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Version 3  (2016-09-04)

This is the official online application form for employment at, or professional collaboration with, the Slovak Histochemical Society (Slovenská histochemická spoločnosť, SHS), which is the end recipient and ultimate owner of all submitted data.  European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules apply, and a full copy of all your responses will be sent to your e-mail address entered below, for your permanent record and verification.  Our web services do not collect any other information about you or your online activities, and we do not use cookies or any tracking tools whatsoever.  Please check our website for more information and do not hesitate to contact us with data correction requests (you can easily use this form for all future updates) or with any eventual questions.  Please, only use Latin alphabet in this form, especially when entering non-English national words / names or their phonetic transcriptions.


I, the Applicant, fully understand and agree with all information above, and I enter my valid personal e-mail address in order to continue with my application process.
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