Forest Hills Tuv Ha'Aretz CSA Fall 2021
Welcome to online registration for Fall shares for 2021! We are pleased to introduce you to our new farm, Norwich Meadow Farm.

Shares will be  DAYTIME  on Fridays (September, 17, 24 and Oct 1) and  Wednesdays DAY or EVENING - your choice (October 8 thru November10) for 9 weeks, beginning September 17th  at Forest Hills Jewish Center.    

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership where urban consumers receive fresh, nutritious vegetables while helping to sustain the livelihoods of regional farmers.  In a CSA arrangement the farmers pre-sells “shares” of their farm’s upcoming harvest to individuals, families, and institutions.

In order to complete your registration, you must:

   1. Fill out the application below.
   2. We will invoice you, and give you information about how to pay - either via PAYPAL or Zelle.
   3.    All participants will be expected to volunteer  either mid-day (truck arrival for 1 hour), evening (2 hours) or unclaimed shares. We will not ask you to commit to a timeslot yet, but merely to indicate your choice of volunteering option on the list below.
  5.If you are unable to volunteer, we are offering a limited number of non/volunteering slots. You will be billed an additional $15.


VEGETABLE SHARES are certified organic, locally grown seasonal vegetables from Norwich Meadows Farm.  
The cost of the FALL vegetable share is $293.  

FRUIT SHARES include fresh, seasonal fruit from Samascott Orchards and other NY/PA farms.  The fruit is not organic, but is minimally sprayed using IPM (integrated pest management).  
The cost of the FALL  fruit share is $121.

EGG SHARES  are from Norwich Meadows Farm.
The cost of the FALL egg share is $56.

All members are required to volunteer or pay a $15 additional fee.  You may choose  to staff one pick-ups on Wednesdays or Fridays either evenings , or mid day for truck arrival (time approx 11 am).   Members who do not show up to their chosen volunteer slot, and do not make it up with another slot/job may be excluded from joining the CSA for the following season.   ​​We will not ask you to commit to a specific timeslot yet, but merely to indicate your choice of volunteering option on the list below.

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