Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard Anti-Donation Pledge
By signing my name below, I pledge not to donate any money to Harvard University until Harvard commits to meeting the following demands:

1. DISCLOSE: We recognize transparency as a necessary prerequisite to ensure that Harvard’s endowment meets the goals of the university and the communities it serves. Harvard must publicly disclose all current direct and indirect investments in the fossil fuel industry in an annual document.

2. DIVEST: We condemn investment in the fossil fuel industry for its role in actively perpetuating the climate crisis. Harvard must release a statement declaring a commitment to total divestment of the endowment from direct and indirect holdings in the fossil fuel industry, along with a comprehensive plan to achieve this.

3. REINVEST: We call for Harvard to leverage its financial power for reparative justice by supporting environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and community-based investment. We endorse the reinvestment principles recommended by Fossil Free and call on Harvard to adopt them.

On September 20th, over 1000 people turned out to support divestment and climate justice at the global climate strike on the Harvard campus. Now, we are continuing to call on Harvard to hear the voices of its students, faculty, alumni, and community members to end its complicity in the destruction of our futures and global climate injustice.

Currently, Harvard discloses only about 1% of its over $40 billion endowment. Of this 1%, according to Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard’s analysis, a total of $5.6 million is invested in the fossil fuel industry in companies that produce or own reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal, and large utilities powered by natural gas and coal. If that 1% is a representative sample of the whole endowment, that would mean that Harvard has $560 million in fossil fuel investments—providing significant financial support for the companies driving the climate crisis. There is no room for "engagement" with these companies, whose business models are fundamentally predicated one extraction and exploitation. If we want a more just and stable world, then we have to actively invest in sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

By signing this pledge, you are joining the movement. You are using your power as an alumnus and a potential donor to make a powerful statement. Harvard has to earn the support of its alumni community and that means aligning its financial principles with its moral ones. That means divestment!
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