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In case you randomly clicked on a link and have no idea where you are right now, my name is Maddox Grey and I write a paranormal fantasy series called Lost Legacies. This series features a strong morally grey FMC and a diverse cast of supporting characters. While I don't specifically market these books as LGBTQ+, I am a queer person and many of my characters are queer. So if that bothers you... I'm probably not the author you are looking for. Specific content warnings can be found on my website but in general there a lot of adult content in the books, mostly violence thanks to an FMC who really likes to unalive people who annoy her, and some sexy scenes (all of which are consensual).

In addition to that series, I'm also starting up a new series, The Realms of Lunaria, under the pen name Alex Frost. This is still going to be a fantasy series but it's going to be a lot smuttier. The series will consist of three trilogies, all set within the same world with overlapping characters, and will be in the "why choose" subgenre. Told y'all it was going to be smuttier.

If either of these series sound interesting to you, please fill out the form below! I can't stress enough how valuable reviews are to authors, so if you enjoy the book and can leave an honest review it would be so appreciated!
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