2018 Grayson Lakes Garage Sale Registration
The 2018 Fall garage sale is set for April 14 from 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM rain or shine. There is no centralized location, as each sale will be held on the individual homeowner's property. Please note there is NO FEE to participate unlike with past garage sales!

We will have a Neighborhood Preview Sale, which will be held the evening before the public sale from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. The intent of the preview is to allow those who live in our neighborhood the first chance to purchase items and is completely optional in which to participate.

Homeowners may place one sign in their yard and one sign at the end of their street and/or along Grayson Lakes Blvd. You may only display your signs on the day of the sale, as well as the day of the neighborhood preview sale, during the times of the events. PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REMOVAL OF THEIR SIGNS UPON COMPLETION OF THE SALE.

All participants must register 5 days prior to the event and fill in the following form to participate in the community garage sale. Your answer to the "Information to Publish in Public Garage Sale Directory" question grants or denies the permission of the Garage Sale Coordinator to publicize information related to your garage sale in an attempt to increase potential customers. Note that your provided name and email will NOT be published and is only collected for identification and contact purposes.

By selecting relevant categories in the "Items for Sale" question, potential customers will be able to search for the garage sales carrying the types of items they are most interested in buying. The list will be available to the public the evening before the sale via the Grayson Lakes Living webpage and will be available to the neighborhood 2 days before the sale via Facebook and Nextdoor for the Neighborhood Preview Sale. If something you plan to sell does not belong in one of the provided general categories or is an item that you would like to specifically name, please select "Other" and list the category or specific item name that you would like to be listed. Please note that the Garage Sale Coordinator will use his or her best judgement in correcting and determining which items listed as "Other" will be published.

Upon submission of the form, your response can be edited by using the link provided. Please save or bookmark the given link if you wish to return and edit your response at a later date. All responses should be finalized the Monday before the event (April 9) to ensure the information is available for the Garage Sale Directory.

Charitable organizations will have a truck at the Grayson Lakes Clubhouse to pick up anything participants would like to donate. They will be on site April 21 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM or until the truck is full. Please make sure you meet the truck and do not just drop off items at the Clubhouse.

For more questions or information, contact the Events Committee at Events@graysonlakesliving.com and/or visit www.graysonlakesliving.com.

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