Business Affiliate Application
Please complete and submit the following application if you're interested in joining WAIC as a Business Affiliate. If you have any questions, please contact WAIC's Association Manager, Chelsea Rowe, at or 949.407.9242.
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WAIC Business Affiliate Code of Ethics
I pledge my best effort to conduct my business according to the principles of WAIC’s Code of Ethics:

1. The conduct of my business will remain ethical and professional in my relationships with camp directors and business associates for the benefit of all concerned and the future of organized camps.

2. It shall be considered unprofessional for a Business Affiliate to: a) knowingly criticize any WAIC member with the purpose of interfering with possible transactions, b) knowingly oversell or misrepresent one’s business by making statements and promises which are not true, cannot be fulfilled or substantiated by fact.
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