Linda Shenton Matchett's Book Brigade
Sign up to apply for the opportunity to be part of my 2017-2018 Street Team. I'm looking for folks who:

1. Enjoy reading fiction with a Christian worldview.
2. Can commit to reading my books ahead of time and posting Amazon and Goodreads reviews with in the first 24 hours after a book is released.
3. Will participate in the Linda Shenton Matchett's Book Brigade/Street Team Facebook Group.
4. Is willing to share promotional posts, links, memes, and other information about a book on social media for a period of about four weeks after launch date.
5. Will commit to being part of the Brigade from June 2017 through May 2018.

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The fine print: You agree not to sell any books you receive as part of the team, share covers or any other pre-release information, such as ideas, plot lines, publishing data, etc.
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