Fall 2018 High School Leadership Application
Prayerfully consider serving on the student leadership team.

Term: September 12-December 5


Student Leadership is the vision to see STUDENTS DISCIPLING STUDENTS. We believe God wants to use student leaders to build the kind of Student Ministry that will change lives. It’s our dream that every time we gather, students are loving, investing and discipling other students--and it’s our belief that God wants to use student leaders to bring that kind of dream to life.

Why Student Leadership? Because now is the time for you to step up, out of the boat, and recognize that you have a role in God’s epic story and He is calling you to lead. Now is the time for you to shake off the excuses and live a life worthy of your calling! Now is the time for you to serve, love, and lay down your life for something greater than yourself.


We live in a world full of people who need Jesus. Our families. Our schools. Our communities. Our state. Our country. Our world. In every corner of the world, you can find places to give love, share joy, and let the light of Christ shine. And we want Student Leadership to be a group of people shining so brightly with God’s love that our families, our schools, and our communities see God’s love in undeniable ways.

We strongly believe that God has really big plans for you and we believe that watching these plans unfold gives great importance to building up a team of student leaders — students who want to live for Jesus Christ. Students who, in light of the love God has shown, want to love others.

We believe that God wants to do great things through each and every one of you, and we believe that begins with having an attitude of humility before God.

We want to be a community of people who serve together, who seek God together, and who pray for God to show us what He wants to do in and through us.

We want to disciple you all, and we are hoping you will allow us to do that.

• You will have "ownership" of your area of ministry. You are responsible for taking initiative, carrying out the duties of
your particular ministry and, when necessary, enlisting others to help you.

• Attending meetings weekly on:
Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30PM for High Schoolers. (This meeting time is tentative)
There will be extended nights throughout the semester for high schoolers to rotate into Wednesday Night Live and
make an investment in middle school students’ lives and there will be all SERVE nights where we will be off campus
serving our community.

• Coming to meetings having done the work required. (ie: giving a report for the ministry you are over, taking notes,
reading the chapters of the book we assign on occasion, preparing a list of ways to reach your church and school,
finding and meeting with an accountability partner, etc.)

• Attending SMBS/CV or NV Worship services on at least 3 of the 4 weekends of the month.

• Attending Sunday Night Live (High School) service on at least 3 of the 4 weeks of the month as your peer worship
• Consistently diving into God’s Word and letting that transform you daily.
• Praying for Trinity Student Ministry, the schools around us, Calcasieu Parish, yourself, your family, and more.

(We are not legalistic about these expectations. However, we can discuss your individual situation, but student leadership must exhibit a high commitment level and active involvement. We believe it is alright if this season in your life prohibits you from making the commitment and release you to create some margin in your life. There is always next semester.)


Our ministry exists to be a student ministry that Embraces the Lost, Engages the saved so that everyone can Encounter the Savior.

We have a vision to Equip middle school students, Empower high school students and Encourage young adults to be on mission and minster to those they have influence over in the Lake Area, around the country and in our world.

*Ministry descriptions about various roles can be downloaded at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/51xmp9x5yhwt4im/Fall%202018%20Student%20Ministry%20Leadership%20Roles.docx?dl=0

**This does not automatically qualify you to be on the team for this semester.

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How have you, up to this point, been involved in the ministry of Trinity Baptist Church?
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Who are your Sunday small group leaders?
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Why do you want to be a student leader?
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Tell me your story of becoming a Christian.
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What are your strengths in ministry, spiritual gifts, etc?
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What are your weaknesses both in ministry and who you are personally?
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Share about a time when you failed as a leader and explain what you learned.
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What one thing would you like to see the High school leadership team accomplish in a semester?
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What is the Gospel?
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What are some of the biggest areas in your Christian walk that you have struggled in? (We want to create a culture of being real, so please be Honest. Open. Transparent.)
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Rank your top 3 places of interest to serve on WEDNESDAYS (Cafe, Check In, Gym, Greeter/Hospitality, Media, Worship, Visitation, Photo/Videography) Ministry descriptions can downloaded in link above. *
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Rank your top 3 places of interest to serve in general (Guys ministry, Girls ministry, Social media/Graphics, Fellowships, Community Missions) Ministry descriptions can downloaded in link above.
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I can commit to the Fall 2018 semester of leadership and follow the expectations listed above.
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