China Research Workshop 中国研究讲座 Lunch Discussion RSVP
Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 | 12:00-1:30 p.m. | GPS 3106 (Large conference Room on bottom level)

"Feel the Burn: Regulation and Impact of Straw Burning in China"

Presenter: Tong Liu, PhD Candidate, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This study investigates the impact of agricultural straw burning on air pollution and health in China. Using satellite-detected straw burning data, we estimate that 10 additional straw burning points can lead to 7.62% increase in monthly PM2.5 and 1.56% increase in mortality at the county level. Straw burning primarily affects rural residents and causes more rural residents to die from cardiorespiratory diseases. Urban mortality, in contrast, is unaffected by short-term variation in air pollution resulted from straw burning. Nevertheless, straw burning is positively associated with rural residents’ happiness and mental health, whereas making urban residents unhappy. We further evaluate the regulation on straw burning and find that government subsidies can be more effective than command-and-control policies in restraining straw burning.


CRW provides a forum for the presentation of original research by China scholars from around the country in social science and humanities, sponsored by the Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China. To view archive and upcoming workshops list, visit:

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