Volunteer Heroes, Mundekulla 2019
Hello! With this application form you can apply to become a volunteer at Mundekulla. As a volunteer you will do community service for 30 hours a week in the areas of gardening, housekeeping and kitchen (4-5 days a week, 6-8 hours per day). In exchange you get free food and lodging, as well as a weekly workshop given by Mundekulla staff in the fields of creativity, mindfulness, sustainability, food and health. We are looking forward to having you here!

Unfortunately we don't have space to provide space for all applicants. In our selection we mostly look at your motivation and compatibility with the larger group of volunteers. Also, longterm volunteers (1month +) are preferred over short term volunteers (minimum of 3 weeks).

Before application, please read our more detailed information at:

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If you want to share pictures of you, your projects, former volunteer experiences or travels with us, email them to our volunteer coordinator Stephanie at stephanie@mundekulla.se
Mundekulla Volunteer Heroes 2018
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I know that Mundekulla is a drug and alcohol free center and I agree to follow this policy during my whole stay *
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