Youmacon DJ Application 2017
Calling all DJs!

dJ_rK here to announce that the application process for DJing at Youmacon 2017 has begun!

What you need to be able to do?
Perform an hour long set of music on stage in front of thousands of people. However, there are two rules that must be followed in your performance!
1. No pre-rendered mixes! We do it LIVE!
2. Keep foul language to a minimum, this is not an 18+ event.

Before you submit a demo, here are a few things to keep in mind:
- Youmacon will not pay you to play. This is a volunteer gig; Travel, hotel, and hospitality expenses are not compensated by the convention.
- Youmacon will provide you, the DJ, with a basic attending badge. Any membership upgrades are your responsibility. Additional badges for your entourage, crew, significant other, family members, etc., are also your responsibility.

The timeline:
-Youmacon 2017 Dances are November 3rd and 4th (Friday and Saturday).
- Auditions will close around October 1st!
- Emails will go out to those chosen auditions on week starting October 8th
- Announcement of the Roster to be published by October 15th.

If you have any questions about anything on this forum, please reach out to me!
Or tweet me @BohemeK

All that's left for you to do is fill out the following:

What do we call you?
Your DJ name goes here.
Real name goes here.
Contact info, please!
Please enter a valid email address. We will use this to contact you when making the roster.
Additional contact info goes here.
Anything that would make it easier to contact you would help here. Don't worry, we keep your stuff private.
Music Genre?
Link me a Demo!
Something to showcase your ability as a DJ, not just a link to a single song.
Using House Gear or your own Rig?
Youmacon's house gear: 2x Pioneer CDJ2000nexus and 1x Pioneer DJM900nexus
Videos of Past Performances?
If you've got any, link them here! Looking for stage presence!
I main...
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