Join the Fight for Higher Education: Stand with Roehampton

On 4 May 2020, a brutal assault on Higher Education began when the University of Roehampton announced aggressive proposals to cut jobs with the launch of a severance scheme and - significantly - a proposal to cut pay for academics and professional staff from 1st August. Subsequently there has been a further attack on our working conditions with the announcement of increases in academic workloads and the suspension of research sabbaticals. This has occurred whilst staff are continuing to deliver high quality teaching and exceptional research, as well as rapidly develop new programmes to help increase university income during the pandemic. To date, details of the university’s plan for socially distanced teaching have not been clarified, but additional labour will certainly be required to adapt our programmes. In the given context, it is clear that any cuts would be unsustainable, unfair, and would have a damaging impact on the quality of teaching and research in the university, as well as on staff health and student satisfaction.

We already know that universities are capitalising on the good will of staff, their dedication to students, and their willingness to work well beyond contracted hours, which makes these moves to undermine collective solidarity, security, and support particularly egregious. We also know that the most vulnerable among us are now facing a double attack arising from the pandemic, as well as the marketisation of tertiary education: temporary and casualised workers, migrants, disabled, women and BAME staff and students will be the most affected by cuts. Meanwhile, the highest salaries and the proportion of senior management continues to balloon, undeniably problematic in the context of dwindling resources.

The marketisation of HE continues to play a significant role in the situation that universities now find themselves. Post-92 universities like Roehampton represent a key dimension of this increasingly challenging marketplace, particularly as the government seems to pursue ideological shifts driven by ill-informed notions of vocational skill and inappropriate assessments of ‘value for money’. These moves would amplify inequalities for staff and students, including those arising from the widening stratification of teaching and research.

Although University of Roehampton may have been the first university in the UK to launch a severance scheme and pay cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not be the last. Other institutions are already confronting similar measures, and it is likely that we are seeing the beginning of a new wave of attacks to the sector, which sooner or later will have a devastating consequence for every university in the country. Staff working in tertiary education are already over-stretched, demonstrated by the nation-wide strikes for academic pay and workload across 2019 and 2020. We must not acquiesce to unsustainable demands to work more for less money, with nothing offered in return.

It is time to stand together and fight for Higher Education in times of global crisis and collective vulnerability. It is time to protect the heart of universities, and their frontliners -- students and staff -- to ensure that we support students' achievements and secure academic standards.

We are reaching out to the public and to union branches to support our following demands:

1. Meaningful two-way consultations with staff and students, and full financial disclosure with the recognised trade union negotiators.
2. Guarantee that management will not push staff to leave the national pay spine, which would undermine their collective position.
3. Exhaustive exploration and outline of alternatives to the voluntary severance scheme, proposed pay cuts and any future redundancies, to be shared swiftly and in full with staff
4. Comprehensive assessment of the detrimental impact of the voluntary severance scheme and proposed pay cuts on teaching and research, including equality impact, and workload modelling which takes into account socially distanced delivery.
5. Reverse changes to workload and sabbatical policies, and negotiate fair and sustainable workload and research policies with the unions before the new academic year.
6. Commit to implementing a long-term 1:6 maximum pay ratio - meaning that no one in the university earns more than six times the salary of its lowest-paid full-time employee (currently £20,402 with London weighting).
7. Issue a response to all staff, students and unions within 5 working days of receipt of this letter.

Staff at the University of Roehampton are among the first hit, but unfortunately won’t be the last; this attack will spread rapidly and will impact all universities. Now is the time to unite, be vocal and formulate a national response to this attack on public education. Show your solidarity, sign the petition, join the fight to defend the future of Higher Education.

Signed By:

2029 Signatures

Jo Grady, UCU General Secretary
Vicky Blake, UCU President
Carlo Morelli, UCU Scotland President
Marian Mayer, Co-chair Bournemouth University UCU, Chair South Region UCU & National Negotiator UCU
Sean Wallis, Principal research fellow; UCL UCU branch president, UCU NEC member (2012-2020), convenor,
Convention for Higher Education; University College London
Deepa Govindarajan Driver, NEC, UCU National negotiator (pensions), President – Reading UCU
Margot Hill, UCU London Region Secretary, Lecturer Croydon college
Giulia Palladini, Senior Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance, University of Roehampton
Mark Riley, Senior Lecturer and UCU H & S Officer, University of Roehampton
Darren O'Byrne, Reader in Social Sciences, University of Roehampton
Ümit Yildiz, UCU Black Members Standing Committee (pc)
Gillian McIver, LONDON
Lia Betti, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Caterina Nirta, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Simon Bayly, Reader, University of Roehampton, UCU member
Tim Atkins, University Lecturer, UCU departmental rep
Carol Bardon, Chair; Queen’s University Women’s Common Room Club
Neve Gordon, Professor of human rights
Katy Fox-Hodess, Lecturer and Branch Communications Officer, University of Sheffield
Iris Colomb
Derek Beaulieu, director, Literary Arts, Banff Centre
MariaTeresa Esposito, Senior lecturer
Tanzil Chowdhury, Lecturer in Law, QMUL
Sue Abbott, Lecturer Newcastle University UCU NEC
Martin O'Brien, Lecturer in Performance, QMUL
Stefano Kaburu, Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton
Susan Kelly, Senior Lecturer Art
Aylwyn Walsh, Associate Professor, University of Leeds
Marina Vishmidt, lecturer, dept rep, Goldsmiths
Richard Parker, Assistant Professor, Catholic University, Santiago de Chile
Natasha Du Rose, Senior Lecturer
Samuel Solomon, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex and UCU Sussex Representative
James Burton, Senior Lecturer / Co-Secretary Goldsmiths UCU
Adrienne Walsee
Eirini Kartsaki, Lecturer
Season Butler, Visiting lecturer, various institutions
Timothy Smith, Recently completed PhD student, University of the Arts London
Luca Betti
Clare Daly, PhD student, University of Roehampton
Jessica Pujol, Researcher
Johanna Linsley, Lecturer, University of Dundee
Brooke Ward, Alumni university of roehampton
Jenny Swingler, PhD student
Anouska Lester, PhD Student, University of Roehampton
Valeria Scacchi, Visiting lecturer Roehampton University
Athanasia Batziou, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Jess Darby, Associate Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Janna Graham, Lecturer, Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths
David Calder, Lecturer, University of Manchester
William Brown, Reader in Film, University of Roehampton, London
Debbie Epstein , Professor of Cultural Studies in Education (retired)
Federica Frabetti, Principal Lecturer University of Roehampton
Martina Krosneva, Alumni
Marco Sandrini, Senior lecturer
Naomi Hetherington, UCU Dept Rep, Lifelong Learning, Sheffield University
Caterina Nirta, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Alberto Fernández Carbajal, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Owen Parry, Associate Lecturer, BA Fine Art, CSM, UAL
Will Montgomery, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway
Jon Clah, Lecturer, RuTC
Martina Krosneva, Alumni
Brian Lobel, Professor, Rose Bruford Colege
Shelley Trower, Professor, Roehampton
Helen Clarke, Lecturer
Kirsty Rolfe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sussex
Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Reader, University of Surrey
Irene Artegiani, PhD Student
Ela Moreno, Alumni
Emily Orley, Reader, Roehampton
Susan Deacy, Professor, University of Roehampton
Nicholas Ridout, Professor of Theatre, Queen Mary University of London
Rachel Hann, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University
Rhiannon Harrod-Reid, Roehampton Graduate
Brian Butterworth, Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology, UCL
Clio Unger , PhD Student , Visiting Lecturer, Royal Central School of Spielchen and Drama, UCU Member
Tomislav Medak, PhD researcher
Itoiz Rodrigo Jusue, PhD Candidate
Giulia Casalini, PhD, Roehampton Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance
Anna Pakes, Reader in Dance Studies, University of Roehampton
Jill Westwood, Lecturer, UCU Member, Goldsmiths
Caroline Bainbridge, Professor of Culture and Psychoanalysis, Roehampton University
Andrew F. Wilson, Senior Lecturer, University of Derby
Clare Dove, Artist/Unite, former Natfhe Branch Chair.
Paul Dudman, Archivist
Francesca Romana Ammaturo, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Human Rights, University of Roehampton
Paul Antick, Senior Lecturer
Ian Kinane, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
John Mercer, Professor of Gender and Sexuality, BCU
Sean O’Brien, Research, Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London
Astrid Korporaal, PhD Candidate, Kingston University
Sharanya Murali, Lecturer, Brunel University London
Jonathan Skinner, Reader, University of Warwick, UCU member
Milly Williamson , UCU equalities representative, Goldsmiths
Jacob Johanssen, Senior Lecturer in Communications, St. Mary's University
Eley Williams, lecturer
Benjamin Bland, Teaching Associate & UCU Departmental Rep (School of History, QMUL) / Visiting Lecturer (School of Humanities, Hertfordshire)
Juliet Chambers-Coe, Teaching Fellow RBC, DSL; PhD candidate University of Surrey
Christa Holka, Photographer/Owner, Christa Holka Photography
John Havelda, Lecturer, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Justin Hunt, Relationship Manager, Arts Council England
Marianne Bjørnmyr, Alumni
Gillie Kleiman, Fixed-term lecturer, Leeds Beckett University, and independent choreographer, UCU member, and former MA and PhD student at Roehampton
Ben Highmore, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sussex
Dominic Johnson, Professor, Queen Mary University of London
Olimpia Burchiellaro , Post-doc, University of Westminster
Elisabeth Carter, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Neil Ewen, Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester
Maia Pal, Senior Lecturer in International Relations Oxford Brookes University
Julia Bardsley , Lecturer, QMUL
Kim Gilchrist, Roehampton Ph.D; Lecturer, Cardiff University
Tanya Horeck, Reader in Film, Media & Culture
Eleanor Roberts, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Sarah Gorman, Reader
Martha Shearer, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin
Bethany Moragn Brett, Lecturer - Essex University
Ruth Tweedale, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Tara Fatehi Irani, Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Stefano Harney, Honorary Professor
Caoimhe Mader McGuinness, Lecturer
Judith Rifeser, Former PhD student and Visiting Lecturer, now Lecturer at Goldsmiths
Mareike Jenner, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies
Shelley Theodore, Community practitioner
Kim Akass, Professor, Radio, Television & Film, Rowan University
Ben Pitcher, Reader
Patricia Lara-Betancourt, Post-doc researcher, Kingston University
Joanna Kellond, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Simon Day
Jenny Bryan, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Rachel Moore
Michael Clarke, PhD Researcher at University of Roehampton
Michal Izak, Reader
Marilena Zaroulia, Lecturer, Central School of Speech and Drama, university of London
Anushka Tay, PhD Candidate
Edith Steffen, Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, University of Roehampton
Sarah Pyke, Impact and Engagement Officer, Living Libraries project, University of Roehampton
Carol Atack, Postdoctoral research associate, Cambridge
Nicol High, Student, University of Roehampton
Kirsten Bell, Professor, University of Roehampton
Maayan Geva, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Candida Yates, Prof Culture and Communication, Bournemouth
Andrea Graf, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Roehampton
Rachael Nicholas
Gianmaria Bandiera, Events Hub Manager, Amnesty International
Sarah Blissett, PhD student, University of Roehampton
Kate Hodgkin, Professor of Cultural History, University of East London
Caroline Metz, Postdoctoral researcher, Sheffield UCU policy and governance officer
Kristin Thompson, PhD student
Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal, Associate Lecturer/PhD student, Birkbeck
Cecily Blyther, Lecturer, Petroc, Devon, UCU NEC Rep for Casualised Staff in FE
Fleeta Chew Siegel, Senior Lecturer
Ruth Llewellyn University of Roehampton MA student
Catherine Mary Gilvarry, Senior Lecturer/University of Roehampton
Andrea Genovese, Professor, University of Sheffield
Neil Chapman, Senior Lecturer
George Georgiou, Senior lecturer, University of Roehampton
Iman Amer
Rhianon Jones, Phd Student
Caroline Douglas, Lecturer
Des Freedman, Goldsmiths UCU
Nat Raha
Marta Garcia Morcillo, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Charlotte Young, PhD candidate, Queen Mary University of London
Błażej Pindor, Artist
Laura Cuch, Associate Lecturer
Heather Savigny, Professor of Gender, Media & Politics, De Montfort University
Hedi Viterbo, Lecturer in Law, Queen Mary University of London
Gina Pauli, Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Roehampton
Daniele Pantano, Senior Lecturer
Anthony Faramelli, Lecturer
Carol Cody, Liaison Sec. UCU City of Liverpool College
Zara Dinnen, lecturer, Queen Mary university of London
Kate Chedgzoy, Professor, Newcastle University
Henrik Örnebring, Professor of Media and Communication, Karlstad University, SWEDEN
Andrea Esser, Professor of Media and Globalization, University of Roehampton
Sara Jane Bailes, Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Sussex
Katharina Schramm, Gynaecologist
Marie Eakins, Merseyside
Rachele Dini, Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Ken Longden , Lecturer
Louise Owen, Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Colin Brady, Wiltshire
Erin Julian, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Roehampton
Sarah Bartley, Lecture, Queen Mary University of London
Karen Cross, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies
Sigal Shalev, Lecturer, Psychology, University of Roehampton
Caroline Gonda, College Lecturer, St Catharine's College, Cambridge
Avanthi Meduri, Reader in Department of Dance
Elena Marchevska, Associate Professor
Melissa De Roos, Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Shelley Cobb, Associate Professor, Director of Programmes
Liz Rosenfeld, Artist
Andrea Adriano, PhD Student - University of Milano-Bicocca
Simone Knox, Associate Professor, University of Reading
Michel Pharand, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Sara Markovic, 2019 Roehampton English Literature graduate
Maria Federica Moscati, Senior Lecturer in Family Law, University of Sussex
Greg Hewett, Professor of English and Department Chair, Carleton College, USA
Paolo Dini, Associate Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics
Ruth Bertram, University of Roehampton graduate
Cara George
Rafal Soborski, Professor of International Politics, Richmond: the American International University in London
Tina Jenkins, Teaching Fellow
Andrea Yankah, PhD Student, Visiting Lecturer @ University of Roehampton
Fiona Sampson, Professor, University of Roehampton
Charlotte Terrell, Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford
Sarah Johnson, Lecturer
Sandra Mackay
Elizabeth Crites, PhD Research Fellow, University College London
Chrysanthi Gallou, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Michael Docherty, Associate Lecturer, University of Kent
Hannah Hamad, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
Jacqueline Hayes, Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Kathrina Glitre, Senior Lecturer, UWE Bristol
Steven Woodbridge, Senior Lecturer
Dominy Clements, Career Development Officer, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague
Julia George
Nicole Costello, Project Manager
Maudene Gouws
Keri Bainborough
Rachel Garfield, Professor
Kim Moore, Phd candidate
Joe Kelleher, Professor of Theatre and Performance, Roehampton
Catherine Bennett
Kat Gupta, Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Ian McDonald, Reader in Film Practice, Newcastle University
Peter Johansson, Senior Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Unis Resist Border Controls
Isabel Waidner, Senior Lecturer, Roehampton
Jonathan Skinner, Reader in Anthropology, Roehampton
Louis Strange, PhD student
Alisa Lebow, Professor of Screen Media, University of Sussex
Martin Young, QMUL
Lynne McCarthy, Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Ellie Tomsett, lecturer, BCU
Alvaro Martinez, PhD Student
Anne Devlin, Playwright
Stéphane Azarian, PhD student
Adriana Urrea, Profesor at the Literary Creation. Universidad Central. Bogotá. Colombia
Anita Biressi, Professor Media and Society
Nora Sternfeld, documenta Professor
João Florêncio, Senior Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, University of Exeter
Daniel Katz, Professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies, Warwick
Maria Rovisco, Associate Professor, University of Leeds
Jordana Rohr
Peter Salmon, Writer
Marie Thompson, Senior Lecturer, university of Lincoln
Lucy Stone, PhD candidate, Newcastle University
Omar Sabbagh , Associate Professor of English, American University in Dubai
Olga Capirci, Research director, ISTC CNR, ITALY
Zoya Sardashti, Alum
Adam Warne, PhD Student, University of Roehampton
Sophie Hope, Lecturer, Birkbeck University of London
Lily Klopsch
Christopher Jackman, Principal Lecturer in Sociology (retired), Roehampton University, Retired member UCU.
Rosalind Edwards, Professor, University of Southampton
Linda Bonfanti
Mary Corcoran, Reader, University of Keele
John Cantrell
Anna Grant, Lecturer, Goldsmiths College
Konstantinos Thomaidis , Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
Michèle Wood, Principal Teaching Fellow
Charlotte Oliver
Ian James, Reader in French Literature and Thought, University of Cambridge
Kate Wright Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Hannah Roberts
Diletta De Cristofaro , Teaching Fellow in Contemporary Literature, University of Birmingham
Fiona Templeton, Senior Lecturer, Brunel University
Colin Samson, Professor
Melina Shakiry, Property Manager
Paul Sutton, Independent Academic
Lindsay Donoghue, University of Westminster
Nadia Tramontin, Alumni
Domenico Sergi, Museum of London
Christeen George, Consultant, Amama Associates
James Friel, Royal Literary Fund Fellow
Adaeze Okpara, Southbank Centre
Clare Spong, Speech and language therapist, NHS
Diana Damian Martin, Senior Lecturer, Performance Arts, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Benjamin George
Ana Baeza Ruiz, Curator, UCU Branch Committee Officer, Middlesex University
Helen Wheatley, Professor in Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick
Lindy Barbour, Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Jane Read, Emeritus Fellow, University of Roehampton
Mehreen Begg, Research Student
Kerry Moore, Senior Lecturer, Journalism
Tamar Steinitz, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Katerina Paramana, Lecturer, Brunel University London
Lina Dencik, Reader, Cardiff University
Adriana Disman, PhD Candidate and Teaching Associate at Queen Mary University of London
Koen Slootmaeckers, Lecturer, City, University of London
Georg Doecker, PhD student, University of Roehampton
Orla Parslow-Breen, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Katerina Paramana, Lecturer, Brunel University London
Emma Bennett, Lecturer in Drama, University College Dublin
Augusto Corrieri, Lecturer in Drama, University of Sussex
Tom Wagner, Lecturer, University of Manchester
James Loxley, Professor of Early Modern Literature
Joanne Tatham, Reader in Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art
Jonah Spong
Victor Roudometof, Associate professor/Faculty Labor Union President
Jessica Dyson, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Colm O'Cinneide, Professor of Law, UCL
Jon Morgan, Director, Centre for Theology, Imagination and Culture, Sarum College
Sarah Rees, Researcher in neuroscience and education
Evie Georgiou, Customer service
Alessandro Simari, PhD, Queen Mary University of London
Helen King, Emeritus professor, The Open University
Natacha Kennedy, Lecturer
Ioana Cerasella Chis, PhD researcher and UCU branch committee member, University of Birmingham
Lisa Blackman, Prof of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths
Samantha Gilmore, Former Roehampton student
Margherita Laera, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre
Peter Johansson, Senior Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Laura Wetherington, Docent, Amsterdam University College
Elaine Swan, Senior Lecturer, Uni of Sussex
Yamen Makdad, Management Consultant
Sarah Payne
Andrew Cowan, Professor, UEA
Liam Jarvis, Senior Lecturer, University of Essex
Jonathan Reinarz, Professor in the History of Medicine
Gavin Butt, Professor of Fine Art, Northumbria University
Mark Pendleton, Senior lecturer, UCU Branch Equalities Officer, University of Sheffield
Catherine Grant, Professor of Digital Media and Screen Studies, Birkbeck, University of London, UCU member
Anna Furse, Greater London
Rachel Clements, Lecturer, University of Manchester
Dinah Mason, Art Psychotherapist NHS
Doris Dornelles, PhD researcher Dance Roehampton/ Lecturer Ballet Federal University of Viçosa
Ian Dolan, Early Career Academic
Andy Ridley, Visiting Lecturer, UCU, Roehampton University
Jamie Forth, Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Charlotte Boyce, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Arabella Stanger, Lecturer and UCU Rep, University of Sussex
Paul Anderson, Professor
Tim Day, Recent completed Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth
Amerdeep Somal, Leicestershire
J Szpelman
Karina Jakubowicz, Lecturer
Helen Wood, Professor University of Lancaster
Flora Pitrolo, Visiting Lecturer and Research Associate; Syracuse, Birkbeck, CSSD
Diego Canciani, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Roehampton
Sarah Smith, Speaker, The Breck Foundation
Nick Thoburn, Senior Lecturer University of Manchester
Nisha Ramayya, Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
Judith Bryan, Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing, Roehampton
Liam Perella
Adam Stock, Senior Lecturer in English Literature
Matteo Mandarini, Lecturer, QMUL, UCU committee member
Mazen Masri, Senior Lecturer in Law, City University of London
Ana Harcha Cortés, Profesora Asociada, Académica, Departamento de Teatro, Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Chile
Andrew Butler, Alumni (Roehampton), Student (University of Nottingham)
Antonia Ford, Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Janet McCabe, Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
David Fallon, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Sean Redmond, Professor of Screen and Design, Deakin University
Bertha Díaz, Lecturer, University of Cuenca, Ecuador
Conor Bollins, PhD Candidate & Teaching Associate, Queen Mary, University of London
Laird Hunt, Professor of Literary Arts, Brown University
Eleni Sikelianos, Professor of Literary Arts, Brown University
Zoe Moores, PhD Research Student & Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Sherehan Abdelmoti, Roehampton Alumni
Patricia Murrieta, Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities
Siegmar Zacharias, PhD candidate at Roehampton TECHNE
Jackie Grant, Senior Teaching Fellow, Physics, Sussex
Adrian Coyle, Emeritus Professor, Kingston University
Paul Ward, Professor, Edge Hill University
Catherine Walsh, Cardiff University
Sebastian, Buser, PhD researcher UCL
Serena Lucarella
Jessica Ringrose, Professor
Milly Williamson, UCU equalities representative, Goldsmiths
Richard Wild, Principal Lecturer in Criminology
Carolina Blid, Alumni, University of Roehamton
Christopher Johnson, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Arizona State University
Erik Nolander, Estates contracts manager
David Greaves, MRes Student, University of Roehampton
Alisa Lebow, Professor of Screen Media, University of Sussex
Louis Moreno, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Charlotte Morris, Lecturer, UCU member, University of Portsmouth
Carrie Paechter, Professor and union member
Dave Lochtie, Student Voice and Development Manager
Ian Parker, Previously Honorary Professor at Roehampton
Julia Peck
Gulzat Botoeva, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Nikki Fairchild Senior Lecturer University of Portsmouth
Zoe Moores, PhD Research Student & Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Kim Toft Hansen , Assistent professor, Aalborg University
Leo McCann, Professor of Management
Steve Waters, Professor of Scriptwriting, University of East Anglia
Waseem Yaqoob, Lecturer in History of political thought, School of History, Queen Mary University of London. Union rep, School of History
Geetanjali Gangoli , Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol
Luke Twyman
Nuno Ferreira, Professor of Law, University of Sussex
Yuwei Xu, Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Education
Dawn Woolley, Research fellow at Leeds Arts University and External Examiner at Roehampton University
Gerardus Lucas, Assistant Professor in Strategy and Leadership, University of Nottingham
Zara-Angela, Abbas, Demonstrator (Department of Psychology), University of Roehampton
Nathalie Weidhase, Postdoctoral Researcher, Bournemouth University
Belfjore Zifla, Profesor of Literature, University of Tirana
Francesca Pizzo
Sean Beer, Senior Academic, Bournemouth University
Julie Escurignan, PhD Candidate and Corporate Relations Manager, Sorbonne University
Koshka Duff, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Claire Hurley, Lecturer University of Kent
Peri Bradley, Senior Lecturer in Media Theory
Katherine MacBride, PhD candidate UAL
Jonathan Parker, Professor of Society & Social Welfare, Bournemouth University
Daniel Oliver, Teaching Fellow
Mimi Haddon, Lecturer, University of Sussex
Arianna Dini, Freelancer
Joanne Tyler, Lecturer
Clive Radford, Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Paula Wilcox, Reader in Criminology (retired 2018)
Savvas Voutyras, Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Susan Willetts, Senior Library Assistant, University of London
Gemma Kerr, PhD
Andres Jurado, Doctoral Student in Theater Studies University of Lisbon
Iain Robert Smith, Senior Lecturer, King’s College London
Marc Mason, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster
Glenn Shadbolt, former student, University of Roehampton
Louis Bayman, Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Southampton, UCU member
Charlotte Discombe, MA student, University of roehampton
Paul de Vrieze, Principal Academic, Bournemouth University
Pathik Pathak, Associate Professor, University of Southampton
Fabio Tartarini
Matthew Jay, PhD Candidate, UCL
Darren Lilleker, Professor, Bournemouth University
Martin Dines, Senior Lecturer, Kingston University
Gbola Gbadamosi , Associate Professor
Karen Evans, National Disputes Committee, UCU
Simon Flacks, Senior Lecturer
Adam Alston, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Erica Gillingham, Honorary Research Fellow
Julia Round, Principal Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Cecile Wright , Professor (honorary) University of Nottingham
Anastasia Veneti, Principal Academic, Bournemouth University
Nicole Wolf, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Sara Jacson, Retired teacher
Marina Rabadan, Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Amy De’Ath, Lecturer, KCL
Andrea García González, Researcher, University of Brighton
Maggie Gray, Lecturer, Kingston University, Kingston UCU branch committee member
Maheshan De Silva Kanakaratne
Iro Arvanitidou, Lecturer
David Roberts, Bartlett School of Architecture
Anna Feigenbaum, Associate Professor in Communication and Digital Media
Daniel Antonio Villar , Executive Committee, Scientists for Labour. UCU member, University of St. Andrews
Jacqueline Bolton, Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln
Anna Judson, Research Fellow, Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge
Rowan McLelland, Lecturer, Department of Dance, University of Roehampton
Victoria Brooks , Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Westminster
Kathryn Telling, Lecturer, University of Sussex
Emma O'Dwyer, Senior Lecturer, Kingston University
Alla Yankouskaya, Senior Lecturer
Stacey Prickett, Reader in Dance Studies, University of Roehampton
Stacy Wall, Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Fiona Cosson, Bournemouth University
Vilde Schanke Sundet, Researcher, Department of media and communication, University of Oslo
Chris Darke, Senior Lecturer in Film Roehampton University UCU member
Beth Ackroyd, Alumni
Stuart Price, Professor of Media and Political Discourse, De Montfort University UCU organising committee
Ben Goldsmith, Postdoctoral Researcher in Education, Bournemouth University
William Proctor, Principal Lecturer
Lorenza Peragine, Research Student
Trevor Hearing, Bournemouth University
Andrew Sanger, Visiting Lecturer, Roehampton
Ariadne Mikou, Independent artist-scholar, Roehampton alumni
Julian Warner, Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast
Tony Coult, Independent Researcher in Drama
Adele Costabile, Reader in Nutrition
Sam Marsh, Branch President, Sheffield UCU
Helena Botto, PhD candidate, University of Roehampton
Matthew Paluch, Trinity Laban
Lorraine Brown, Associate Professor, Faculty rep
Lucia Piquero Alvarez, Head of Dance Studies Department
Marco Checchi, Lecturer and Membership secretary DMU
Kristina Riegert , Professor
Austin Fisher, Associate Professor, Bournemouth University
James George, Teacher
Sinibaldo De Rosa, University of Exeter
Adrian Heathfield, Professor of Performance and Visual Culture, University of Roehampton
Seb Franklin, Department of English, King's College London
Pam Clarke, Researcher, UCU, University of Liverpool
Emily Corbett, PhD Candidate
Brónagh Corr
Christopher Mann
Siobhán O’Gorman, University of Lincoln
Adela Bravo Sauras, NoFourthWal director, Architect, PhD Researcher
Matthew Spencer, University of Liverpool
Claire Hynes, Lecturer, University of East Anglia
Deborah Williams, Lecturer, Dance Studies, University of Malta
John Lea
Corrin McLelland
Sam Ladkin, Senior Lecturer
LARRAINE NICHOLAS, Emeritus Fellow, University of Roehampton
Yolanda Alaniz, Retired Archivist from California State University, Northridge in Southern California
David Thomas, PhD candidate, Birkbeck College
Chris Powell, UCU Regional Official Retired
Natasha Martin, Roehampton University Alumna
Rob Blow, Lecturer, UCU rep, DMU
Martin Savransky, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Brian Kavanagh, Lecturer in Public Health, University of Essex
Igi Moon, Senior Lecturer
John Yandell, UCL Institute of Education
Simone Sistarelli
Maria Agius Muscat, Dance Student, University of Malta
Sara Crangle, Professor, University of Sussex
Inna Michaeli, PhD, Sociologist
Ben Plumpton, President, Leeds University UCU
Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer and UCU Equality Officer, City, University of London
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Professor of Law & Theory, University of Westminster
Mig Farinas-Almeida, Principal Lecturer
Kerry Moore, Senior Lecturer, Journalism
Helen Charman
Jayson Lamchek, Roehampton Uni alumni
Anthony Sullivan, London College of Fashion (UAL) Branch Secretary
Rosie Read, Principal Lecturer
Ami SKANBERG DAHLSTEDT, Choreographer, lecturer
Kristina Widestedt , Associate Professor, Stockholm University
Jonathan Wroot, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Greenwich
Drasko Kascelan, Posdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Leeds
Eleni Kapogianni Lecturer, University of Kent
WeZ Nolan Senior Lecturer
Steve McCarten Lecturer
Alec Mills Network Manager
Yu-Chun Chen
Özgür Ataş Independent researcher
Jennifer Melvin
Mark Colpus Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich
Miriam David Professor emerita
Aisha Walker Associate Professor, University of Leeds
Jane Simm Retired member, and member of Sheffield UCU Committee
Lucy Freedman PhD student, QMUL
Tamara Tomic-Vajagic Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Myka Tucker-Abramson Chair, Warwick UCU
Lana Tatour Postdoctoral fellow, Columbia University
Emily Senior Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Eva Reimers Professor of Education Practices
Moty Katzman Reader, University of Sheffield
Robyn Orfitelli University of Sheffield UCU
Rachel Seoighe Lecturer in criminology
Alan Read Professor of Theatre, King's College London
Michael McKinnnie Reader in Theatre, Queen Mary University of London
Rachael Clerke artist, visiting lecturer (various institutions)
Andi Fugard Senior Lecturer and UCU branch welfare officer, Birkbeck College
Sophie Aarts Roehampton University
Katja Vaghi
Chara Panayi Alumni, University of Roehampton
Akanksha Mehta Lecturer, Goldsmiths (and Co-BAME rep, Goldsmiths UCU)
Matthew Gobey Senior lecturer, convener, Manchester Metropolitan University
Rupert Waldro Lecturer, UCU UAL CoCom Chair
Pav Gill Business Management - HMRC
Kasia Tórz
Greta Zaltieri Student
Abigail Jackson Senior Lecturer in Law at UEL; UEL UCU Health and Safety Representative
Swithun Cooper Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton
christopher chatwin Professor if Engineering, UCU president - Sussex Branch, University of Sussex
Ania Ostrowska researcher and lecturer
Rachel Moseley Senior lecturer
Lothar Mikos Professor
Annie Goh Lecturer, Fine Art XD, CSM UAL UCU Equalities Rep & incoming NEC
Kate Murphy Principal Academic
Barbara Henderson Lecturer, Newcastle University
Luca Barra Associate professor, Università di Bologna, Italy
Michael Lawrence University of Sussex
Andrea Gelardi PhD Candidate
Paul Graham Raven postdoc researcher, Lund University, SE
Alon Lischinsky Senior Lecturer/UCU faculty rep, Oxford Brookes University
Tim Pringle UCU rep SOAS, University of London
Maria Dada Research Fellow
Noha Mellor Professor
Christopher Shoop-Worrall Lecturer in Media, UCFB
Lars Peter Laamann Senior Lecturer, SOAS, University of London
Ozge Ozduzen lecturer in sociology and communications
Anders Olof Larsson Professor
Edwin Vollans Teaching Fellow, University of Leicester
Alexander Sergeant Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Fintan Walsh Reader in Theatre and Performance, Birkbeck University of London
Natalie Fenton Professor, Goldsmiths University of london
Yolana Pringle Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine, University of Roehampton
Natalia Cecire Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
Phil Hammond Professor
Susmi Patel PhD Candidate/Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Elane Heffernan UCU NEC Disabled Members Rep HE
Jill Daniels Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Alex Watson Associate Professor, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
Dimitra Laina Doctoral researcher (Fine Art)
Hyun-Joo Lim Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University
Ruxandra Trandafoiu Reader in Communication
Valeria Racu Co-President Welfare & Campaings, SOAS Students' Union
Catalin Brylla Lecturer in Film and TV
Filip Kijowski Alumni
Rachele Dini Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Myra Macdonald Retired academic
Michele Paule Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University. Union: Unison.
Daniel Fountain Researcher
Steven Spittle Dr. Steve Spittle, Principal Lecturer and Programmme Leader, Liverpool John Moores University
Chloe Daly University of Roehampton
Tom Brown Senior Lecturer, KCL
Anna Backman Rogers Senior Lecturer
Peter Goddard Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Liverpool
Alex Hicks PhD Researcher
Neil Fox Senior Lecturer / Falmouth University
David Chapman Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Stephen Shapiro Professor, University of Warwick
Jon Hackett Senior Lecturer
Maya Nedyalkova
Danny Evans Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University
Clara Bradbury-Rance King's College London
Katie da Cunha Lewin
Kathleen O'Donnell
Jeremy Bubb Senior Lecturer
Cosima Bruno Senior Lecturer in China Studies, SOAS, University of London
Matilda Blackwell Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham
Chrys Papaioannou Administrator, Birkbeck, University of London
Helen Kingstone Research Fellow, University of Surrey
senior lecturer UEL
Mike Bonsall IT analyst, Sheffield Hallam University
Katie Beswick Senior Lecturer, Drama, University of Exeter
Jennifer Conway Senior Lecturer UWE, Bristol
Anna Kirsch
Ruth Brown Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Jean Chalaby Professor, City, University of London
Stephen Connolly Lecturer in Film, UCA Farnham
Nicholas Martin Ex senior lecturer in Art for Public Space ans Programme Convener
Mafalda Stasi Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
HY Park Senior Lecturer
Daisy Richards PTHP Colleague and PhD Student at De Montfort University, Leicester
Daniel Carter Research Fellow, LSHTM
Bill Rushbrooke Retired Principal lecturer and UCU branch chair Roehampton
Caroline Ruddell Senior Lecturer
Karina Townsend Performing Arts Technician, UEL
Jennifer warren London
Robyn Hayward Student
Cameron Ranford London
Jack Gray
Simon Huxtable Lecturer
Nigel Morris Associate Professor of Media Theory (retired)
Rebecca Harrison Lecturer
Margherita Borg Casual Lecturer, University of Malta
Thomas Knowles Coventry University
Alex Charnley Lecturer
Shirly Shimony-Schubert Student, free university, Berlin, Germany
Ed Hood Archivist, SOAS University of London / Treasurer, SOAS UNISON branch
Jez Nemeth Senior lecturer
Cat Wayland GTA & PhD candidate, Uni of Edinburgh
Jenny Naish
Maren Hobein Film Programmer
David Levy Ph.D. Boston University
Sarah Kogan Artist & guest lecturer UAL
Christian Fuchs
Katie Stone PhD student, Birkbeck, University of London
Sherene Meir Teacher, Durham University
Sarahleigh Castelyn Reader in Performing Arts
Miranda Iossifidis Research Associate, Newcastle University
Feyzi Ismail Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London
Orion Hall-Turner Student
Delia Langstone Senior Lecturer
Ian Lamond Senior Lecturer
Gary Merrill Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Ellie Gray University of Roehampton
Gabriella McGrogan GTA, Birkbeck College & UCU member
Sue Currell University of Sussex
Rima Saini Lecturer & (forthcoming) UCU Rep, Middlesex University London
Richard Hewett Lecturer
Munira Cheema Surrey
Polly Wilding Academic Programme Manager, Co-operative College / Lecturer, University of Leeds
Rosamund Carpenter MA theatre student, University of Roehampton
{Paul March-Russell Lecturer in Comparative Literature, University of Kent
Laurence Totelin Reader in Ancient History, Cardiff University; Casework lead, Cardiff UCU
Nicola Perugini Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Edinburgh
Vittoria Butti Student
Sarah Boukhary Middle East North Africa Advocacy Coordinator, WILPF, Roehampton University Alumna
Nicola De Martini Ugolotti Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Jeremy Collins Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University
Julian Petley Honorary and Emeritus Professor of Journalism, Brunel University London
Stephen Morgan Lecturer in Film Studies (temporary), QMUL
Mike Cole Professor in Education , University of East London
Barney Samson Visiting Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Kathryn Drumm Educational Technologist, City, University of London, UCU
Rebecca Bell
Carla Willig United Kingdom
Nathan Waddell Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Christopher Bond Retired former UR employee
Kerem Nisancioglu Lecturer, SOAS University of London
Pinar Donmez Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England
Peter Jaeger Professor of Poetics, University of Roehampton
Phillipa Longson Associate Lecturer
HY Park Senior Lecturer
Ciana Skeete
Giulia Corona Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
John Downey Nottinghamshire
Ashley Rattner Assistant Professor, Tusculum University
Tracey Hill Professor, Bath Spa University
Marcella Forster Associate Professor, University of Lincoln
Claudia Mellado Professor of Journalism, PUCV, Chile
Roddy Slorach Imperial College UCU branch organiser
Marco Pustianaz Associate Professor of English (Università Piemonte Orientale, Vercelli, Italy)
Nancy Thumim Associate Professor University of Leeds
Martin Barker Emeritus Professor, Aberystwyth University
Rachel Straus Assistant Professor (2020-2021), Universidad de Salamanca
Lisa Gaultier Student
Babak Amini PhD student at London School of Economics
Lydia Wu Research Associate Newcastle University
Sophie Aarts Roehampton University
Jackie Stacey Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, University of Manchester
Angeliki Balayannis Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Exeter
Eleonore Kofman Professor, UCU Exec, Middlesex University
Erica Stanton Head of Dance Practice, University of Roehampton
Tanya Serisier Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck
E Stainforth University of Leeds
Janet Thumim Retired (Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol. Formerly Goldsmiths College, Portsmouth School of Art, Sheffield Polytechnic School of Art)
Ina Berg Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Brian Callan Lecturer, Goldsmiths, UL
John Roache Lecturer, University of Manchester (UCU)
Astrid Breel Impact Research Fellow, Bath Spa University
Melanie Williams Reader
Hal Gladfelder Professor of English and Comparative Literature
E Williams Reed
Anke Bernau Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Martin Paul Eve Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing, Birkbeck, University of London
Georgie Rowe Upcoming PhD student (currently MA), University of Birmingham
Maja Korac Reader, Dpt of Social Sciences, University of East London
Anastasia Christou Associate Professor of Sociology /Middlesex University
Natalie Zacek Senior Lecturer, American Studies, University of Manchester
Ellen Kirkpatrick Independent Scholar
Mandie Iveson Lecturer, University of Brighton
Jacopo Castaldi PhD Student
Rebecca Fagersten Student
Christopher Vardy Lecturer in English Literature, University of Manchester
Diana Jeater Associate Dean, HLC, University of Liverpool
Shira Havkin PhD SciencesPo Paris
Ben Leake
Betina Panagiotra Independent Researcher & Dramaturg
Heather Nunn Emerita Professor, University of Roehampton
Michela Baldo Honorary fellow University of Hull
Jacob Phelps Lecturer & UCU Ordinary Member, Lancaster University
John Storey Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies
Caroline Edwards Senior Lecturer in Modern & Contemporary Literature
John Ellis Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway University of London
Anita Bozzo
Harry McCarthy Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College (Cambridge)
Matthew Weber Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Liz Gloyn Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway
Valeria Graziano Research Fellow, Coventry University
Yvonne Guerrier Retired Professor of Organisation Studies, University of Roehampton
Paolo Ruffino Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Rachel Payne Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes
Micky le voguer Senior Lecturer Univeristy of East London
John David Rhodes Reader, University of Cambridge
Stan Mutsatsa Senior Lecturer
Raquel Campos Valverde Researcher
Alex Hensby University of Kent
Molly Geidel Molly Geidel, lecturer, University of Manchester
Izzi Vaughan Royal Holloway Labour Society
Gargi Bhattacharyya Professor of Sociology
Patrick Wood
Richard McEwan UCU Branch Sec NCC Poplar / NEC FE elect
Gary Hall Professor, Coventry University
Oonagh McDonald Lecturer, ASU
Sonya Davis GMB Wandsworth Branch Secretary
Jean-Thomas Tremblay Assistant professor, New Mexico State University
Daniela TReveri Gennari County (optional)
Susan Olech
Richard Garde Assistant Secretary RMT Wimbledon branch/Vice President Kingston TUC
Dana Birksted-Breen Editor in Chief International Journal of Psychoanalysis
James Pope Principal Academic
Sarah Street Professor of Film
Ernesto Priego City, University of London
Francesco Sticchi Associate Lecturer in Film Studies, Oxford Brookes University
Anne Marit Waade Professor, Aarhus University
James Taylor Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick
Daniel Fitzpatrick Teaching Fellow, UCL
Andrew Heaton PhD student @ BCU
Daniel Kane Professor, University of Sussex
Katherine McDonnell Assistant Secretary BWTUC
Paul McDonald Professor of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King's College London
Chris Henry Subject Tutor and Department Representative
Stuart Oliver Chair of London Region UCU, Chair of St Mary's University Branch
Elizabeth Poole Professor of Media and Communications, Keele University
Monika Kostera Professor
Jini Rawlings Senior lecturer, university of Westminster
Elena Pagani PhD researcher and assistant teacher
Cilla Ross Principal, Co-operative College, UCU
Tianna McConnell Drama student Roehampton
Rebecca Colesworthy Acquisitions Editor, SUNY Press
Giancarlo Lombardi Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, City University of New York
Mark Gallagher Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
George Kokkinidis Lecturer, University of Leicester
Annabel Kim Assistant Professor
Craig Hooper Senior Lecturer, University of South Wales
David Young Ph.D. Candidate, Duquesne University
Felicia Gottmann Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University Newcastle
Francesca Bratton Teaching Assistant, Maynooth University
Marie Tighe Student
Peter Hill Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow, Northumbria University
Tony Dowmunt, Emeritus Professor
Linsey Robb Senior Lecturer in Modern British History, Northumbria University
Sandy Nicoll SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary
Joshua Branson PhD Student, University of Roehampton
Raeesah Ellis-Haque University of Bristol
Debra Benita Shaw Reader in Cultural Theory, University of East London
Raminder Kaur
chris gutkind
Hilary Francis Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow, Northumbria University
Wolfgang Fuhrmann Independent researcher
Hannah Ballou Lecturer in Drama, Kingston University
Delia Langstone Senior Lecturer
George Gray University of Kent postgraduate student
Lenin Olmedo Escudero Zarsoza Soas Unison Representative
Dawn Wright Soas
Ali Gill HPL university of winchester
Mark Holmes Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Andres Chavez Ocana Department Manager, SOAS, Unison
Kathryn Nogue Unaffiliated scholar
Stina Bengtsson Professor, Media and Communication
George McKay Professor of Media Studies, University of East Anglia
Medina Aitieva Independent Researcher
May Ingawanij Professor, University of Westminster
Philippa Lovatt Lecturer
Sunil Banga Lancaster University UCU President
Danny Millum Librarian
Cesare Di Feliciantonio Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Gabriel Moreno Esparza Senior lecturer / UCU rep
Andrew Wells Independent Scholar
Adam Unwin UCL
Kirsten Forkert UCU joint branch chair, Birmingham City University & NEC
Rustamdjan Hakimov Assistant Professorz
Eda Ulus Senior Lecturer, UCU Member, University of Dundee
Caroline Styles Senior Admin Officer Roehampton University retired
Caroline Morris Retired teacher of English
Annabel Black LGBTQ+ Officer, Roehampton University
Bee Hughes Sessional Lecturer, LJMU, UCU acting branch organiser
Francesca Berry Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Iain Chambers Professor
Hannah Boast Research Fellow, University of Warwick
Rhian Waller UK
Kaja Marczewska V&A
Felicia Gottmann Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University Newcastle
Manjeet Ramgotra Lecturer/SOAS UCU Equality and Diversity Rep
Feyzi Ismail Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London
Barbara Garcia Sanchis
Charlotte Lydia Riley Lecturer in twentieth Century British history, university of southampton
Ash Cocksworth Senior Lecturer (Roehampton)
Nicholas Cole Senior Research Fellow (SRF), Pembroke College Oxford
Judith Flanders Senior Research Fellow, University of Buckingham
Emily Powis-Page
Eithne Quinn Lancashire
Ruth Fletcher Senior Lecturer, QMUL
Joe Morrison Lecturer in Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
Claire Whitbread Exhibitions manager
Suzanne Stein
Sophie Jones Research Fellow, Birkbeck
Aidan Tynan Senior Lecturer in English literature at Cardiff University
Madeleine Petersohn Teacher
Amit Rai Reader, QMUL
Tiana Harper Course Leader, Ravensbourne University
Afaf Jabiri Senior lecturer
Laure Fernandez Former postdoctoral researcher at the Theatre, Drama and Performance department
Victoria Clarke PhD Candidate, University of Leeds, and Roehampton Alumni
Teodora Todorova Teaching Fellow, Sociology, University of Warwick
Dalia Mostafa Lecturer in Arabic and Comparative Literature - University of Manchester
saba hussain Lecturer
Niklas Alexander Chimirri Associate Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark
Matthew Harle Archive Curator & Research Fellow, Barbican Centre
Kate Elswit Reader, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Freyja McCreery PhD Candidate, University of York
Ioana Cerasella Chis PhD student and UCU committee member, University of Birmingham
Sayali Patwardhan
Helen De Cruz Danforth Chair in the Humanities, Saint Louis University
Natalia Berlin Psychotherapist
Jared Ahmad Lecturer
Anna Charalambidou Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University
Jonathan M. Scott Senior Lecturer, University of Waikato; formerly (2017-20) Associate Professor, Northumbria University
Damian Owen-Board Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Jess Baines Senior lecturer, UCU branch secretary at London College of Communication (UAL)
Corey Schultz Associate Professor
Susan Berridge Lecturer in Film and Media
Maria Malo
Constantine Sandis Prof.of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire
Katarzyna Kosior Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Northumbria University
Eliane Vicente Tsarouhis Scholarly Communications Librarian
Joshua Gulam Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University
Bethan Fallon VP Marketing (not academic)
Mollie Clarke PhD researcher, University of Roehampton
Maurizio Totaro PhD student, University of Ghent, Belgium
Lizzie Thynne Professor of Film
Colin Samson England
Philip Hager Associate Lecturer, University of Kent
Robert Spencer Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Craig Brandist Professor, Senior Vice-President Sheffield UCU, University of Sheffield
Mark Bould Reader
Nancy Miller, PhD Consultant, Researcher, Strategist
Edanur Yazici PhD student, Univerrsity of Sheffield
Nicola Kirkby Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Royal Holloway
Ewan Forster Creative Research Fellow, University of Roehampton
Dan Every Postgraduate Alumni - Cardiff University
Steffan Blayney University of Sheffield UCU, anti-casualisation officer
Hillary Stevens Masters student
Michael Karlsson Professor in media and communication, Karlstad University
Julia Roberts UCU Branch Secretary Lambeth College and NEC
Stan Papoulias Research Associate, KCL UCU branch Joint Vice Chair, King's College London
Andy Lockhart Research Associate, University of Sheffield
Michelle Savioz Assessor/Lambeth College
Michela Ravano Teacher
Giles Fielke Tutor
Elaine Thomas Senior Lecturer, Roehampton University
Suzana Marie Internships Officer, SOAS University
Andrew Smith Professor, University of Sheffield
Zaki Nahaboo Lecturer, Birmingham City University
Gary Helliwell Network Operations Manager
Tim Herrick Senior University Teacher, School of Education, University of Sheffield
feride kumbasar PhD Student
Laura Joyce Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Visakan Balakumar PGR student
Andrea Milde Senior Lecturer in German, NTU
Bettina Knaup freelance curator / PhD candidate University of Roehampton
Anton Caruana Galizia
Benedict Docherty University Teacher, Dept. of Politics & IR, University of Sheffield.
Susan Calam SOAS
Bob Burns Subject Librarian, SOAS, University of London
Pauline Dibben Professor of Employment Relations, University of Sheffield
Daniel Matlin Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Angela Wright Professor in the School of English, University of Sheffield
Keith Faulkner University teacher and tutor
Simon Sleight Reader in History, King's College London
Ieuan Franklin Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Emily Arden-Close Senior Lecturer
Sue Sudbury Associate Professor
Hanaa Osman Lecturer
Tom Davis Principal Academic, Bournemouth University
Reza Zia-Ebrahimi Senior Lecturer in History, King's College London
Alexander Hutton Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, KCL
Gabriela Saldanha Lecturer, University of Birmingham, West Midlands
Arushi Garg Lecturer in Criminal Law
Lisa Stampnitzky Lecturer in Politics, University of Sheffield
Stephen Harper Lecturer , Bournemouth University
Jennifer Cooke Senior Lecturer in English, Loughborough University
Mark Gillings Prof.
Chang Hong Liu
Alan Fox Media Production Tutor, Bournemouth University
Kristin Skoog Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Ann Hemingway Professor Public Health
Judith Glover Professor (retired)
Matilda Agace Postgraduate student, Goldsmiths UL
Sophie Taylor student, UCL
Naomi Smith PhD student and Associate Lecturer, Birkbeck College (University of London)
Rhianon Morgan Hatch Lecturer, University of East London
Aris Mousoutzanis Principal Lecturer in Film & Screen Studies, University of Brighton
Beverley Messerli
Peter Golding Emeritus Professor, Northumbria University
Berenice Guyot-Rechard Senior Lecturer in 20th c. International History, KCL
Somya Jatwani Alumni
Leanne Ingram University of Sheffield
Phyllis Alexander Principal Academic
Gordon Griffiths Consultant, Supervisor, Management Development
Carly Lamont Lecturer
Avik Mukherjee Development Lecturer, University of Sheffield
_ Rutherford Programme Leader, MA Advertising
Bridget Gilfillan Upton Retired member UCU; Currently VL Roehampton
David Mascord Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Catalina Punguil Clener
Allan D Webster Professor
Ewan Hawkins King's College, Cambridge
Robert Pyecroft Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Franklin Asante
Anne Goldgar Professor of History, King's College London
Stephen Allen Lecturer
Lizzie Seal Reader in Criminology
Jenny Lennox
Rehan Zia Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Steve Presence Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Eric Olson Professor, University of Sheffield
Christine Haswell UCU Pensions Official
Loreto Mallon Associate Lecturer
Beatrice Ivey Postdoctoral Researcher
Carlos Gigoux Lecturer Sociology University of Essex
Vincent Hiribarren Senior Lecturer, KCL
Jason Sumich Lecturer, University of Essex
Phil Potter Retired UCU Branch Chair University of Chester
Veronika Johnson Lecturer, Branch Secretary UCU, City & Islington College, Camden rd
Mehdi Chowdhury Bournemouth University
Maya Novi Publications and Research Data Officer, SOAS University of London
Abir Awad Principal academic, Bournemouth university
Shaul Bar-Haim Lecturer, University of Essex
Cahal McLaughlin Professor of Film Studies, Queens University Belfast
Jennie Carlsten Lecturer, Ulster University
Umberto Albarella Professor of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UCU
Antonia Bright Unison
Eamonn Carrabine --
An Nguyen Associate Professor of Journalism
Adrian McGinnis Retired
Karen Boothe Lecturer, Lambeth College
Evi Karathanasopoulou Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Sue Warnock Programme Leader
Maja Juszczakiewicz Lewis Undergraduate student
Sara Ashencaen Crabtree Bournemouth University
Feyzi Ismail Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London
Andy Kesson Reader, University of Roehampton
Catriona Fallow Teaching Fellow, Queen Mary University of London
Mary Hogarth Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Alexandra Alberda Doctoral Researcher and PTHP Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Marc Mimler Senior Lecturer in Law, Bournemouth University
Lizzie Sykes Snr Lecturer, Bournemouth Uni
Anna Tippett Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Hertfordshire
Silvia Bottiroli Artistic director DAS Theatre, Amsterdam
Joshua Jones UCSC
Andreas Buerki Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
martin sharp lecturer in directing drama for film/tv
Lloyd Bowen Reader
Caglar Koksal Lecturer, University of Manchester
Christina Saville Research Fellow, University of Southampton
Bruno Leipold LSE (Fellow)
Chris Pearson
Chris Atkin Professor of Higher Education
Rosalind Hayes PhD candidate, UCL
Cristina Temenos Lecturer, University of Manchester
Barbara Loester Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester
Teum Teklehsimanot Learning Resources Officer, Lambeth College, UCU & Unison Nember
Bronwen Price Lecturer
John Begg Senior lecturer
Don Knox Senior lecturer, GCU
Aidan Coveney Associate Professor
Ben Dew Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Eva Novrup Redvall Associate Professor
Blagoy Vargolomov Academic Tutor/ UWE Bristol's International College
Andrea Nini Lecturer, University of Manchester
David Butler
Caroline Heycock Professor of Syntax, University of Edinburgh
Emma Lay EAP Lecturer and UCU branch Membership Secretary - Arts University Bournemouth
greg claeys Professor
Emma Cavell Swansea University
Carina Hart Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Claire Reddleman Teaching Fellow
Emily Heath Lancaster University UCU Branch Secretary
Alison Wiggins Lecturer and Alumni
Alinda Damsma
Carmen Álvarez-Mayo Lecturer in Spanish, University of York
Cara Berger University of Manchester
Gordon McMullan Professor, King's College London
David Rudling Honorary Research Fellow, University of Roehampton
Cheryl Capek Lecturer, University of Manchester
Iain Sutcliffe Northumbria UCU
Geoff Goodwin Lecturer, University of Oxford
Jean Marson-Bayat Thankfully retired
Mineshima-Lowe Dale Associate Lecturer
Hugues Azérad Fellow and Lecturer, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
Lynn Bjerke Senior Scientific Officer & Unite workplace representative
Ahmad Hassan Ahmad Hassan
Tony Paraskeva Reader, University of Roehampton
Daliany Kersh Assistant professor, richmond university
Heather Marsden senior lecturer
Emilia Halton-Hernandez PhD student, University of Sussex
Will Crosby Associate Lecturer, ARU
Jennifer Aston Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University
Faith Binckes Lecturer, Bath Spa University
Henry miles UH
John Pearce Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Gavin Capps Senior Lecturer in Economics, Kingston University London
Eva Panagiotakopulu senior lecturer
Juliette Rutherford Assistant Professo
Jonathan Andrews Skills Advisor
David Grundy British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Warwick (member of UCU)
Jon Dart Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University
Duncan McNeil Retired
Ann Lawlor Senior Lecturer, UCU rep, De Montfort University
Chris maguire Retired Lecturer UCU
Björn Heile Professor, University of Glasgow
Jim Austin Teaching Fellow, University of Keele
james foley University of Sheffield
Juliette Harrisson Senior Lecturer in History, Newman University
Carol Rea Vice chair, University of Lincoln
John Crowe Lecturer NWRC
John McAuliffe Professor, University of Manchester
Cath Nichols lecturer, University of Leeds
Jesus Martinez-Garcia Lecturer, University of Essex
Lynn Hancock Please Select...
Laura Ugolini
Robert Gallagher Lecturer in History, University of Kent
Paul Buckland former lecturer, Bournemouth
Anna Collar Lecturer, University of Southampton
Gareth Dale senior lecturer, Brunel University
Jon Baldwin Senior Lecturer London Metropolitan University
Jo Setchell Professor, Durham University
John Taaffe Lecturer, Novus, HMP Birmingham
Christina Lawrence Associate Lecturer
Karin Lesnik-Oberstein Professor of Critical Theory, UCU local commitee member
Katia Chornik Senior REF Research Impact Coordinator
Philip Buckland Senior lecturer, Umeå University, Sweden
Jill Reese Teaching Fellow, UCL Anthropology
Mohammed Salim Software Analyst
Christine Plastow Lecturer in Classical Studies, The Open University
Katherine Swancutt Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Religion
Katherine Twomey Lecturer, University of Manchester
Innes Keighren Reader in Historical Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London
Holly Burridge Lecturer
David Kinder Tutor
David Cappitt Retired. Formerly Dean of Sciences at Roehampton
Gary Smith Prison lecturer
Melanie Norman HPL
Karenza Moore Lecturer
Julian Goodare Professor of History, University of Edinburgh
Helen Thouless Lecturer at UCL
Diannia Cheryl Scantlebury Beauty therapy lecturer
Lucy Munro Professor, King's College London
Helen Watson Associate Professor, University of Plymouth
Dee Edwards Lecturer
Jeremy Larkins Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Camila Montiel PhD candidate, University of Liverpool
Kevin Malone Reader, University of Manchester
Angela Daly Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
Mirain Rhys Lecturer
Mariia Ustymenko
Mary Brewer Mary Brewer, Chair Loughborough UCU
Emma Evans Lecturer and Admissions Tutor, UWL
Harriet Curtis Lecturer, De Montfort University
Greville Corbett Professor
Marilyn Grossman former teacher trainer and IPM Manager UCL Institute of Education and former Visiting Tutor at Roehampton
Jorma Louko Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
Alex Loveless Senior Lecturer, University of West London
Ian Duguid Lecturer in Performing Arts (LCM)
Jason Danely Senior Lecturer
Faye Hammill Professor, University of Glasgow
Fraser McQueen Ph.D candidate, University of Stirling
Adam Warren Leicestershire
Nick Bertenshaw Senior lecturer, University of Portsmouth (and Roehampton alumnus)
Beatriz Arias Language Tutor, University of Bristol
Helen Hills University of York
Lara Atkin Lecturer, University of Kent
Rebecca Bowler Lecturer, Keele University
Steve McCarthy-Grunwald Senior Lecturer
Mark Brown Professor, Royal Holloway University of London
Julia Calver PhD Researcher
Clair Sharpe University of Liverpool
Andrew O'Bannon Lecturer and UCU rep., U. of Southampton
Polly Withers Research Officer & Guest Teacher LSE
Simon Choat Senior Lecturer, Kingston University
Rob Cray Counsellor
Nicola Griffiths Lecturer, Staffordshire University
Olesya Khromeychuk Teaching Fellow, King's College London
Jade Thai Senior Research fellow University of Bristol
Stephen Robson
Robin Leedham Learning Support Assistant, Bradford College.
Neil Messer Professor, University of Winchester
Mike Roberts Kingston Uni retired member ex- Chair Kingston UCU branch
Samanthika Gallage Lecturer in Marketing
Saul Albert Lecturer
Penny Welch Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton
Sarah Macdonald Visiting Lecturer
Elizabeth Haines Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Niamh Murtagh Senior Research Fellow, UCL
Stephen Morton Professor, U of Southampton
Stephen Meredith Academic
Alison Williams Lecturer
Stephen Edwards Professor, Birkbeck
David Matthews Professor, univ of Manchester
Helen Williams UCL
Andrew Sayer
Helen Oakes Senior Lecturer Keele University (retired)
Sofa Saio Gradin Politics tutor, UCU departmental rep
Joy Igiebor Learning Development Tutor
Tatjana Kijaniza PhD student and TA
Nathaniel Barron Teaching Associate Sociology
Alison Williams Lecturer
Jackie Thomas
Joy Igiebor Learning Development Tutor
Steve Brown Professor, Nottingham Trent University
Mohan Sridharan University of Birmingham
Sarah Elton President, Durham University UCU
Todd Rae Reader, University of Roehampton
asuncion lopez lecturer
John Crowe Lecturer NWRC
Bex Lewis Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, MMU
Susanne Greenhalgh Head of Ehics and Interdiction Developments, University of Roehampton
Craig Lundy Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University
Ruth Amos Lecturer in Science Education, UCL IOE
Yulia Nesterova Research Fellow
Yulia Nesterova Research Fellow
Camilla Bostock Associate Lecture, University of Plymouth
Ben Fulford Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, University of Chester
Dan Taylor Lecturer, Goldsmiths
William Farrell Librarian, University of Leicester
Laura Mulvey Professor, Birkbeck
Gary Hazeldine Birmingham City University
Nandini Hayes Senior Lecturer, Barts and the London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London
Geoffery Unkovich Senior Lecturer and Programme co-convener. UCU. University of Roehampton
Catherine McEvilly
Emma Cunningham Senior Lecturer
Owen Davies Professor
Michael Mayo Worcester College, Oxford
Mel Mckenna UCU Equality rep, GCU
Steven Dodsworth Senior Lecturer
David Meaden Retired education adviser/inspector and former Roehampton senior lecturer.
Carolyn Lyle Associate Professor emerita, Reading University
John Pinder
Tom Lawrence Lecturer, University of Kent
Jo Brewis Professor, The Open University
Karl McCreadie Lecturer
Peter Yuen research
Trevor Dance
Clare-Louise Towse Bradford
Ross Hair Senior Lecturer, UEA
Stuart Drummond UCU Chair New College Durham
Charis Flavell retired
Roger Wallace A/L Open University
Bob Tsukada Bright Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich
Christophe Soligo Professor, UCL
Stephen James Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol
Matthias Sperling
Euan Allison PGTA, University College London
Selma Babayigit
Michaela Hodges
Wiebke Brockhaus-Grand Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Sheila Jervis Vice-chair UCU/Access to HE Tutor Evesham College WCg
Leonie Smith PhD candidate, University of Manchester
Ruth Amos Lecturer in Science Education, UCL IOE
Sean Meleady City College Norwich
Rowenna Mortimer Lecturer, working mens's college
Michael Newton Leiden University - and once a long-term part-time tutor at Roehampton
Roberto Palma Forjan Lecturer
Helen Pearson Functional Skills Trainer/Assessor
Vijay Teeluck Senior Lecturer in Maths, Sheffield Hallam University
David Savill Lecturer
Konstantinos Vergos University of Portsmouth
Jason W. Moore Professor, Binghamton University, USA
Sofia Meacham Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Olivia Rosane PhD student, University of Cambridge
Ben Green Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University
Robert Hargreaves Associate Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Mary Wilkins Chair, West Midlands Retired Members
Lois Lee Senior Research Fellow
Dr Alina Congreve Self employed researcher and lecturer
Vlatka Horvat Lecturer, Fine Art, CSM
Jasmine Gani Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews
Mushtaq Arain UCU retired member (senior lecturer).
Karl Simms Reader, University of Liverpool
Donna Landry Professor, University of Kent
Georgia Petridou University of Liverpool
Toni Haastrup Senior Lecturer
Jeremy Ridgman Retired Dean of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire
Louise Obara Senior Lecturer (De Montfort University)
Peter Saunders Former Senior Lecturer in Education, Roehampton
Christine Schallmoser Lecturer
Voirrey Hampson FE Science lecturer, retired
Aisha Shah Lecturer in Law, University of Worcester
Ruth Deyermond Senior Lecturer in Post-Soviet Security, KCL
Lee McFarlane - Education Support Worker, Runshaw College
Geraldine Crewes Lecturer University East London
Christian Billing Director of Research (School of Arts), University of Hull
Gordon Asher Indepedent Scholar; UCU Scotland HE Ctee member
Neil Alldred Belfast Metropolitan College
Inês Mendes Lecturer, UCU member, Royal Holloway, University of London
Philip Burgess UCU Trustee
Jean Stubbs Associate Fellow, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Adrian Whittaker lecturer
Shelley Roche-Jacques Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Alex Knight NEU representative - Bolingbroke Academy
Kim Macconnell Psychotherapist
Emily Porter Registrar
Theo Savvas Lecturer
Paul Statham Brickwork tutor
Emily Turton Data specialist, University of Sheffield
Lois Lee Senior Research Fellow
Morag Morrison-Helme, Lecturer in Arts Education, University of Cambridge
Abelardo Clariana-Piga, Retired lecturer
Jorge Bandeira, Geotechnical engineer
David Swain, Lecturer
Mel Nowicki, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Consuelo Moreno Yusti, Soas Unison Representative
Samuel Mamphey Lecturer
Lorcan Whitehead Learning and Teaching Adviser, University of Essex
Margot De Marco PhD, Università degli Studi di Salerno
Peter Jones Teaching Associate, QMUL
Michel Waltenberger teaching facilitator
Terry Hurley West Midlands
Nigel Duncan Professor, City, University of London
A Newbold Teacher
Jeff Powell Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich
Maria Berghs Senior Lecturer
Sara Jukes Past student
sareen galbraith senior lecturer and union rep
chris savory east sussex
Alice De Marco
Pippa Catterall School of Humanities, University of Westminster
Sue Sanders Programme Lead BA Graphic Design
Liam O'Hare Associate Lecturer
Faye Duncan
Chris Downs The Open University
Randy Banks Essex University, Retired
Mark De Wolf Mental Health Crisis Support Practitioner
Sarah Penney Lecturer
Kelly Davidson Lecturer, Iadt, Dun Laoghaire
Emily Pillinger Lecturer, KCL
Vincent Slattery Not Applicable
Caleb Johnston Senior Lecturer
Harriet Gray Lecturer, University of Liverpool, UCU member
Alana James University of Reading
Rob Cray Counsellor
Rebecca Darley Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Peter Worth University of Manchester
Keith Breen Lecturer Queens University Belfast
Susannah Wright Senior Lecturer in Education and Postgraduate Research Tutor, Oxford Brookes University
Giovanni Dini
Amanda Wooden Associate Professor, Bucknell University, USA
Jilly Kay Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Leicester
Simon Layton Lecturer in Early Global History, Queen Mary University of London
Olivia Afonso Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Maria Drakopoulou Professor in Law Kent Law School, University of Kent
John Singleton Professor of Economic History, Sheffield Hallam University
Paul Hardwick
Donna Brown Senior Lecturer, Vice Chair RHUL-UCU
Loredana Fiore
Vladimir Krivtsov
Emily Porter Registrar
Patricia Bartley University of y
Paul Golz Senior Lecturer
Maja Korac Reader, Dpt of Social Sciences, University of East London
Stephen Scott-Bottoms Professor
Sharon Zierler Counselling Tutor, City Literary Institute
Angela Rogers Lecturer
Antonio Zuffiano Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University
Jordina Sala Branchadell Lecturer, UCU ordinary member, University of Exeter
Pat Devine Honorary Research Fellow. University of Manchester
Ben Radley Fellow, London School of Economics
Marie Reid Professor, University of Hull
C Ma Lecturer, University of Greenwich
Julian Wells Guest teacher, Economic History, London School of Economics
Kristy Howells Reader
Sharri Plonski Lecturer in International Politics
ardusha kazangapova london
Gayan Samarasinghe Leeds Alumni, UVW union member, barrister
Julie Stacey Tutor
Jan Underwood Gwynedd
Susan Painter Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Danielle Texeira
Rosanna Eckersley Associate Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Mayuko Inagawa Lecturer, Cardiff University
Elizabeth Tavares Assistant Professor, English, University of Alabama
Chris Griffin PhD student, University of Brighton
Zsara Jaeger LCM Student
Anna Di Ronco Senior Lecturer, University of Essex
Chisomo Kalinga Postdoctoral Fellow, Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
Alexey Mikaberidze University of Reading
Rajiv Sud Lecturer
Luca Moretti Reader in Philosophy, University of Aberdeen
Thomas Akoensi Lecturer, University of Kent
Saikou Sanyang Union member
John Miller Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Sally Howe Senior Lecturer, Roehampton
Angela Craft
Sally Trevor Director, Brunel Language Centre, BUL
Kate Edwards Lecturer, Geographer, Executive Director of Global Game Jam, CEO of Geogrify
Hazel McAllsiter Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton
Siân Williams Teaching Support, University of Sheffield, Associate Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Rosaria De Marco
john kelly UCU Branch President, Birkbeck
Alex Knight NEU representative - Bolingbroke Academy
Sally Street Assistant Professor
Paul Sedgwick Member of UCU
Jonathan Brockbank Teaching and Scholarship Fellow
Claudine van Hensbergen Associate Professor, Northumbria University
Dolly Kershaw Student at RCA
Alan Carr Open University (retired)
Katharine Harris-Law college tutor
Margaret Walsh Lecturer
Theresa Jones Part time tutor
Annie Dickinson University of Manchester
Martin Farr Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University
Paul Kiddy Academic Organiser
Elizabeth Martindale Tutor at Birkbeck College, London University
Katharine Terrell Associate lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Todd Borlik Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield
Ida Parr Roehampton Alumni
Terry Hoad University of Oxford (retired); former UCU President
Michael Todd Rretired UCU member, ex-University of Greenwich
Siobhan Dytham Lecturer
Min Wild Lecturer in English, University of Plymouth
Robin Attfield Professor Emeritus, Cardiff University; member of UCU
John Campbell-combe
Siobhan Dytham Lecturer
Matt Martin Stuart Hall Research Scholar, Birkbeck University of London
Richard Wistreich Director of Research, Royal College of Music
Helena Blakemore Senior lecturer, University of East London
Josep A Chanza PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, Roehampton Alumni
Luisa Congiu Student Registry Officer (retired)
Luigi Rilletti Teacher (retired)
Sergio Rilletti
Sonia Rilletti
Paloma Luna Lecturer, Regent's Uni ersity London
Davide Sterchele Senior lecturer, Leeds Beckett University
Raquel Medina Senior Lecturer, Aston University
Holly Walker Student
Jo Littler Professor, Sociology, City, University of London
Linda Hosty Cheshire
Mark Weinstein
Amy Slater-Bell
Jeff Hilson Reader, University of Roehampton
Sarah Carter-Walshaw Lecturer, University of Leeds (Roehampton alumna)
cristina Fernandes Rosa Senior Lecturer, University of Roehmapton
Samantha Holland Skills Coach, Manchester Metropolitan University
Andrea Floris Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln
Katherine Kruger Tutor, Foundation Year Programme, University of Sussex
Caroline Edwards Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Caroline Stewart Lecturer
Felicity Allen Artist, former Head of Interpretation & Education, Tate Britain
Max Mauro Lecturer Solent University, Southampton
Denise Fisher Retired library assistant, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.
Lindsey Moore Reader in English, Lancaster University
David Booth hon. prof.
Beccy Veel Student Union staff member
Jean Farrow
Veronica Barnsley Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Kate Dangerfield Research student
Christiana Gregoriou
Nikki Dudley Managing Editor, streetcake
Sue Conway Lecturer
Zalfa Feghali Lecturer, University of Leicester
Rachel Geldard
Konstantina Kourmentza Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Simon Lomartire Lecturer, University of Leeds
Michael Perfect Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University
Ágnes Györke Associate Professor
Nicki Hitchcott Professor, University of St Andrews
Tara Hill Leeds Beckett University
Jorge Diego Sánchez Assistant Lecturer, University of Salamanca (Spain)
Owen Clayton Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Lincoln
Anna Bernard Senior Lecturer
Cheryl Stobie Associate professor, English Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Aodán McCardle Poet
Gillian Roberts Associate Professor
Gemma Jackson
Nicholas Nazari Senior Lecturer
Mary Ann Lund Associate Professor, University of Leicester
Elisabeth Wielander Senior Teaching Fellow, Aston University
Maria Rilletti Teacher (retired)
Sergio Maiorca Senior Lecturer at the University of Turin (retired)
Ben Menadue Adjunct Research Fellow, James Cook University
Lorraine Smith senior dance lecturer, Teesside University
eva eppler Reader in Linguistics
Janet Farrar UCU Vice President
Franziska Meyer Associate Professor
Jo Hickson Retired
Pablo Barrio
Howard Booth University of Manchester
Dan Rebellato Professor
Peter Morey Professor of 20th Century Literature, University of Birmingham
Noelia Rodriguez-Duran UCL alumnus.
Andrew Ó Baoill Lecturer, NUI Galway (Ireland), IFUT union member
Inga Burrows Snr lecturer
Ruth Abou Rached Postdoc
Steve Kendall UCU member, retired.
Charles Neal Lecturer
Christina Delistathi Principal lecturer
Evangelos Himonides Reader in Technology, Education, and Music, UCL
Christina Delistathi Principal lecturer, University of Westminster
Helen Cousins Lecturer
Rebekah Cumpsty Assistant professor, Weber State University
Thomas Kador Senior Teaching Fellow, University College London
Kaley Kramer Principal Lecturer
Susan Ross Tutor, University of Edinburgh
Lyndon Davies Freelance Writer
Jude Ihugba Lecturer
Tina Kendall Principal lecturer, Film & Media, ARU
Gabriel Solomons Senior Lecturer
Louise Hickman Senior lecturer, Newman University
Sathya Bowen
Margaret Hobson Alumni
Julie Doe Teacher Kingston Upon Thames
Johanna Karlsson PhD student
Des O'Rawe Senior Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast
Mandy Harris Lecturer, Warwickshire College Group
Maureen Pitt Solihull College - part time assessor
Albert Pellicer Lecturer at Kingston University
Naomi Pennington Tutor, University of York
Trevor Stammers Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Bioethics and Emerging Technologies, St Mary's University, Twickenham
Pilar Cuder-Domínguez Professor, U of Huelva, Spain
Richard Cleminson Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Sarah Parkes Newman University Birmingham
Sharon Spooner
Richard Green Research Fellow
Robert Hampson Professor Emeritus
Nathaniel Andrews PhD student, University of Leeds
Jim Barrett
Rosa Kucharska Trans Students' Officer, Manchester SU
Fabian Newton-Edgar Student, University of Manchester
Louis Holmes
Roger Brock University of Leeds
Lucy Evans Associate Professor, University of Leicester
harriet carroll Honorary Research Fellow
Yugin Teo Bournemouth University
Jemma Malone
Tom Hodgson Tutor
Mark Readman Principal Academic, Bournemouth University
Marit Røkeberg Freelance Web Editor, former Research Facilitator and student at Roehampton
Belen Vidal Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, King's College London
Paul Barker Professor and UCU member
Dr. Suraiya Nasreen Teesside University, Business School
Adam Parkin Global Opportunities and Exchanges Coordinator, University of Sheffield
Emily Mercer PhD candidate, University of Roehampton
Dewi Evans
Lorna Warren Senior Lecturer, UCU Rep, University of Sheffield
Adam Piette University of Sheffield
Jenni Ramone Senior Lecturer, NTU
Charlotte Beyer Senior Lecturer, University of Gloucestershire
Vicki Thornton Teaching Fellow, Queen Mary University of London
Olivia Hamlyn Lecturer, Birkbeck
Diane Tomes Admin
Catherine Spooner Professor of Literature and Culture, Lancaster University
Carl Whitehouse FE tutor
Leticia Sabsay LSE
Mark Elliott Senior Lecturer, Strathclyde University
Juan Munoz Lecturer
Roger Bromley Emeritus Professor, University of Nottingham
Scott Thurston Reader, University of Salford
Anna Sborgi sessional lecturer, KCL
Ruth Abou Rached Postdoctoral Associate;
Iain Johnston-White Senior Lecturer in British History
Kehinde Ross Senior Lecturer
Jade Munslow Ong Lecturer, University of Salford
Luke Roberts Lecturer, King's College London
Rosie Bullimore Student - online learning
Ben Davies Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Nicky Morris Dramatherapist and Guest Lecturer Roehampton University
Lewis Church
Huguette Savoie Research Technician
emer bratton lecturer
Mary Thornbury Retired
Feyzi Ismail Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London
Leah Bassel Professor, University of Roehampton
Sarah Taylor Learning Developer, LSE
Mariana Galante University of Cambridge
Hélène Vannier Visiting lecturer
Stephanie Galasso Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Steriani Tsintziloni alumni
Rajiv Sud Lecturer
Camilo Soler, Graduate Teaching Assistant - King's College London
Sheila Nesbitt Tutor/REP Birmingham
Fabian Freyenhagen Professor of Philosophy, University of Essex
Prarthana Purkayastha Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University of London
Tim Hall Professor
Paula Reed University of Roehampton
Chindu Sreedharan Principal Academic, Bournemouth University
Ruth Hemus Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway
Mario Slugan Lecturer, QMUL
Giorgio Fuggetta Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Rehana Zaman Lecturer Art, Goldsmiths
Linda Walton
Jenny warren PhD Candidate CSM, Visiting Practitioner London College of Fashion
Antonia Ramsey The Pound Arts Centre
John McCague Partnet
Jonathan Gurney UCU Branch Sec, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College
Vicki Thornton Teaching Fellow, Queen Mary University of London
Alessandra Marino Research Fellow, The Open University
JIM DAVIS Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Warwick
Terry King
Jussi Parikka Professor, University of Southampton
Olufemi Oba-Karunwi London
Silvia Antosa Associate Professor, University of Enna Kore, Italy
Magdalen Gorringe Graduate student
Marion Dawson Specialist Notetaker for Deaf and Disabled Students
Athina Karatzogianni University of Leicester
Gabriel Menotti Assistant Professor
Royona Mitra Reader, Brunel University London
Vesna Lukic Lecturer in Film Production, Middlesex University
Laura Robinson Senior Lecturer, University of East London
Liz Schafer Professor, Royal Holloway
Emily Horton Lecturer, Brunel University
Fiona Allen Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Exeter
John Heathershaw Profesor of International Relations, University of Exeter
Irmgard Maassen Lecturer, University Bremen
Rebecca Falkoff New York University
Andy Bannister Senior Tutor in Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School
Pedro de Senna Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre Theory and Practice, Middlesex University
Dorothy Lehane Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Kent
Sian Evans Lecturer, University of Worcester
Scott Dexter Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Alma College, Alma, Michigan, US
Jocelyn Wills Tow Professor of History, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Sue Kennedy US Educator, Retired
Katherine Fry Professor of Media Studies, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
James Carroll PhD, retired American political scientist
Juliet Henderson Senior lecturer, Oxford Brookes
Guy de Ferret Former student at Roehampton
Lucy Lyons Sessional lecturer at UCL
Jim Delaney
Vicky Fenerty Research Engagement Librarian
Jez Noond Lecturer
Nathan Benson
Abigail Wincott Senior Lecturer, Falmouth University
Nadia El Yacoubi Lecturer in ESOL
George Royle Academic Services Manager, University of London
Rachel Sloan Assistant Curator, The Courtauld Gallery, Courtauld Institute of Art
Sean Twiss Associate Professor
Sarah Abel Postdoc, University of Cambridge
Hannah Baumeister Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies, HCRI, University of Manchester
Sue O'Connor FE Teacher, UCU Branch Officer, Milton Keynes College
Otto Wolf PhD Candidate, University of Portsmouth
Sharon Elley Lecturer
Sara Jabbari Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Peter Dwyer Oxon
Rebecca Jones PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde
Rehan Hyder Senior Lecturer
tiziana terranova associate professor, department of human and social sciences, Università L'Orientale Napoli, Italy
Panikos Panayi De Montfort University
Robin Brooker Study Support Manager, University of Essex
Sundhya Walther University of Manchester
Helen Astin Lecturer
Barbara Ayres LSA
Sherryl Wilson Senior Lecturer Media and Cultural Studies, University of the West of England,Bristol.
Tracey Ebanks Lecturer
Polly Galis Lecturer in French, University of Bristol
Joe O'Connell Lecturer, Departmental Representative
Isabel Magalhaes senior lecturer
Helen Day-Mayer Retired univ lecturer
Lisa Hau Senior lecturer
barend slabbert University of Derby
Rahul Rao Senior Lecturer, SOAS University of London
Aureliu Lavric Associate Professor
Aigul Joldosheva Alumni
Adi Adams Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Carmen Davis Operational Leader
Stephanie Williams ESOL/Access Lecturer; UCU Branch Secretary
Joanne Tomkins Learning Support
Tanja van Mourik Reader, University of St Andrews
Merlin Seller Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Tom Greaves Senior Lecturer, UEA
Adam Vernone Graduation Administrator, University of Reading
Nilanjana Sensarkar
Lydia Wysocki Research Associate, Newcastle University
Lisa Peschel Senior Lecturer, University of York
Amanda Finch PhD Candidate, Ulster University
Marc Gibson IT Manager, Branch Secretary (Admin)
Mike Ferguson TRaining Co-Ordinator/ UCU Branch Chair LMC
Sarah Turvey
Savannah Whaley PGR/GTA, King's College London
Martin Dewey Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Alan Bevington Associate Professor
Jasmeen Kanwal Research Fellow
Dermot O'Reilly Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University
Julian Gosliga Research Associate, The University of Sheffield
Simon Wilson Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University
Ioana Szeman Reader, Roehampton
Murray Robertson PhD Student, University of Roehampton
Astrid Bernkopf Senior Lecturer in Dance Studies, Middlesex University
Grant Buttars Branch President, UCU Edinburgh
Max Jones Senior Lecturer
David Chapman Senior Lecturer
Lucy Hodgetts University of Leeds
Ronald Mendel England
Lauren Selfe University of Sheffield
Linda Bright
Ingrid Hanson Lecturer, University of Manchester
olivier perez labguage tutor
Jenny Alexander Senior Lecturer in Politics and Media Bournemouth University
Caroline Edwards Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
Joshua Thomas Postdoctoral Researcher
Mick Elsmere IT Systems Administrator, Goldsmiths
Kevin Hynes Lecturer / UCU Health & Safety Rep City College Plymouth
Freya Vass Lecturer, University of Kent
Nicholas Freestone Associate Professor Chair of Kingston University UCU Branch
Gary Anderson Branch Chair Liverpool Hope University
Glyn Hadley Senior lecturer, Bournemouth University
Nia Davies
Michael Billington
Mercedes Malcomson PhD Student, Birkbeck College
Dominic Barron-Carter
Ryan Burns Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Rosie Fox Lecturer in Legal Education, University of Leeds
Mark Abel Chair Coordinating Committee
Bob Brecher Professor of Moral Philosophy
Charlotte Cross Lecturer in International Development, Open University
Jeremie Gilbert Professor of Law
Dora Carpenter-Latiri Senior lecturer
olivier perez language tutor
Poppy Cullen Lecturer, Loughborough University
Natasha Boatswain Roehampton Alumni
Milena Marinkova Lecturer, University of Leeds
Patricia McManus Lecturer; Branch Sec Falmer UCU at Uni of Brighton
Catherine Baker Mayo
Clive Warn Senior Lecturer, UWE Bristol, UCU Rep
Caroline Knighton Independent
Timothy Peace University of Glasgow
Tom Jones Membership Officer, UCU St Andrews
Brian Norman EAP Tutor, Teesside University
Martin Moore Research Fellow, University of Exeter
Anthony Smith Retired Reader, University of Greenwich
carolina bandinelli Assistant Professor in Media and Creative Industries University of Warwick
Emmi Hall, Lecturer in Biology, Newcastle University
Roger Domeneghetti Senior lecturer, Northumbria Univerity
Caitlin Adams Open University
Jane Barnette Associate Professor, University of Kansas
Malachy Scott Lecturer
Jo Lumley University of Sheffield
Nicholas Arnold Professor Emeritus
Dany Nobus Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychology, Brunel University London
Francesco Capello Research fellow, University of Kent
Meir Shabat Head of Government and Politics, Esher College
Jeff Oliver Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Aberdeen
Kornelia Cepok Archivist, University of Roehampton
Lesley Caldwell Hon. Professor Psychoanalysis Unit , UCL
Ciro Scognamiglio
Michael Halton Consultant Psychologist/Psychoanalyst
van Elferen Professor, Kingston University
Kathryn Dutton Chair HE Committee, Yorks and Humber Regionn UCU
Sonya Andermahr Reader in English / Equalities rep / UoNorthampton
Safia Flissi Lecture at SCCB
Eleni Loukopoulou
Matilda Moors Associate Lecturer
Celena Monteiro Kingston University Lecturer
José Sánchez Full Professor, University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)
Kirsty Russell Senior Lecturer
Brett Kahr Former Visiting Professor (2009-2016)
Sandra Gaudenzi associate lecturer, university of Westminster
Edwin Culp Associate Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City
Giorgia Baldi Lecturer
Sarah Cefai Lecturer, Goldsmiths, UoL
Sam Durrant Associate Prof U of Leeds
jinnie schiele University lecturer PHD
Julian Farrell Retired professor Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Mark Stone Senior Lecturer, UCLan
Hank Roberts Tutor
Natalie Adamson Reader, University of St Andrews
Kate Dunstone Associate Lecturer, MMU
Emma Frampton
Aina Baizan Researcher
JC Penet Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University
maria jose bernardos ESOL tutor
Serena Guarracino Professor of English Literature, University of L'Aquila
Kathy Barrett Head of Research Staff Development
Christopher Anderson Lecturer, New City College
Shane Boyle Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
David Applebaum Professor
Alex Nightingale Branch Chair Unison King's College London
Elyssa Livergant Lecturer, University of the Arts
Michael Kosmides Lecturer
Tom Antebi Roehampton Alumnus
Alex Lee PhD student
Ludi Price China Librarian, SOAS University of London
Eleanor Gao SL, Middle East Politics
Alison Harvey Lecturer
Jess Farnham
Sezen Kizilgul Kartal City and Islington College UCU
Margaret Watson University of Oxford, Roehampton alumna
Yolanda Calle Senior lecturer
Leon Sealey-Huggins Warwick UCU
Poul Rohleder senior lecturer, University of Essex
Carol Timson Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire
bryan scott senior lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University
FIONA MCKAY Lecturer, Robert Gordon University
Thomas Allmer Postdoc
Hilary Kalmbach Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
Jonas Schnor PhD Student, University of Surrey
mark samsworth lecturer
Carolyn Laubender Lecturer/ Programme Director, U of Essex
Raymond Attfield retirsenior lecturer in architecture, London Metropolitn University
Pekka Pitkanen Senior Lecturer, Humanities & UCU Branch Secretary
Sareen Galbraith senior lecturer
Rinella Cere Reader
Neus Beascoechea Segui Researcher
Nadine Beckmann Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Lizzie Smith
Elena Simon PGR, UoS
Mariagrazia Pecoraro Adjunct professor/University of Bologna, Italy
Beth Fielding-Lloyd Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Chantal Ifeanyi Chinye Adele Mbanefo student at roehampton university
Catherine Love, Lecturer, University of Manchester
shawky arif Senior Lecturer - H&S Rep.
shadia haq
Faye Skelton Lecturer is Cognitive Psychology, Edinburgh Napier University
Caterina Mazzilli Post-Doc RA, QMUL
Paul Wady Experimental Officer, university of Manchester
Michelle Cottle Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies
Michelle Palser Senior Lecturer, University of Chester
Suzanne Quinn Researcher
Hayley Ness Senior Lecturer, Open University
Deborah Riby Alumni
Tim Reinke-Williams Senior Lecturer in History, University of Northampton
David Orrego-Carmona Lecturer, Aston University
Luca Corrado Administrator
Sharon King
Helen Olawole-Scott Research Assistant
Beatrice Allegranti Reader, University of Roehampton
Eugene Nulman Membership Secretary BCU UCU
Michelle Cottle Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Valentina Vitali Professor of Film Studies, University of East London
Christine Cookson Manager
Jonathan Jewell Associate Lecturer (London International)
Adriana Eysler Lecturer, University of the Arts
Leonie Thomas LSA Lambeth College
Margherita Huntley Lecturer and UCU rep, UAL
Pat Mahony Professor Emerita (Roehampton)
Elena Novello Alumna
Gaby Weiner
Chris Day Associate Lecturer
Anna Seymour Professor of Dramatherapy, University of Roehampton
Maor Yavetz NEU member & undergaduate sudent - University of Roehampton
Krasimira Butseva Associate Lecturer, BA Photography, LCC, University of the Arts London
Filippo Osella Professor of Anthropology and South Asian Studies, Sussex University
Julia Gazi Mental Health Practitioner
Antony Francis Chair, Museum of London Archaeology section of Prospect union (personal capacity)
Ian Menter Emeritus Professor of Teacher Education, University of Oxford
Dr Mark Trueman Senior Lecturer in Psychology (retired) Keele University
Jocelyn Spence Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
Chiara Briganti London Visiting research fellow
Margherita Butti Student
Layla Hendow PhD candidate
Emma Samman Research Associate, ODI
Kannan Navaratnem Hon. Senior Lecturer, UCL
Hedley Roberts Head of School of Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire
Patricia Borlenghi Publisher, Patrician Press
Yanis Papayanis UK
Chris Marshall Marshall Retired lecturer in charge of Foundation Art and Design Lewisham College
Rajni Shah Postdoctoral Fellow
Sam Rosen, PhD candidate (University of Nottingham), alumni (University of Roehampton)
Marian Duggan Senior lecturer in criminology, University of Kent
Eirini Konstantinidou Senior Lecturer, University of Essex
Loraine Leeson Middlesex University
Jane Connelly Alumnae
Elke Pawlowski Teaching Fellow
Clair Le Couteur Visiting Lecturer, Tutor, RCA, UCU
Susie Crow Alumna of Roehampton, Surrey and Institute of Education
Carli Jefferson Professional entertainer, teacher of movement
Daniela Spenippo SpLD Specialist Teacher
Theresa SMITH Artist with Mooch and member of Unite
Barbara Goff Professor, University of Reading
Gordon Asher Independent Scholar; Associate Tutor (university of Glasgow) UCU Scotland HE Ctee member
Christina Brannigan PhD, Roehampton Alumni
Cécile Renaud Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Sundas Hussain Lecturer
Alice Helps PhD Student
Zofia Bishop The University of Sheffield
Jessie Hedstrom Student
Glyn Heath Lancashire
Kieron Stewart UCU
Robert Vesty Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University
Amina Yaqin Reader
Tania Jain Fellow, LSE
Storm Greenwood PhD student, University of Roehampton.
Anna Zueva Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Huddersfield
Carole Elliott University of Sheffield
Dan Ozarow Middlesex University
Dalvir Gill Senior Lecturer
Rajmil Fischman Emeritus Professor
Anastasia Christou Associate Professor of Sociology/Middlesex University
Jaspreet Nijjar PhD Student (Brunel University London)
Carolyn Hunter Lecturer
Gwyneth Lonergan Research Fellow, Lancaster University
Lois Keidan Director, Live Art Development Agency
Craig Spence, Researcher
Carl Hamilton UCU member
David Wilson UCU Rep
Caleb Day PhD student & research/admin assistant at Durham University; incoming tutor at Lindisfarne College of Theology
Feyzi Ismail, Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS University of London
Lauren Higginson, Roehampton student and dept rep for Drama Theatre and Performance Studies
Sophie Mills Assistant Professor
Arthur Rose VC Fellow, University of Bristol
Andrew Spicer Professor
Sarah Bewsey Public Services Officer
Louise Bugeja
Dominic Boyer Professor
Joseph Campana Professor English, Rice University
Samantha Martin Senior Admissions Officer (University of Roehampton)
Ron Best Professor Emeritus (Roehampton)
Marian Carty President Goldsmiths UVU
Veronica Poku Lecturer/Head of Primary Maths
Raphael Lyne Cambridge
Elizabeth Parker Student Engagement and Retention Projects Officer, St Mary's University Twickenham
Alison Lamont Lecturer, Unviersity of Roehampton
Leo Mellor Roma Gill Fellow in English, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge
Cymene Howe Professor of Anthropology
Aaron Su PhD student, Princeton University
Jeremy MacClancy Professor of Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University
Aadita Chaudhury PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto, Canada
Matthew Archer Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Manoj Misra Assistant professor, Western Connecticut State University
Francis Ludlow Assistant Professor
Sean Field Research Fellow, University of St Andrews
Jessica Caporusso Ph.D. Candidate, York University
Louella Matsunaga Programme Lead Anthropology and Geography, Oxford Brookes University
Marissa Shaver Adjunct faculty Salt lake Community College and Weber State University.
Paul Keil Postdoctoral researher
Clare Stovell Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Abbey Halcli Oxford Brookes University
Kimberly Rogers Assistant Professor
Richard Peterson Professor of Environmental Studies
Jon Wheatley Senior Lecturer
Amelia Burke PhD student - University of Michigan, USA
Theodora Tsimpouki Professor National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Drew Winter Adjunct Professor of Sociology, National Louis University
Claudia Lueders Teaching Fellow
Audrey Robeson
Catherine Tucker Professor, Anthropology, USA
Andrea Pia Assistant Professor
Tori Bush PhD Candidate, LSU
JENNIFER DIGGINS Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University
Zoë Wool Assistant Professor, Rice University
Anna Feuerstein Associate Professor, English Department, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Michael Mascarenhas Associate Professor
S. Shankar Professor, University of Hawai`i at Manoa
Alex Marshall Lecturer in German, Sheffield Hallam University
Christopher Walker Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities, Colby College
Jason Danely Senior Lecturer in Anthropology
John David Zuern Professor
Stephen Rust Instructor, University of Oregon, USA
Molly Hall
Glenn Man Professor of English, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Nandini Chandra University of Hawaii Manoa
Ka-Kin Cheuk Postdoc in Transnational Asia
Simon Batterbury visiting professor, Lancaster University and University of Melbourne
Jeff Diamanti Assistant professor, University of Amsterdam
Nariman Massoumi Lecturer in Film and Television, University of Bristol
Carole Crumley University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Tamsin Barber Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Samantha Leggett PhD Student, University of Cambridge
Stuart Kirsch Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Anthropology, University of Michigan
Patrick O'Neill Lecturer, Kingston University
Roderick Galam Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Emma Trott Research Fellow, University of Leeds
Bo Wang Postdoc, University of Lausanne
Clare Echterling Lecturer
Gabriela Bucini research assistant
Samantha Baugus University of Florida, Graduate Instructor/PhD student
C George
Chris Horrocks Kingston University
rena choudhury
Jeremy Yohanes Student
Peter Evans Chair London Regon FE Sector
Sina Badreddine Senior Lecturer
Allen Kuharski Department of Theater, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, USA
D Mortimer PhD student
Joe Lickens Lecturer & UCU Rep, South Thames College
Jay Sullivan PhD Researcher, Roehampton
Malcolm Starrs Lecturer South Thames College
Michelle Poland Editor of Gothic Nature journal
Stevie Russell Academic Engagement Librarian
Regina Heinz County (optional)
Stefanie Sachsenmaier Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts, Middlesex University
Paul Ward Professor/UCU Branch Chair
Daniela Peluso Senior Lecturer
Ashley Chapman
Shantel Ehrenberg Lecturer, University of Surrey
Jotika Khur-Yearn Subject Librarian, SOAS University of London
Camilla Andersen Not relevant
Stefanie Sachsenmaier Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts Middlesex University
Elizabeth Fox Solicitor
Elizabeth Fox Solicitor
Andrew Porter Senior Lecturer
Sarah Pett Lecturer in English, SOAS University of London
Jennifer Yong SOAS University of London
Michael Cullinane Professor of U.S. History
Elsa Devienne Lecturer
Alexander Dunst Assistant Professor, Paderborn University, Germany
Ben Offiler Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Ian Ralston Retired lecturer Liverpool John Moores
Roy Jackson Associate Professor, University of Gloucestershire
Neil Wynn Emeritus Professor
Robert Lawson-Peebles Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter
Stephanie Palmer Senior Lecturer of English, Nottingham Trent University
Paul Williams Associate Professor, University of Exeter
Pascale ANTOLIN Professor of American Literature, Universite Bordeaux Montaigne, FRANCE
Sarah Griffiths PhD Student
Tom Hobson PhD Student, UCU AntiCas Officer, University of Bath
Michael Kalisch Lecturer in English and American Literature, University of Oxford
Rona Cran Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Maritsa Tsioupra-Lewis Student, University of Sussex
Odhran O'Donoghue PhD student, University of Roehampton
Danny Millum Librarian
Sara Ruddock Phd student
Maria Daskalaki Professor of Organization Studies, Roehampton Business School
Christian O’Connell Senior Lecturer in History, University of Gloucestershire
Matthew Pethers Lecturer, University of Nottingham
Rebecca Tadman PhD Candidate, Roehampton
Natalie Zacek Senior Lecturer in American Studies, University of Manchester
Nicholas Grant Associate Professor of US History, University of East Anglia
Stephanie Lewthwaite Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
Katherine Kruger University of Sussex, UCU member
John Lyons University of Bristol
cecile guillaume Reader, University of Roehampton
Anam Kuraishi PhD Government, University of Essex; UCU Essex; GTA Campaign Essex
Mike Alder-Woolf University IT, Cardiff University
Lillian Wilkie Lecturer, UAL London College of Fashion
Peter Conlin Lecturer, Coventry University
Claudine Grisard Lecturer in accounting - ucu member
John Dumbrell retired professor, Durham University
karine chevalier Senior lecturer
Niall Munro Senior Lecturer
John Rae Reader in Psychology, University of Roehampton
Leslie Hill Professor
Gyorgy Toth Lecturer, History, University of Stirling
Erica Stanton Principal Lecturer
Sonia Rafferty Programme Leader BSc Dance Science Trinity Laban Conservatoire if Music and Dance
Helena Botto PhD candidate, University of Roehampton
Tanja Dreher University of New South wales
David Waring
John Rae Reader in Psychology, University of Roehampton
R Durham student University of Roehampton
Lorenza Peragine Research Student, Roehampton University
Julia Bardsley Lecturer in Performance QMUL
Marissia Fragkou Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University
Levene Levene Levene
Georgia Volioti Lecturer, University of Surrey
Yolanda Calle Senior lecturer
Lynn Fotheringham Lecturer, University of Nottingham
Emiliano Trizio Senior Lecturer of Philosophy
Maia Pal Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Oxford Brookes University

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