Super QUIZ!
Cryptoindex and Deex Exchange teams are happy to announce...Super QUIZ!  Do you have google search skills? Let’s see…

Firstly, you should subscribe on Cryptoindex( and and Deex Exchange( and

Are you ready?

What is Zorax?
When Deex Exchange was founded?
How many factors does Zorax use in order to rebalance portfolio?
What are the Deex exclusive functionality?
Who is CEO of Cryptoindex?
What benefits give the Deex Node?
How often is Cryptoindex rebalance being performed?
When the second update of Deex Exchange was released?
What is Cryptoindex Rebalancing?
What trading volumes Deex exceeded in October 2018?
Why Neural Networks for CryptoIndex Rebalancing?
Which of these Telegram groups is NOT the Deex official?
What is the country of Cryptoindex company registration
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