Classroom Web Tool Parent Survey
To: Parents and guardians of students in the Issaquah School District

A leadership advisory team has formed to explore a replacement for Connect as the teacher website tool.

The goal is to find a tool that:
• Meets communication needs for teacher to student and families
• Provides a consistent look and feel throughout the district
• Integrates with other online tools such as Office365, Classlink, Skyward and online textbooks
• Is accessible to persons with disabilities
• Includes translation tools for a variety of languages

As part of our selection process we would like to hear from parents about what they would like in a classroom web tool.
How many children do you currently have in the Issaquah School District? *
What grade level(s) are your children? [check all that apply] *
Which grouping of schools does your child or children attend? *
When my child or children need to access a teacher websites at home they use... *
How often do you visit teacher websites? *
When visiting teacher websites, what are you MOST often looking for? *
Other than what you most often look for, what additional information do you seek on a teacher website? *
What do you find most challenging when looking for information from teacher websites? *
When considering a new web tool how would you prioritize the following items? *
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Not a Priority
Classroom websites that are laid out in the same way so that information can be found easily.
Combined with other district systems (eg: Skyward, Office365, School Websites, Online Textbooks)
Easy to use
Flexibility (teachers ability to customize the site)
Personalization options. Example: Students can select to be notified when assignments are updated
Visual Appeal
Which tools do you use to communicate with your child or children's teachers? (check all that apply) *
Is there a specific web tool that you would like the leadership advisory and the selection committee to consider? Please share the name of the tool.
Additional comments for the committee(s).
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