PicasaGeeks Quiz 1: Picasa and Your Picture Files
Picasa is a great tool for working with your pictures, but if you don't understand the foundation of how it works with your files, it can be a mess. Answering these questions will tell you whether you understand this foundation. If you understand this foundation, you should get at least 7 of the following questions correct.
We have many articles on this subject at www.PicasaGeeks.com under the category of 'Organizing.' You will find a link to the answers after you submit your quiz responses.
1. What would happen to your pictures if you uninstalled Picasa? *
2. Picasa's 'Library' can display pictures from what location(s)?
3. What Picasa command is used to designate the folders of pictures to be displayed? *
4. When you open Picasa for the first time, it copies all your Pictures into a Picasa folder. *
5. The purpose of Folder Manager is to: *
6. If you delete pictures using Picasa ... *
7. You see a folder full of pictures in Picasa's Library and you don't recognize them. They are coming from somewhere other than My Pictures on your computer and you don't want to see them in Picasa. What do you do? *
8. Using Picasa's Backup command: *
9. You don't like how Picasa displays your folders in a single 'Flat' list. How can you see the folders as you made them - with folders inside of other folders? *
10. To make a New Folder using Picasa, do the following: *
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