Hope in South Africa Request for Funding Application
Hope in South Africa (HISA) is a global partnership that empowers communities to enable every citizen to become healthy, responsible, contributing members of society. We seek to support similar endeavors through small grants. If you're interested in receiving funding from HISA, please complete the application below. Thank you!
Email address *
Statement of Need: Please describe the problem that the project will attempt to address as well as the population that will be served. *
Program Description: Please describe the project or program and provide information on how it will be implemented. Include information on what will be accomplished and the desired outcome. *
Goals & Objectives: Please describe the project objectives in measurable terms and how funding from HISA will help the project reach those goals and objectives. *
Timeline: Provide a timeline for the project, including key dates, activities, milestones and the expected duration. *
Budget: Include all expenses for your project, including necessary training costs. Mention any co-funding that you are using from other sources. You may want to include a brief narrative of expenses along with a table of individual cost components. *
Monitoring & Evaluation: Provide information on the metrics that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the project or program. In addition to providing the indicators you will use to measure success, please provide a brief narrative to the sustainability of the initiative. *
Staff/Volunteers and Organizational Information: Include the staff/volunteer qualifications, certifications, and skills. Describe the organization and include information indicating the organization’s capacity to implement and sustain the program. *
Appendix: Include relevant items in the Appendix including letters of support, research support, organizational collateral, or annual reports that can support the Hope in South Africa board in making their decision.
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