Illinois FBLA State Officer Application
This form must be completed on or before February 15, 2020:

On or before March 1, email the campaign speech to Bradley Maschhoff, Illinois FBLA-PBL Executive Council Director, for approval. At the State Leadership Conference, a speech that deviates from the submitted and approved speech could cause the candidate to be disqualified. Postmark or email a photo and a list of all campaign materials to be used (no campaign materials for those applying for parliamentarian), on or before March 13, 2020, to the Executive Council Director so the nomination may be approved. If materials are not postmarked or received by the required dates, the candidate will be disqualified from running for office.
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Are you aware of the important dates listed in the application memo including ICCCTSO, SLW, Area, State, and National Conferences and will you be available to attend? If not, explain. *
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