Liberty Mutual: Ditch Fossil Fuels!
JOIN US! We are taking on insurance giant Liberty Mutual. We are a part of the national Stop the Money Pipeline campaign and are actively organizing in Boston, Seattle and Plano Texas.

⇨ ARE YOU A LIBERTY MUTUAL POLICYHOLDER? We especially need you for some exciting upcoming activities.
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⇨ Insurers like Liberty Mutual are making the climate crisis worse by insuring and investing in fossil fuels. But these same companies can single-handedly stop new coal plants, tar sands pipelines and oil wells by simply refusing to insure them.
⇨ Following a few months of campaigning on them, Liberty Mutual adopted a weak policy on coal companies in December 2019. But in the face of the climate emergency, Liberty Mutual is continuing to insure coal power plants in Asia, tar sands pipelines (like Trans Mountain), and gas across the U.S.

⇨ A campaign is brewing to change that. We're building up our teams, especially in Boston, where Liberty Mutual is headquartered, to make sure they feel the heat in their home city.
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