Share your experiences about the gender pay gap in Estonia
Researchers at Tallinn University are conducting the REGE ( study. It aims to understand why Estonia has the largest gender pay gap in the European Union.

To help us better understand the gender pay gap – we would like to invite you to share your views and experiences related to the gender pay gap in Estonia. Participation in the study is anonymous.

As this is a sociological study, we will work towards more general solutions on the societal level, but we cannot provide help to address individual cases. If you seek legal advice about a potential case of discrimination, please contact the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner (, the Labour Inspectorate ( or a trade union (

The study was commissioned by the Estonian Research Council and the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia. The study was funded from the European Regional Development Fund through RITA programme under grant agreement no 7.2-2/19/2.

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Please describe your experiences (positive and/or negative) in relation to salary negotiations in your current and/or former workplace(s) in Estonia. Feel free to elaborate on whatever it is that you deem relevant.  Have you experienced negative/positive treatment in salary negotiations based on your gender? What was this experience like? Do you discuss your salary with family and/or friends? If so, how so? How does this come up? Do you know how much your colleagues earn? Do they know your salary? Does your family/those close to you know how much you earn? Why? Do you think salaries should be public? Why/why not? Should job ads include salary information? Why/why not?  
Thank you for sharing your experiences. This will help us to gain a much more accurate understanding of the gender pay gap in Estonia. Please indicate here that you allow us to analyse your answers in our study:
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Independent of the previous answer, please  indicate here that we may use excerpts from your answers anonymously in the public materials of the study to illustrate our findings. We will make sure that neither you nor your employer(s) would be identifiable.
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Would you be willing to share your experiences about the gender pay gap in more detail, in the form of a face-to-face or online interview? We guarantee the anonymity of all research participants. If you are willing to be interviewed for the study, please leave us your e-mail address or phone number, so we may be able to contact you. If you have questions about the study, please contact us at
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