CSM Outreach Band Programme Enrol/Re-enrolment Form
Please complete this form if your child is interested in learning an instrument with the CSM Outreach Band Programme in 2021.

If your child is learning an instrument during school time through the Outreach Band Programme the band tuition (not the lesson) is free. Outreach Band Programme lesson fees for 2021 are $630 for the year. These can be paid by the term, semester or installment on arrangement with CSM.
Longer lessons are available on enquiry.
For Christchurch School of Music current fees go to https://www.csm.org.nz/fees/

If this is a re-enrolment please complete the form as this ensures we have the most recent and up to date information for your child.
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Are you starting new with the Outreach Band Programme or re-enrolling from last year?
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If your child is a beginner this year, please select at least 2 options as we cannot always provide the first choice.
Payment Options
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Any special circumstances.
Please let us know of any learning differences or accessibility that we need to know about to help your child with their learning. If your child is new to our programme but has previous experience please let us know how many years they have learnt and if possible an idea of their level of playing (external grade).
School in 2021
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Band in 2021
Select all that apply. If your child is new to learning an instrument then please select Training Band.
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All band programme students are able to receive a minimum of 15 minutes lesson time and 45 minutes band programme time per week. If possible we will schedule 2 students together so they receive 30 minutes combined time. You are charged for the lesson. Band rehearsal is an important and additional part of the programme and is free of charge. Longer individual lessons are available for more advanced students and those considering external music examinations.
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