Collection of recipes for the CISV EMEA region Vegetarian/Vegan Cook Book for Camps
The National Representatives of the CISV EMEA region formed a working group in April 2018 to develop a Vegetarian/Vegan Cook Book for Camps.

The objective is to support the chapters and the National Associations in the region to reduce the environmental impact of their camps through providing healthy and nutritious vegetarian/vegan food to camp participants and to offer healthy and nutritious meals to participants with special diets.

The collected recipes should be vegetarian or vegan, adapted to serve 10 people, camp-tested, easy to make for large groups of people, something that children and youth like, and preferably also cost-effective.

We kindly ask you to submit your recipes using this form.

Please submit also at least one photo of your dish by adding it to this folder:

Inspirational videos of cooking the dish are also warmly welcome! Please make sure you have the right to use the photos/videos and name them clearly with the name of the dish, the submitting NA/chapter and the photographer so that we know to which recipe they are linked to.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!
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