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You have just won an essay contest hosted by your Library, and are now on a grand adventure visiting ancient libraries throughout Great Britain. You have always felt a magical connection to ancient books. They call out to you, begging you to pick them up and read. In the past you have gotten in trouble for ignoring the do not touch signs in museums and special library collections. You have promised yourself that you will not be temped by the books to avoid being kicked out.

While traveling between libraries you stop to spend the night in a quaint little village. The locals tell of a legend surrounding the castle ruins just north of the village. It is believed that they are the remains of the legendary Camelot. Your group decides to check it out. Your head librarian gives everyone an hour to look around before heading back into the village.

You wander into a small room hidden deep in the back of the castle ruins. There you see what appears to be an old book shelf, and laying upon it a box. You step forward and open the box and see an object wrapped in leather. You unfold the leather and discover a book. You open the cover. The room goes black.

(Note: if you get an answer wrong, there will be some sort of clue in the wrong answer response. If you're stuck, get it wrong on purpose for the clue!)
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