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Event Name
Date/s of the event (show days)
Operating times of the toilets for show days.
Number of toilets you would like *
As a guide per 80 people to 1 toilet is polite, 100/1 is fair, 120/1 is tight.
Do you want accessible / baby change toilets?
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Our kids loos come in sets of three. Fancy some?
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Do you want urinals? How many men?
0.6m = 1 standing spot.
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Venue/Site Name
Venue/Site Address
If you're in the UK, this is quite helpful!
Earliest date/time for bump in
If there is a specific bump-in time/date, include that.
Latest date/time for bump-out
If there is a specific bump-out time/date, include that.
Number of people attending (including crew)
Are we the only toilets?
What is your preferred toilet block configuration?
We can do anything from 1 toilet to an endless row. However the toilets are most stable as a minimum block size of 3.
Do you require any toilets during your site build and break periods? If so let us know the number and the dates.
Please note this may mean an extra charge as it may require two additional trips to your site by us. We will be as efficient as possible, and will discuss options with you.
Is there a bar/is it a drinking event? And is there camping?
What is the vehicle access like?
We need to know if we can bring an 18 tonne truck, or if a car and trailer is more appropriate. Can the vehicle be driven right up to where the toilets will be sited, or will equipment need to be carried a considerable distance?
Is the proposed site for the loos on flat or semi flat land?
Our toilets are self levelling and we can deal with some land slope but not a huge hill!
Sawdust availability?
We use sawdust as our 'flush' and like to source locally. Do you know of any local sawmills we could pick up sawdust from, or can you provide it? You'll need about 1 wheelie bin full per loo per event.
Liquid Waste Disposal
We separate liquid from solid waste, composting the solid waste. There are several options for liquid waste disposal. Which is appropriate for your event?
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Is there a sewer point close by/onsite that we can use to dispose of liquid waste?
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Is there a telehandler available to unload our equipment?
For larger bookings we will bring our own driver, for smaller bookings, we would use your tele and driver.
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