Homoclimbtastic Climbing Convention Registration
Homoclimbtastic 2017! July 20-23, 2017 in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Everyone who wants to come MUST complete this form. YES. MUST. Yeah, it takes a hot minute and it's a pain, but you not filling one out is an even bigger pain. For one, it's the only way to get the itinerary sent to you, and it's how we get various goodies and appropriate things set up individually for you. Cherry on top: if we run out of room for anything, people who registered earlier get priority.

- allow 15-20 minutes... ugh, it's long, we know... but necessary
- phone numbers for emergency contacts
- medical information: grab your insurance card and your doctor's phone number and your tetanus shot date
- previously-arranged chaperon/charge information

You can always cancel or change your registration or ask questions anytime by e-mailing C-Pow (chris@homoclimbtastic.com).

- MEDICAL INFORMATION: a medical-form-like questionnaire is woven into this form; its completion is of vital importance
- CHAPERON/CHARGE INFORMATION: chaperones are allowed only one charge
- CABIN REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: Chris doesn't do cabins anymore, follow instructions in the form!
Email address *
Last Name *
First Name *
Gender Identity Pronoun(s)
You can leave this blank if you choose, or you can indicate your pronoun(s) (i.e. she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, he/him/his, etc.). You will also be able to write them on a nametag when you register in-person at the Convention.
Cell Phone Number *
For mass-texts of itinerary changes, getting your lost gear returned, etc.
Current Location *
Where are you coming from?
E-mail Address *
Your real one; the one you check. This is the only one we're sending your convention information and itinerary to. Please check the spelling of your email address before you move to the next question.
Emergency Contact: Name and Relationship *
Who are we calling when you get stuck in a crack and pee yourself and the video gets posted on youtube and we need to know who to contact to set up licensing and royalties in your absence? PS: this person CANNOT be on this trip.
Emergency Contact: Phone Number *
"Hi Mrs. Rowland. Your son was in an accident after he decided to wrestle a bear after drinking six shots of tequila. The bear lost, but your son's far too drunk to identify which thumb goes on which hand. We thought you might know."
What's the likelihood of you coming? (Best guess for now) *
We're not offended if it's low, but we do need an honest answer for predicting group size and making restaurant and t-shirt plans.
In terms of climbing outside on real rock (NOT just in a gym or artificial climbing surface)... *
Check all that apply.
Are you coming with a group? Who?
Example answers: "a bunch of breeders from Canada," "the Crux crew," etc. It's convenient for when we need to get lost gear back to people.
I am bringing a beginner climber with me / I am prepared to be a climber chaperon for the duration of the Homoclimbtastic Convention:
This indicates a person new to either climbing outside or climbing in general! Your beginner climber friend will be your responsibility for the duration of the Convention, NO EXCEPTIONS. They have to register, and they aren't allowed to come unless their name shows up in the next box acknowledging that you will ensure their safety, make sure they always wear helmets, and make sure they don't belay other people without a frank disclosure that they are beginners. Again: if your names don't match up on the registration form, there's gonna be a big problem. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEGINNER PER CHAPERON. This should be arranged ahead of time.
I am not an experienced lead belayer, so this person is in charge of me not dying and/or killing others / I have a chaperon for the duration of the Homoclimbtastic Convention.
You MUST identify someone if you're a beginner to outdoor climbing. Remember to always wear your helmet once you've entered the climbing area (falling rocks hurt) and don't belay other people unless you've told them you're a beginner and they're OK with that. You can buy a helmet from Waterstone, our sponsoring gear store in-town, if you don't already have one. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEGINNER PER CHAPERON. This should be arranged ahead of time.
Are you flying in? Driving? Where and when? Renting a car? Looking for people to hitch a ride with? Selling your body for crank and selling the crank to pay for a taxi? We can help you find a ride (post to the Facebook group wall first), but not with the crank.
Arrival day. *
Climbing festivities begin Thursday morning and end Sunday afternoon, so for the full experience, and a full night's sleep, arrive some time on Wednesday, July 19th, and depart Monday morning, July 24th.
Departure day. *
Car space available?
Answer yes if you have space in your car and you want to be contacted by people who need rides.
What climbing options are you super excited about? *
Check all that apply. This doesn't force you into going one place or another, but it helps us when suggesting crags.
IMPORTANT MEDICAL STUFF (1/5): Please list your medical conditions. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Give all relevant details. *
Epilepsy? Where's your emergency medication? What would you want others to do in case of an emergency? Stuff a doctor would need or want to know if you weren't able to communicate? HIPAA mandates that this information is kept private; if you want this information shared with anyone other than Chris, the Convention Director (and our paramedic if we have one), please explicitly state that here.
MORE IMPORTANT MEDICAL STUFF (2/5): Do you have allergies? *
Allergies? Medications you can't/shouldn't/won/t take? List them here. Do you have an epi-pen? Tell us where you keep it.
MORE IMPORTANT MEDICAL STUFF (3/5): List your prescription medications. *
Did you bring drugs with you? List them here. Are there any OTC medications you prefer over others? List them here.
STILL MORE IMPORTANT MEDICAL STUFF (4/5): What is the date of your last tetanus shot? *
If you're not sure of the exact date, give us your best guess... at least a year.
LAST OF THE IMPORTANT MEDICAL STUFF (5/5): Insurance and Physician Information *
If you have health insurance, please list your insurance information below and provide the name and phone number of your physician. If you see specialists for a condition you've listed above and it's relevant, list it here, too.
Do you have any medical aide certifications or training?
If your best friend sprains his ankle running for help from the snake that bit him on the leg and then goes into shock from altitude sickness, would you know what to do? Are you certified to do it? Tell us more.
What lodging option would you prefer to roll with? *
This registration form books your CAMPING spot. Camping is paid in CASH upon arrival. CABINS are booked through Jay (jay@homoclimbtastic.com). First come, first served. Email soon. Camping? Pay in cash upon arrival. Cabin? Pay online via PayPal (Jay will give you info when you book via email). PS, it's best if you arrange for a cabin/bungalow as a group... as in: one person ponies up the money and books the cabin, then gets paid back by others in the group.
I'm aware that if I don't book a CABIN (via jay@homoclimbtastic.com) before mid-June, there's a good chance I might not be able to get a spot in one on-site. I also realize that not booking a TENT SITE before the end of June makes it possible I will be camping far, far away from everyone else, so I need to tell my friends to register to book their tent site ASAP. *
The campground holds a place for us without a deposit, but that means you need to book early. We've always been able to accommodate a small number of last minute guests, but that was because there weren't too many of them.
I am also aware that it is risky to assume that Cantrell's and other Fayetteville businesses and services can take credit cards. Bring cash. *
Sometimes, in the South, there are signs that say CASH ONLY. Southerners are used to this; everybody else, maybe not so much.
What's the's easiest way to get banned from an HC convention and hauled off by security (pronounced "sekerity")? *
Sadly, we haven't had the opportunity yet to call for sekerity, but C-Pow is shivering in anticipation for the day he can upload a video of it to YouTube.
Is this your first HC Convention?
We understand... you might be a little confused with all our craziness. Don't worry, we always are.
Do you have any interest in whitewater rafting?
Cantrell's is known for their rafting; that's like, their thing. This is a great rest-day activity.
T-shirt size
Think, unisex American Apparel sizing. Giving us your size doesn't guarantee your t-shirt/tank, you've still gotta pay for that, but it gives us a count of how many we should bring. T-shirts/tanks may be prepaid online via PayPal and purchased with CASH at Homoclimbtastic. Keep an eye on your email for more details.
Clear selection
Anything else you want us to know? Questions for us?
Gender Inclusion Information *
Gender Inclusion Information:
Proof we got lawyers! *
We don't think this stuff needs sayin', but we're sayin' it anyway:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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