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This is scenario submission form intended to allow you to submit suggestions for various scenarios to be considered for the upcoming Stalingrad event as well as future events. Scenarios can be as mundane as mail call or digging in, or as complicated as an organized assault. The goal is to boil a given activity down to its basic parts so that we can properly set up and initiate the scenario. These can be a single order given to one unit, or even a single person, or more complex sets of orders given to multiple units/people on one or both sides. They may involve props, specific terrain, or other set up. Please avoid obvious overly simplified entries like "attack the enemy" or "win, hahaha" our goal is to identify what is missing from most reenactments and try to make it happen here.

When listing a scenario try to remember this is not a play, there is not predetermined outcome and we can never hope for things to actually play out the way we want them to in the long run. We can, or should be able to, rely on properly setting up and instigating any given scenario according to the plans laid out here, but in the end, it will play out as it will. The more steps a scenarios has, the greater the odds of it breaking down, upsetting people, and generally not being good. Scenarios based roughly on original events are generally a good place to work from.

Be specific and and break down what you want to achieve to its basic parts and list them. For example…
-Deploy an engineer unit to clear a path through a minefield. This requires mines already laid out in a specific area and quite possibly some specialized equipment to be issued out or a method of marking the cleared path would need to be provided also some training may be required and cover may need to be provided.
-Order a unit to probe a section of the enemies line and report back. Orders would have to be specific on where to probe (Between here and here), what to look for (is there a MG? where is it? how many men do they have? how close can you get before they spot you? is there a good access of advance? etc...) and how to relay that information back. They may also need reminded this is not an assault and they should expend great effort to collect good information at a low cost.

This should give you a general idea of what we need. It all sounds boring and straight forward, but details are easy to forget and it's easy to take basic things for granted.

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What is the goal of this scenario and what are the key elements required to make it actually work? Include any specific instructions that may be important to the unit(s) expected to carry this out.
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Specialized equipment, props, set up *
For a pioneer unit to lay a minefield, they need mines and a field. For engineers to clear barbwire entanglements, they need entanglements to clear. For a unit to walk into an ambush, there has to be someone waiting for them. To deliver mail, there has to be mail to deliver and so on... What elements are needed to make your scenario work? What needs supplied, built, set up, or arranged in advance for this scenario to even happen?
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How many people is this designed for? *
If this is a scenario designed specifically around your unit select other and write in your unit. Also note if you have everything needed to make it happen or not.
Suggested Orders
If there are any specific orders for this scenario please list them here. Orders should be roughly equivalent to what you would expect to actually be given in the field. We will edit these to fit the actual event as needed but if you have a rough idea of what you think the actual order would be when it is issued, write it out.
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