ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Event Sign-Up
Please complete the entire form. Proper completion of this form will ensure an accurate entry of your event with ISSMA. All solos must be paid for by the soloist and ensemble members. All checks should be made out to Carroll High School Band Boosters by Monday, November 26. Checks not received by that date may result in solos and ensembles that are not entered.
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If registering as an ensemble, this person will serve as the main contact within the ensemble. Likewise, your ensemble will be listed under this last name for the ISSMA event.
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Names of Additional Ensemble Participants
Please use this area to list other ensemble participant. One line per each participant. The lead name does not need to be entered again in this area.
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Please note that you are only required to be in one ensemble. No Miscellaneous Ensembles are permitted unless given specific permission by Mr. Hassell or Frazier. All solos and ensembles must be paid for by the soloist or ensemble members. Checks for solos or ensembles must be made payable to Carroll Band Boosters in the amount of $15.00 for a solo or $7.00 for each member of an ensemble. All money must be turned in by November 26. Please place in an envelope marked with your name and the event for which you are paying. Do not put in band box. Give directly to Mr. Frazier. Soloists that have not paid for their event will not be entered. Ensembles that are not paid in full will not be entered. Please plan accordingly.
Group *
There can be no 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12 grade students participating in group V. There can be no 10th, 11th, 12th grade students participating in group IV. Any soloist receiving a Gold in Group III or II is encouraged to move up a class the following year. The ultimate objective would be a Group I - Gold division rating.
Group I Required Solo or Ensemble List Number
Please use "500" if you do not know or have a list number. You will need to know this number before you perform. Please see Mr. Hassell or Frazier for the required list numbers. You may also find them at
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