a survey about online friends
(focusing on platonic, non-romantic friendships)
⭐️ why this survey? ⭐️
In working on a book together, it's come to our attention (Jaime and I, Amanda), that making friends online is a big topic of discussion! So we're putting out this survey so we can better understand the culture and dynamic of making and maintaining friends online and its similarities/differences between making and maintaining friends with whom you primarily see in person.

The book we're working on is called The Meet-up Journal. Its main idea is to encourage regular meet-ups with people you care about (people who magnify your spirit!) and have deep conversations with them. Such meet-ups help strengthen relational bonds, improve mental health, are fertile environments for exchanging ideas/thoughts and so much more! This book/journal is meant to help facilitate great meet-ups, with plenty of space to jot down notes and ideas. That said, we happened to touch upon a point about meeting friends online and realized we needed more information from people who have had personal experience making online friends so this is where you come in!

I've tried to make these questions as non-judgmental as possible, but I understand the stigma that still persists regarding online friendships. Please try to answer honestly, however do not feel obligated to answer any question that makes you uncomfortable! We won't be using any of your answers explicitly in the book, this is more for research and for our understanding. But if we somehow feel it would be useful to include any of your answers, we will first ask your permission and you are of course, welcome to decline. Also, feel free to be as brief or lengthy as you wish with each answer!

Thank you for your time!! :D
What is the ratio of friends you have met online to friends you have met in person?
Clear selection
How long have you been friends with your online friend/s? If you have multiple friends, you can check multiple boxes.
How did you meet your online friend/s? (Feel free to check all that apply)
How important is a shared interest, personally in your opinion/experience, in finding new friends online?
Not important
Very important (wouldn't have met your friend if not for the shared interest)
Clear selection
Regarding online friends, how important do you consider the following:
(If you feel like you have difficulty answering the questions below because you're thinking "well, it depends on the person", you can try answering the questions while imagining an online friend you have a closer relationship to, if that's helpful.)
Not a priority
It's important
Depth of conversation (you can talk with this person about deep life topics and be vulnerable with them)
Being able to talk frequently
Being able to talk whenever (through chatting etc)
Being able to talk via phone/audio calls
Being able to talk via video calls
Being able to do things together online (play games together)
Being able to meet up physically (disregard current pandemic conditions)
Clear selection
Frequency across modes of communication:
Check all that apply, Leave blank if nothing applies. Please disregard pandemic conditions when thinking about your answers!
Chatting (text format)
Phone/audio calls
Video calls
Meeting up in person
This is our main mode of communication
We make an effort to do this on a regular basis
Getting to use this method is a bonus (due to logistical reasons like time zone difference)
We have never used this method but I would like to in the future
Have you ever met any of your online friends in person?
Clear selection
If you answered yes to the above, how long had you known each other before meeting in person? If you've met multiple online friends in person, you can check multiple boxes.
If you answered no to the above, what was the reason?
Clear selection
What are some benefits you've experienced with making friends online v.s. friends you've made in person? (For example, "making friends online is easier b/c I have really bad social anxiety")
Anything else I missed you want to add?
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