Rebel Federation Division Application Form
To get started, we'll need the following information as it will aid Hub Command in setting up your new division! This is your chance to lead the community forward, take this chance to let us know how you plan to do it with the crew you've assembled. Remember, anybody can be our next Division Leader, members like you have lead the RF community forward for more than a decade.

The below requirements are extensive, but that's because we're setting you up for success.
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RF Members Applying (Let us know your Discord IDs as well | Members here will become the Division Leaders) *
Among all Division Leader applicants, how long have you collectively been in RF? Determine this by your oldest RF Member applicant.
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Tell us about yourselves and your experience in the Rebel Federation, and why your leadership will help blaze a path forward.
What game or platform is your Division based around? *
Tell us about your new Division, and why a Division for your game or platform would enhance the RF community. *
Permanent Discord Server Invite *
Official Hub Command Requests (These will be considered only if you are approved to set up as a Classification C Division, communities applying that meet higher Classification requirements can jump immediately to those tiers)
I certify that this information is accurate to the current date of this submission, and am speaking for the entirety of the division leadership in this application. I understand that I will be contacted directly on Discord if my Division is accepted. I understand that my Division, for the entire life of it, must adhere to RF's Community Rules and Privacy Policy to ensure the safety of all RF Members involved. I understand that by becoming a Division Leader, that I'm a community leader that must hold up the ideals and the policy of the greater Rebel Federation, and follow the direction of the total Hub Command. I understand that I'm being given the permission to use the Rebel Federation brand in good faith of helping to define who the Rebel Federation is. I accept that my division will aim to better the RF community by helping create positive experiences and will work to create a community where all members are accepted equally and respected equally. I, to the best of my ability, will join RF's continuing mission to bring people together and facilitate recreational gaming for all, to do what is right at any given opportunity by working to create a positive standard for our community, and to uphold RF as a force for good, and to ultimately, fight the good fight. *
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