ACM Vendor Application - 2018
Thank you for your interest in vending at Asheville City Market.

If you have any questions, contact the market manager at 828.348.0340 or

Application information
* Application process opens 1/15/18 and the deadline for member vendor applications is 2/5/18
* Membership applications received after the deadline will be considered based on product mix priorities and space available
* Member vendors and vendor schedules confirmed by 2/28/18
* Annual membership fee due by 3/15/18
* Day vendor applications accepted at any time
* Note: there is no application fee; membership fee is not payable prior to vendor confirmation.
Policy reminder: Attendance requirement for member vendors
Note that the VENDOR ELIGIBILITY AND RESTRICTIONS policy gives preference to member vendors "who are represented at market primarily (over 50% of dates) by the owner (business co-owner or family member) listed on the application." Please refer to the Rules and Regulations, update 1/2018, posted on the market web page and available on request from the market manager. Only those listed below will be considered representative of the vendor for the purposes of meeting the 50% criteria. IMPORTANT - member status may be withdrawn from vendors (represented by the owner, business co-owner, or family member) who fail to be present at market for over 50% of their market dates.
Owner name(s)
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Business co-owner or family members
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Business name
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Street address
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Zip Code
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Vendor representative guidelines
In addition to owners, list any vendor representatives (e.g. family member, employee, or intern) involved in production.

Vendors and at-market representatives must be involved in the production of products sold at market. An individual involved in production regularly grows, raises, or produces products sold at market,

Examples include soil preparation, planting, transplanting, maintenance, (weeding, watering, pruning, etc.), harvesting, animal care, food production (cooking, processing ingredients, etc.), art/craft design or creation, etc. Operational or administrative activities NOT considered as involved in production include equipment maintenance, bookkeeping, staff supervision, packaging, etc.

This requirement is clearly and specifically intended TO EXCLUDE VENDOR REPRESENTATIVES HIRED PRIMARILY OR SOLELY FOR PRODUCT REPRESENTATION AND MARKET SALES. Volunteers or interns of similar nature are also not allowed.

Limited use of fill-in market representatives due to circumstances beyond the vendor's control must be approved by the market manager in advance. Emergencies will be given due consideration. Excessive use of fill-in representatives may result in loss of market dates or exclusion from market participation.
List representatives involved in production
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Describe representatives roles in production
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Vendor status
MEMBER - Members are assigned space for reserved market dates throughout the year. Reserved dates are determined as part of the application and confirmation process. Members participate in the election of vendor representatives and may serve on the market's Oversight Committee after first year requirement.

DAY VENDOR - Day vendors are assigned scheduled spaces as available and at the discretion of the market manager.

LOCATIONS - Vendors may apply to participate in one or both of the market locations (Saturdays downtown and/or Wednesdays at Biltmore Park Town Square). Dates selected below.
Vendor preference
Applicant review
All applicants should note VENDOR ELIGIBILITY AND RESTRICTIONS as detailed in the Market Rules and Regulations (posted online). Vendor selection preferences apply to application review. Product mix management goals are also considered in order to serve the best interests of the market.
Vendor category
Category assignment is determined by the market manager based on application information provided or completion of a site visit checklist. Vendors who apply to sell in more than one category are evaluated and assigned a category by the market manager according to primary products to be sold.

Farm products and plants - vegetables and fruit, eggs, honey, herbs, plants, plant starts, cut flowers, cheese and other dairy products

Value added or prepared foods - food products, prepared foods (processed, packaged or sealed, ready-to-eat, etc.) and non-food products

Art / craft - contact market manager for additional information regarding review of products

Note - Items sold by art/craft vendors must be handcrafted with an emphasis on the labor-intensive use of unfinished materials to create distinctive art and craft. Handcrafted components must functionally or aesthetically dominate non-handcrafted components. Preference WILL NOT be given to the reproduction of original art/craft that diminishes its unique quality or results in a "mass produced" impression. Preference will be given to achieve market representation of farm sourced or traditional art and craft forms. Applicants must provide images of their work for review.
Market fees
Membership fees
$100 / year - downtown only (Saturdays)
$ 50 / year - south only (Wednesdays)
$150 / year - both locations

Weekly fees
$25 / week - member
$35 / week - day vendor
Product list - enter percentage of total sales for each category and list products below.
% of farm sales
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% of value added or prepared food sales
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% of art / craft sales
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List farm and plant products to be sold - e.g. produce, eggs, meat, fish, herbs, plant starts, herbs, cut flowers, honey, cheeses, etc.) NOTE: list percentage of product sales that will be plant or plant starts
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List value added or prepared foods to be sold - e.g. food products, prepared foods (processed, packaged, or sealed, ready-to-eat) and non-food products. NOTE: Preference is given to foods made with locally produced ingredients or featuring local farm products. Applicants are encouraged to list local ingredients used.
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List art / craft products to be sold
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Saturday downtown market - select dates
Wednesday south market - select dates
License, permit, certification, and inspection requirements
The market manager may complete a farm or production site checklist as a condition for vendor approval. Vendors are required to comply with all Federal, state, and local laws governing food safety and labeling and will provide the market manager with valid and current documentation of required licenses, permits, or certifications.
Indicate with of the following apply to your production and vending
EBT, credit, and debit processing
PARTICIPATION IN THE MARKET'S TOKEN PROGRAM IS REQUIRED. Applicants agree to accept tokens at market. Reimbursement direct deposits are scheduled for every other week pending unforeseen processing delays. Additional details available online.
Risk management, insurance, and hold harmless provisions
Asheville City Market’s risk management efforts include best practices, education, and enforcement to promote a safe and healthy environment. Vendors must participate actively in these efforts and take all steps necessary to assure health and safety.

Vendors, as a condition of participation in the Market, agree to the following hold harmless provisions:

Each vendor participating in the Asheville City Market shall be responsible for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or other damage that may occur as a result of the vendor's negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees, and hereby agrees to exonerate, hold harmless, indemnify and defend Asheville City Market and A.S.A.P., its successors and assigns, from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, suits or actions, judgments and costs, and attorneys fees which may arise or grow out of any injury or death of persons or damage to property in any manner connected with the vendor's products, operations, or vending at the Market.

A.S.A.P. holds general liability insurance for Asheville City Market. This insurance DOES NOT cover vendor spaces or products. Vendors must have insurance covering participation in the Market. As it is not practical for the Market to manage each individual vendor's insurance coverage, this is a self-enforced requirement.

Oversight Committee service
I volunteer to be a candidate for election to the Oversight Committee (vendors eligible for service after first year requirement). Committee service is a two-year term and requires a commitment to attend monthly meetings.
Please be aware of the following market rules and regulations:

Membership preference is given to farms and vendors a) that are supportive of product mix priorities, b) have limited access to comparable direct markets, and c) who are represented at market primarily (over 50% of dates) by the owner (business co-owner or family member) listed on the vendor application.

Members are allowed to miss 20% of their reserved dates. The weekly vendor fee will be due for dates missed over the limit (based on the application schedule submitted and updated in June). Scheduled dates are in effect as of the first market attended (late starts do not count against the limit). Long term absences due to exceptional circumstances may be reviewed by the Oversight Committee.

Vendors must provide advance (before market opens) notice for a market absence. The weekly vendor fee is due for absences with no prior notification.

Note: all vendors are responsible for being informed regarding market Rules and Regulations (posted online or emailed by request) and with informing their representatives regarding compliance.
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Vendor agreement
Asheville City Market requires that all vendors comply with standards of professionalism that promote open communication, mutual respect, and the best interests of the market. Disruptive actions or remarks that undermine the shared success of any or all of our community of vendors are unprofessional and unacceptable. Failure to comply with these standards could result in suspension or removal from the market.

Submission of this application confirms that the information provided is accurate and complete and that the applicant agrees to abide by the provisions of this application as well as the Market’s governing policies as described in Asheville City Market Rules & Regulations - available online -
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