July 26-29, 2021 JES Curbside Nutrition PICK-UP FORM

This form will be used to pre-order meals by ALL children between the ages of 1-18 years of age for pick up.

Each child must fill out a pre-order form in advance if picking up curbside.

Meals may be picked up at Jarvisburg Elementary School location. Please note the pick up times is 12:30-1:00pm, Monday - Thursday.

Pick up may occur by the student or parent/guardian or person approved by parent/guardian. Please note that the person picking up the meal must know and validate the Student ID with cafeteria staff before meals may be received.

ALL CHILDREN 1-18 yrs of age eat for FREE.
Children do NOT have to be enrolled students of the county;
however, we must ask all families to pre-order meals each week
to ensure accountability and availability.

Mask and 6 ft social distancing will be adhered to during pick up.

Any and all questions may be directed to Angela Rodriguez, SN Director at 252-232-2223 ext 1024 or via email at arodriguez@currituck.k12.nc.us.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Email *
Child's First Name (you must order for each child separately) *
Child's Last Name *
Student ID Number if enrolled with Currituck Schools OR Enter "NonEnrolled" or "Home Schooled" if not enrolled with Currituck Schools. DO NOT LEAVE BLANK *
Name of Parent/Guardian or person approved by Parent/Guardian who will be picking up for the child if child is not present. If no name is provided, it is assumed the child will be present when picking up their meal packet. *
This is to confirm I would like to pre-order a daily meal for pick up at JARVISBURG ELEMENTARY the week of JULY 26-29, 2021. I understand that meal packets are for children between the age of 1-18 and that 1 packet per child per day is permitted only. I also understand that I must follow maintaining cold temperatures or time limits on consumption as listed by each meal for food safety. *
Please mark which days you will be pre-ordering to pick up meals. Each day your child will receive a lunch and a breakfast for the next day. Please note meals ordered that are not picked up create waste. We understand schedules may change and ask that you call the school nutrition department at the school you ordered your meals to cancel in advance if necessary to prevent waste. Bus site locations may call the school closest to the pick up site. *
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YES - please prepare an order for my child
NO - please do not prepare an order for my child
Monday Meal Packet
Tuesday Meal Packet
Wednesday Meal Packet
Thursday Meal Packet
**My child has a food allergy that is documented in their school records. If your child is not enrolled in our schools, please note you will need to provide documentation of allergy by a medical professional for accommodations. Please list below allergies:
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