Student Poster Application GAMFT 2021 Spring Symposium
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I understand that I am responsible for presenting a virtual poster presentation and understand that at least one of the authors must be available to present the poster with conference attendees. Appropriate releases of information must be obtained for all client materials to be used prior to this presentation. The presenters accept responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of any client information presented. In the case of co-presenters, the undersigned will receive all conference correspondence and accept responsibility to convey all information to their co-presenters.

The poster session will take place during the all day GAMFT Spring Symposium. Each poster presentation will provide a 10-15 minute presentation of their work. The Conference attendee's will choose a the best poster for the research and non-research presentations. The winners will be emailed and posted on the GAMFT website. The prize for the best research and non-research student poster will have next year’s conference fee waived along with a certificate.
*Note: Accepted poster presenters will gain free entrance to the full day conference
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