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1. Do you have S.M.A.R.T. Service Standards that the organization lives? *
2. Do you train team members in customer service and standards expected of them? (This means more than an hour in “orientation”.) *
3. Do you run refresher sessions consistently on customer service for all team members? (Once or twice a year is not enough.) *
4. Are all front and back of the house team members included in the training? *
5. Are you consistently treating team members the way we want to treat our “best” customers? *
6. Do team members currently appreciate the importance of 'internal customer service'? *
7. Do you give all team members the opportunity to put forward practical suggestions about how they feel customer service could be improved? *
8. Do you have a real time unbiased feedback platform in place? (Comment cards are not a real time feedback platform.) *
9. Do you use a mystery shopping program to provide feedback? (At least quarterly.) *
10. Do you take action where possible on customer suggestions/common complaints? *
11. Do you keep team members informed about our Advocate scores and action being taken to improve it? *
12. Do you reward team members who provide a “WOW” or exceptional customer experience? *
13. Do you, as a management team all 'lead by example' the S.M.A.R.T. service standards? (Refer to Question 1) *
14. Does your customer service training use “accelerated learning” techniques? *
15. Do you make customer service/Advocate* a regular agenda item at meetings? *
16. Do managers have regular opportunities to experience customer facing roles? (Shadow team members frequently.) *
17. Do representatives of the company visit competitors or other companies that provide exceptional customer service on a regular basis to gain ideas on how to improve customer service? *
18. Do you recruit team members for “attitude” and train for “skills”? *
19. Do you celebrate successes with customers and communicate these to all team members? *
20. Do you focus first on the customer? *
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