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WhatsApp Declaration
Nordic Walk With Us operates a number of WhatsApp group chats. The purpose of these are for walk information, attendance confirmation and also to to keep in touch with other group members using the WhatsApp messenger application.

We do not add users to WhatsApp groups without their express consent, but we will text you a link and invite you to join.

If you are included in a WhatsApp group, please be aware that your number will be visible by other members of the group. By joining you are agreeing not to share other members mobile numbers.

When adding you to the WhatsApp group, we assume that your contact number is the one supplied to us above. If this is not the case, please tell us the number you would like to be added with (including the country dialling code).

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Health Declaration
The activities that you will be taking part in has potential risks, if at any time you feel undue pain, shortness of breath or excessive discomfort, you should STOP the activity and inform your instructor immediately. All participants take part in Nordic Walking/Fitness Walking at their own risk.

Nordic Walk With Us/Walk Bedford are not liable for any accidents, Injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation in activities organised by Nordic Walk With Us/Walk Bedford.

You should only take part in the Nordic Walking activities if you know of no medical or health related issue which would or could prevent you from doing so. If you are not sure or have any doubts about your health, please do not take part until you have consulted your GP and they have agreed that it is OK.

Asthma and Angina sufferers are required to carry their Inhaler spray at all times, this also applies to anyone suffering with any condition which requires emergency medication i.e an Epipen.

I understand that my body's reaction to exercise is not totally predictable. Should I develop a condition that affects my ability to exercise, I will stop the activity and inform my instructor/leader immediately. I take full responsibility for monitoring my own conditionat all times.
I understand, although all routes have been risk assessed for potential hazards, there is always a small risk involved in Adventure Walks. I accept that some rural routes may contain trip hazards, low lying branches, brambles, stinging nettles, pollen, insect which stings or bite, etc which are part of the countryside experience.
If approaching a very muddy area I will unclip my strap from the poles and continue using my poles for stability to reduce the risk of falling until the hazard has passed. It is my responsibility to act even if not reminded by my leader.
If walking near horses, I will stand still and keep with my poles by my side, until the horse has passed, to keep myself and the rest of the group safe.

I understand that my body's reaction to exercise *
Data Privacy and GDPR Declaration
I agree that Nordic Walk With Us (NWWU) has permission to use my details in order to contact me regarding walks and scheduled social events based around the Nordic Walk With Us community.

Nordic Walk With Us would never share your details with any persons or companies not employed by us. In the rare occasion that we need to share your data with trusted third parties such as the NHS/GP, NWWU would always ask your explicit written consent beforehand.

Should you choose to leave Nordic Walk With Us, your details will be erased from our systems and any written PARQ form will be destroyed, within 24 hours of your notification of your termination to the organisation.
If you do not attend a walk session for six months, your details will be destroyed and you will need to re-register as a new customer.

Nordic Walk With Us will never email, call, text or communicate by post any unsolicited offers, promotions or product extensions.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our Data Policy, please do not hesitate to contact

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