Marshall High School (MHS) Enrollment Form 2020-2021
Some additional documents and forms and will be required to be submitted (i.e.: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, vaccination records, records request for transfer students) before your student can begin attending classes.

Upon submission, this form will email you a copy of your responses. Please provide a valid email address for the person filling out this form.
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Please double-check spelling of names prior to submitting form.
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The following question relates to on campus or completely at home learning. Please answer accordingly.
The student is enrolling in the Digital Learning Program, they will not be attending on campus regularly.

The student will be attending classes in-person, on campus as long as school campuses are allowed to have students present.

Questions in later sections might not seem relevant for students enrolling the Digital Learning Program but we are required to gather answers for the registration process.
Is this student enrolling in the Searcy County School District Digital Learning Program or traditional in-person on campus classes? *
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