A survey to help us plan for the next Rural Routes Gathering
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Photo Courtesy of Adam Young
Do you ever feel you’d like to have an opportunity for conversation, sharing of ideas, encouragement, good food, and fun with other rural congregations; congregations who have some of the same gifts and challenges as you? Last June, in Murray Corner NB a gathering was held for all those in Regions 14 and 15 who touch or are touched by rural ministry. It was hosted by the minister and congregation of Bayfield-Little Shemogue Pastoral Charge and supported by a grant from the EDGE Network for New Ministries in the United Church. You can read the news of this gathering at Rural Routes through the Holy:

After last year, a small cohort was formed to plan a second gathering. If you could take a few minutes to respond to the questions below it will help us to know a bit about you and your congregation so we can have you in mind as we shape this year’s event.

The responses can all be given in a few words, though you can add more if you like. Perhaps your congregation would like to talk them over and answer as a group. No names or other identifiers will be attached to the collated information.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It will help us to hear your voice as we plan and to represent your sense of rural congregational life.
Are you answering from a purely personal perspective or have you discussed this questionnaire with your congregation? *
In what area(s) would your congregation appreciate more resources?
Since the change in governance structure, what kind of connections do you have with the other churches in your area, i.e. how do you connect?
What do you think makes rural churches and ministries distinct from their urban and suburban counterparts?
The following questions and the response options are drawn from our World Café process at the inaugural Rural Routes gathering in June 2019. Please share your own responses with us by selecting any of the options provided that resonate with you and/or use the ‘other’ option to enter your own thoughts.
What holds us captive? (Select all that apply)
What does barrenness look like? (Select all that apply)
What brings you/us joy? (Select all that apply)
What is your favourite thing about your congregation?
How many people attend worship in your congregation?
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How far away is your nearest neighbour congregation (of any denomination)?
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