP contests and events, including 10 entries for Student Media Olympics, Write-Offs, scholarships, recognition, e-newsletter, monthly newsletter, website, and staying in touch with all of the latest developments in scholastic journalism. http://tinyurl.com/NWSP-17-18-Membership

Advisers: volunteer to help or lead a session and waive your registration fee! Do this by completing the "Fall Press Day Speaker Form"
Visit nwscholasticpress.org or email nwscholasticpress@uoregon.edu for form link.

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