Asian Tiger Mosquito Knowledge
Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about mosquitoes including the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus). Don’t worry if you cannot answer all of the questions, just do your best. Please do not look up answers! Just use what is currently in your head. Your answers will help us draft education tools as we work on this project together.

Let us know you are participating with your email and zip code! Thank you so much!
Why is it important to understand mosquitoes?
Where do mosquitoes spend their immature lives before becoming adults?
What order do the mosquito life development stages follow?
Can a newly formed adult mosquito transmit a virus?
Which mosquito sex bites?
Why do mosquitoes consume blood?
The Asian tiger mosquito breeds in which type of habitat?
When do Asian tiger mosquitoes typically bite?
Which of the following human activities helps the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito?
How do Asian tiger mosquitoes survive cold northern winters?
Which of the following viruses causes the most concern in the Northeastern United States and can be transmitted by the Asian tiger mosquito?
What viruses can the Asian tiger mosquito transmit that are not in the Northeast region of the United States?
Select all of the following activities that can reduce Asian tiger mosquitoes around your home.
Which of the following personal care measures can you take to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes?
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