We are The Hustlers.
This is a Slack group of women journalists who are working at least part-time as consultants or freelancers. We're here to talk about work-life balance, contracts, taxes, referrals and all the other fun stuff.

Please only join is you're *currently* at least part-time freelancing. We're happy to point you to places If you're interested in hiring or on the hunt for freelancers.

We're also focused on freelancers/consultants that do things beyond writing, like strategy and beyond, or training. We're fully aware that many freelance writers also do other freelancing, so if that's you, join!

If you're mainly a writer looking for community, we'd highly suggest the kind folks at Study Hall (http://studyhall.xyz/). We might expand to freelance writers soon, but for the minute it's not our focus.
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