Application form for wild medicine course - Waiting list only.
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Please write a little about your previous herbal medicine experience. Include other courses you have done with us or other people, relevant other experience e.g. botany or medicine and self taught skills. *
As part of this course we will be spending a lot of time outside in all weathers, including walking some distances and sitting on the ground. Please let us know if there are any issues you have that we should be aware of, that might make this difficult. *
The weekend dates are as follows. Each weekend course will consist of two full days of teaching on Saturday and Sunday. Please let us know if any of these weekend present problems for you or if there any days you will not be able to attend. 21st & 22nd March, 25th & 26th April, 6th & 7th June, 4th & 5th July, 19th & 20th September , 24th & 25th October, 21st & 22nd November *
The course costs £1200 for the year. We are also offering a limited number of concessionary places for £1000 and will prioritise unwaged people on benefits for these places. Please let us know if you need a concessionary place.
A £300 deposit is required to secure a place on the course.
​The deposit is only refundable up to 10th January 2020, after which time the full balance is due. You can either pay the full balance by March 1st 2020, or pay in two instalments, the first one by March 1st 2020, and the second by July 1st 2020. The course fee is non-refundable. If you stop attending the course halfway through the year for any reason, you will still be liable for the whole course fee. Please note that if your place is being funded for you, then concession places are not available.
Will you need a concessionary place?
This course requires good personal timekeeping. It only works smoothly if everyone arrives on time, as we always head straight off into the wilds at the start of our field trip days, and it has proved very hard in the past to direct people if they miss the start. We would appreciate it if you could carefully assess your time keeping skills and whether you will manage to get to each weekend on time before applying.
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