Duke University as a Sanctuary Campus
President Brodhead, president@duke.edu
Provost Kornbluth, provost@duke.edu

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dear President Brodhead and Provost Kornbluth:

In the wake of the recent Presidential election, we--the undersigned students, faculty, alumni, staff, and concerned community members--strongly urge you to take immediate steps to make Duke University a sanctuary campus for students, staff, family, and community members, who face deportation under President-elect Donald J. Trump’s proposed policies.

Donald Trump has stated that his first change to the immigration policy will in all likelihood affect undocumented students that may, or may not, benefit from President Barack Obama’s executive order: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The order safeguards students from deportation, grants them work authorization, and enables them to obtain driver’s licenses. These students not only have had opportunities to seek legal employment, but they also have been able to act as formal interlocutors for their families by placing services in their name, obtaining home and auto insurance, establishing bank accounts, travelling, and purchasing vehicles and homes. If DACA is terminated, our undocumented community members will be not only ineligible to work, but they will be ineligible for most private assistance and work-study programs. Ensuring Duke University is a sanctuary campus provides a tangible measure--beyond words or symbolic gestures--to safeguard our community.

Duke University has historically admitted both undocumented and DACA students, who are forced to navigate complex legal, social, and political frameworks on their own. Undocumented and DACA students are rendered vulnerable as they lack support from Duke’s administration. Adding Duke’s lack of support system complicates the experiences of undocumented students. Duke has the obligation to provide support and provide a community for these students who are an integral part of our Duke family.

We see this as a concrete action the university can take to support and protect the people within our community. We have reason to believe that, without the permission of the university, Durham police offices cannot enter its campus. Similarly, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are subject to restrictions based on a 2011 memo regarding places of worship, schools, and hospitals. (See https://www.ice.gov/doclib/ero-outreach/pdf/10029.2-policy.pdf) This encourages the Duke administration to protect undocumented community members from law enforcement.

Given that many students and their family members now live in fear of Donald Trump’s deportation threats, we urge the university to immediately develop a protocol for making itself a sanctuary campus. We need action that demonstrates the University’s dedication to support all of its students, regardless of their immigration status. Undocumented students live among us, contribute to our community, and participate in intellectual, social, and political life at Duke and beyond. We have once called this campus our home. A home being a safe place. We owe it the most vulnerable members of our community to do our utmost to ensure their safety and well being.

We urgently request that you directly support our undocumented students at the College and in graduate programs through the following action steps, many of which are long overdue:

- Guarantee student privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of our students and community members. Refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids

- Guarantee domestic tuition rates to previously awarded DACA recipients and undocumented students

- Equip the Office for Institutional Equity with the necessary funding and infrastructure to implement necessary changes to ensure the safety, mental health, and intellectual development of all students regardless of identity, race, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and gender identity, and immigration status

- Expand existing funds and establish a budget for undocumented students and students in mixed-status families to cover fees associated with immigration-related legal proceedings

- Encourage the training of UndocuAllies as a way to create a more inclusive environment for undocumented students

- Proclaim Duke University part of the network of sanctuaries that provides a refuge for students facing deportation proceedings

- Assure that all students receive a campus, classroom, and community experience free of hostilities, aggressions, and bullying by creating a campus-wide anonymous reporting mechanism

There is currently a national movement led by students and faculty members across the United States to assert campuses as sanctuary spaces (e.g., Brown University, Harvard University, Oberlin College, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Southern California, Northwestern University, Arizona Community Colleges and Public Universities, Columbia University, Oberlin College, City University of New York, UCLA, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Yale University, Lewis & Clark). Such reputable news outlets as Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian have covered these student- and faculty-driven initiatives. We also call on Duke University to protect its students, workers, and community by declaring its campus a sanctuary. We ask that Duke University take these steps immediately, this semester, before the president-elect is sworn into office. We, the undersigned, write in support of that call and in solidarity with this larger national movement.

We pledge to stand up for, support, and defend the most vulnerable among us, those deliberately targeted in the lead up to the election, and those who are now victims of hate in its wake--members of our community who are undocumented, Muslims (and other religious minorities), people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, the people with disabilities, and women. We have seen firsthand the anxiety and fear generated in the months leading up to this election and in its aftermath.

The sanctuary of our campus must not exclude members of our city and the broader community. We urge Duke to also serve as a sanctuary for our undocumented Durham community and support the work and demands of organizations led by immigrants rights and social justice groups. We must uphold our stated commitments to diversity, justice, and inclusion. We will be following up diligently with Duke community members, including students, faculty, alumni, and you, the administration. This is not a moment when we can afford silence, words of comfort, or your pity or sympathy.

Awaiting Your Action.

Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, and All Concerned Members of the Duke Community and General Public

(New names will be added every hour or so)

Alejandra Aguilar, Trinity '19
Yuridia Ramirez, Graduate School '18
Elizabeth Barahona, Trinity 18'
Katherine Guerrero
Katherine Johnson
Sydney Roberts
Nicté Díaz, VCU 2020
Jennifer Acosta
Stanley Yuan, Pratt '16
Emelina Vienneau
Megan McCurley, staff
Briana Acosta
Colleen Sharp, Trinity, '18
Dominic Le, Trinity '15
Riyanka Ganguly
Maram Elnagheeb
Casey Williams
Maura Smyles
Lisa Guraya
Razan Idris
Winfred Cole Wicker
Gustavo Andrade, Pratt '19
Sarah Sibley, Trinity '19
Sarah Darwiche
Paula Alderete
Melanie Pflucker
Sofia Corona
Destiny Hemphill
Jessica Namakkal
Hugh Halvorson, Graduate School '18
Taylor Jones
Joyce Cordova, University of Central Florida
Julia Carp, Trinity '17
Ema Klugman
Celeste Fuentes, VCU '20
Growing Cartagena
Samantha Bouchal
Lauren Bunce, Trinity '18
Tanya Thomas
Caíla Holley, NC State '18
Danica Liu, Trinity '15
Jennifer Ansley, Ph.D.
Dania Estrada
Jonathan Peraza, Emory '18
Rachel Rubin, Trinity '19
Surafel Adere
Eliana Armora
Amy Wang
Symonne Singleton, Trinity '17
Tomas Delgado
Lance Dozier
Amanda Jankowski
Darryl Johnson, NC State CoE'17
Paola Sanchez Valdez, University of Virginia '18
Eladio B. Bobadilla, PhD '18 (USN '05-'09)
Kelsey Graywill, Trinity 18'
Emilia Duno
Lorena Garcia, Trinity '16
Timaree Bobadilla
Sofiya Volobuyeva, Trinity '19
Damien-Adia Marassa, Graduate School '17
Alex Villeda, Trinity '16
Parmida Mostafavi, Trinity '18
Mike Dimpfl, Thompson Writing Program
Sarah Hakani
Ernesto Alejandro Morfin Montes de Oca
Zamantha Granados, Trinity '16
Allison Rothschild
Marisol LeBrón
Camille Brenke '17
Michael Becker, Graduate School '20
Jose San Martin
Peter C. Pihos, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program
Margaret Bates
Julia Long, Trinity '20
Adia DeCarla Coley
Sonia Hernandez
Desmond Gatling Trinity '17
Shivam Dave
Elizabeth Zhao
Edgeri Hudlin
Robert Francp, Graduate School '21
Samantha Siegel
Qiang Zhang
Lizzet Clifton
Nancy Kalow, Instructor, Center for Documentary Studies
Kaitlin McCreery
Daisy Almonte, Trinity '20
Jennifer Sturley
Sai Swaroop Sanagavarapu
Bilal Ashraf
Erick Daniel Aguilar
Sanjidah Ahmed
Andrea Lin
Sydney Fishman, NSOE '18
Sloan Talbot
Patricia Torvalds, Pratt '19
Quinn Baker
Jazlyn Williams, Trinity '16
Colleen McClean
Aidan Workman, Trinity '19
Bennett Carpenter, PhD Candidate, Literature
Liz Kennedy
Miles Ndukwe
Chloe McLain, Trinity '18
Lidia Klein
Jane Tandler
Kuranda Kasatka, Trinity '18
Annie Yang, Trinity '20
CIndy Li, Trinity '18
Jacqueline Ruiz
Brittany Amano, Trinity '20
Brenda Baletti
Ben LaRiviere
Aamir Azhar, Trinity '18
Gabriel Guedes, Trinity '19
Mary Aline Fertin, Trinity '19
Michael Asch NSOE '16
Nathalie Kauz, Trinity '18
Adair Necalli, T'19
Abigail Grubbs
Amy Wang, Trinity '18
Leonard Giarrano
Eric Jiang, Trinity '17
Sachelle Ford
Paul Cajamarca, Trinity '17
Stefania Heim, Thompson Writing Program
Ari Meza, Trinity '19
Madelaine Katz, Trinity '16
Matt Greenwald
Carolyn Yao
Nicholas Huber
Joshua Grubbs, Trinity '18
Tim Stallmann
Catriona S Harvey, Trinity '17
Sara Evall
Rachael Lee
Christopher Shreve, Trinity '03
Josh Drawbaugh '18
Suzanne Katzenstein
Brooks Sime, Trinity '16
Malik J. Simpson, NC State '16
Kenny Gee '03
Luis Ramirez
Tatiana Henry, Trinity '17
Alice Chen
Baligh Antonio Lopez '16
Michelle Li, Trinity '19
Kehaan Manjee, Trinity '16
Jonathan Jiménez, HS '18
Kathryn Dowling
Caroline Duque, UNC 2020
Elaine Zhong
Sarah Kerman
Anne Lott, Trinity '18
Destinie Statum, NC State '17
Ryan Vu
Jack Mehoff '18
Betty Chen, Trinity '17
Anna Qiu, Trinity '15
Delia Li, Trinity '19
Bruce Orenstein
Eidon Thincsoh, P'19
Dana A. Raphael, Trinity '17
Max Kramer, Trinity '17
Bria Edwards Swann, NCSU '18
Carina Arellano, Trinity '17
Emily Chen, T'17
Andrew Turner, Loyola University Chicago '19
Jennifer Marlow, Trinity '17
Randi Griffin, Trinity '18
Christina Chia, Graduate School 2004
Melissa Simmermeyer
Lauren Hadley Trinity'20
Lance Tran, Trinity '19
Monica Arniella, Trinity '18
Jesse Mangold
Krista Opsahl-Ong, Pratt '18
Snehan Sharma
Madeline Snipes, Trinity '17
Diana Vera Cruz, Graduate School '19
Biridiana Rodriguez, T'13
Jessica Van Meir, Trinity '17
Julia Medine, Trinity '18
Bo Carlson
Sarah Yang
Lupita Lopez
Jasmine Syed
Nicolas Cort, Trinity '20
Saheel Chodavadia
Monica Huerta, former Provost's Postdoctoral Associate
Rinchen Dolma
Nina Wilder, Trinity '20
Henock Asaye, Trinity,
Will Atkinson
Veronica Yuziuk
Camara Wooten
Blake Becerra T'18
Sandra Sotelo-Miller
Matthew Tran, Trinity '19
Misty Petty
Samantha Meyers
Ashley Almonor
Miranda Schartz, Trinity '14
Janiece Morgan, Trinity '18
Adam Beskind
Emily Young
Anya Ranganathan
Drew Korschun, Trinity '16
Danielle M. Purifoy
Selin Yalcin
Katie Jane Fernelius, Trinity '16
Beza Gebremariam, Trinity '20
Anika Ayyar
Sujeiry Jiménez
Michelle Chen, Trinity
Peg Ferencik Rafferty
Caitlin Lopez
Cyan DeVeaux, Trinity '20
Kiana McClintick
Liz Hadfield T'17
Micah English '17
Karina Santellano, Trinity '15
Eliza Moreno '18
David Ifeguni
Andrea Scapolo
Anna Katz, Trinity '18
Sabriyya Pate
Kathy Huffstetler
miriam cooke, professor
Brendan Higgins
Jack McDermott, Trinity '18
Margaret Overton, Trinity '20
Ethan Kwok, Trinity '19
Natasha Torrens
Jocelyn Olcott, Department of History
Arun Ganesh
Michael Casio, Pratt '20
Elizabeth Berger, UNC Graduate School '17
Grant Besner, Trinity '19
Joan Clifford, Romance Studies Department and Duke Service-Learning
Sarah Bender, Trinity '16
Sara Jimena Rico, MPP '15
Zach Levine, PhD Student
Cristina Martinez, Trinity '16
Jennifer Han
Morgan Fears, Trinity '19
Charles D. Thompson, Jr.
Norma De Jesus
Cat Bao Le
Alma Vazquez-Smith
Tony C. Johnson
Youlim Kim
Kayla Thompson, Trinity '19
Alexandra Onsi, Pratt '20
José Romero, PhD Student Cultural Anthropology
Jocelyn Vargas, Trinity '16
Senita Portlock, Trinity '19
Ashley Wilson
Anastasia Kārkliņa, PhD Student, Literature, Trinity '14
Summer Puente, Trinity '11
Diane M .Nelson
Marivi Howell-Arza, Trinity '19
Gina Kovalik
Zarah Udwadia
Trinity Johns, Trinity '20
Ake Kankirawatana, Trinity '20
Justin Elliott
Jackson Dellinger '19
Junaid Arefeen, Trinity '16
Ankit Rastogi
Lucy Johansson
Akib Sohel, Trinity '20
Jessica Malitoris, PhD Candidate, History
Olivia Morales
Kathy Rudy
Marleen Jones-Pool, Trinity '16
Kristina Williams, Graduate School '22
Michelle Stackmann, Trinity '16
Jan Ewald
Bailey Ryan, Trinity '15
Neil Rogers, Trinity '20
Alexa Moses
Jazmin Varela, MEM'07
Samantha Villalobos, Pratt '19
Jack Bookman
Danya Holtzman, Community Member
Jason "Duke" Maher, Trinity '15
Farren Yero
Tyjair Sadler
Pete Sigal, Department of History
Claire Wang, '19
Melina Nolas
Saumya Jain
Phil Fonville
Alisha Hines, Graduate School '18
Elaine MNkubitu, Trinity '17
Brianna Adkins, Trinity '19
John Martin, Department of History
Taylor Johnson Trinity '16
Holden King Trinity '16
Laura Boyes
Manda Hufstedler, Trinity '18
Hannah Ontiveros, PhD Student, History
Mackenzie DeLoatch, Trinity '20
Juan Briones
Cassidy Bolt , Trinity '18
Ellen Song, PhD Candidate, English
Elizabeth Anne Brown, Trinity, '18
Samantha Huerta, Trinity '15
Madeleine Pron, Trinity '16
Davide Carozza
Cindy Metzger, Trinity '18
Daniel Castro, Pratt '20
Daniel Camacho, Divinity '17
Clara Bird, Trinity '18
Diana Newton
Maggie McDowell, graduate school
Zoë Eckman, PhD Candidate, English
Carmen Romano
Jordan Peasant, Pratt '18
Catherine J. Berman
Morghan Phillips, Trinity '18
Brenda Onyango T '16
Hannah Rogers
Eric Pritchard
Yueran Zhang, Trinity'15
Laïssa Christelle Alexis, Wellesley College '20
Derek Gonzalez '19
Shom Tiwari, Trinity '19
Maximilian Staebler '16
Wills Rooney '16
Christine Townsley, Trinity '18
John Bernabei '16
Maggie Booz T'17
David Need
Nehemiah Ankoor, Rice University '18
Edwin Ward, Trinity '16
Rachel Fox, Trinity '18
Peter Hase
Kari Barclay, Trinity '16
Mathilde ooi
Gabriel Baldasare
Alejandro De La Torre
Marcia Rego, Thompson Writing Program
Anne Harshbarger, Trinity '19
Leslie Turner, Trinity '17
Jamie Busby, Trinity '20
Vanessa Navarro, NSOE '18
Hal Lin '20
Sarah Goodnight '17
Jacob Glasser T'19
Nega Mottahedeh
David Wohlever, Trinity '19
Alexandra Uribe, Trinity '19
Claudia m
Matthew Tintera
Claudia M. Stemberger, Art History
Gaby Benitez '16
Luke Longo
Allison Geary T'20
Benjamin Morse, Pratt '20
Jessica N. Hines
Ralph Litzinger, Professor
Samuel Fam, DO
Tenzin Yangkey '20
Jonathan M. Hill-Rorie, Trinity '15
Caroline Yezer, PhD Cultural Anthropology, 2007
Chris Agoranos, MDiv '16
Debra Yan
Dylan Parson, Divinity '19
Susan Thananopavarn, Thompson Writing Program
Susheel Nalla
Hannah Cunningham
Rochelle Rojas
Liliana Paredes, Romance Studies, Duke University
Juliana Barr
Amanda Lazarus
Andres Angeles-Paredes, Chapel Hill High, '20
Kalifa Wright T'16
David Rosen, P'17
Juan Granados, Trinity '18
Thomas Prendergast, Ph.D. Student, History
Savannah Scarborough
Paul bendich, Ph.D 2008
Kushal Kadakia, T'19
Leslie Shaw, East Carolina University '15
Hana Suckstorff, Divinity '16
Nathaniel Berndt
Jacquelyn Arreaga
Megan Butler, Graduate School '18
James Nealy
Karl Catarata, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Class of 2020
Alma Coefman
Chris Orrico, Pratt '20
Sarah H. Cross, T'96
Elizabeth Moore
Katheryn Zhao, Trinity '19
Nila Vigil
Tiana Horn, Trinity'16
Kate Watkins T'19
Selen Berkman, Pratt '20
Lisa Chinn
Wildin guillen acosta
Maria Pacheco
Aya Hashem T'20
Matteo Gilebbi, Ph.D.
Jean Brooks T'00
Valerie Tornini, Trinity '10, Grad '16
Victoria Perez, Divinity School '17
Ashley Qiang
Jacqueline Allain
Irene Silverblatt
Max Symuleski, PhD Student Computational Media Arts and Sciences
Mandy Rodgers-Gates, Th.D. candidate
Claudia Milian
Eric Qi T'17
Joan Widdifield
Philippa Tanford, Trinity '16
Heather Settle
Jacob Lettie
Shalini Subbarao
Rachel Kim, '20
Sarah Neff
Ivan Almonte
Federico Apecena, Divinity '15
Quinci King, Trinity '20
Judith Sanchez Soriano, Pratt '19
Neil Prose MD
John Victor Alencar, T'17
Rolvix Patterson T'14
Natalie Robles, Trinity '14
Rebecca L. Stein
Jorge Hernandez, ASU '17
Lucy Greenwald '20
Rob Valdovinos, Trinity '13
Samantha Lin, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill '18
Burhan Ghanayem
Jay Zussman, Trinity '19
Craig Fiedorek
Charles Taylor, Trinity '15
Varun Prasad
Brianna Buford, Trinity '20
Laurel Iber
Safkat Islam, Pratt '16, MENG '17
Kelsey Tarzia, Pratt '14
Kelly Bies '14
Nathan Kalman-Lamb, Lecturing Fellow
Venkat Subramaniam, Trinity '19
Marybeth Dugan
Priyanka Venkannagari
Kayla Corredera-Wells, '20
Lizzy Raben
Anthony Rodriguez
Jonathan Salinas, Trinity '16
Patricia Pinckombe T'18
Caleb Ren
Kerry Castor, '20
Krisjon Olson, T '98
Rebecca Ewing
Vanessa Bermudez, Trinity '12
Brina Melton, Trinity '20
Rhonda Klevansky
Jennifer Rutter, Divinity '17
Mary Fulkerson
Reeve Huston, Department of History
Nivedha Ram, Trinity '17
Allison Wattenbarger, Divinity '18
Pedro Lasch, AAHVS
Andrew Yeung, Pratt '20
Janet Xiao, T'12, Divinity '15
Anuhita Basavaraju, Trinity '18
Brandon Shimoda
Brett Stadtlander '16
David Dulceany, PhD Candidate, Romance Studies
Stephen Raburn
Valedie Oray, Trinity '20
Kelsey Li, Pratt '19
Hannah Akpaete, Wake Forest University '14
Salima Al-Ismaili MFA EDA '17
Shamikh Hossain, Trinity '20
Kate Hamman, Divinity '18
Madeleine Cochrane, Trinity '20
Elizabeth Burnette, Trinity '18
Gunther Peck, Sanford School of Public Policy
Jacob Kohn, Trinity '20
Emma, Trinity '18
Martha Treviño, Pratt '13
Jonah Santiago, Pratt '19
Patricia Bray, PhD Student, Art History
Angie Diaz, Trinity '14
Guo-Juin Hong, Professor
Gabriela Segovia '19
Alexander Shang, Pratt '20
Virginia Reid
Eric Reit, Pratt '19
Brian Lin, Trinity '18
Lauren Hale '19
Diana Zabala '19
Othmane Jadi, T'19
Vanessa Puñal, PhD Student
Louise Seamster '16
Jennifer Brockett
Kelly Cohen-Mazurowski, Divinity '11
Candice Sheehan, Pratt '20
Fabiola Valenzuela '15
Haniya Mir L15
Alina Ahmad
Matthew Aragones, Divinity '16
Lars Åkerson
Wendy Sun
Luke Duchemin
Victor Greene, Divinity 17
Justin Bryant, T'17
Anika Agarwal, Trinity '19
Oscar Villanueva
Christina Martin
Matthew Brecher
John V. Guarco, Trinity '17
Nur Cardakli, Trinity '17
Yodit Gebretsadik, Pratt '20
Kaylee Brilhart, '20
Carlos Juarez, Sanford, 16
Matthew Sebastian, PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology
Vanessa Puñal, PhD student
McKenzie Johnson NSOE
Eli Weed
Diego Calderon-Arrieta, NSOE '17
Sandie Blaise, PhD Candidate, Romance Studies
Kendrik Icenhour, T'19
Beth Bruch
Corinne Blalock
Amy McLean, T'13
Nicolás Sánchez, Romance Studies
Madeline Wilkerson, Trinity '18
Abi Balarajan, Trinity'18
John McLean, T'13
Melody Moore
Connor Ryland '20
Carolyn Fanelli, T'98
Esther Miranda
Annu Dahiya, PhD Student, Literature
Grace Li, T'17
Robin Kirk, Duke Human Rights Center@FHI
Medha Gudavalli, T'16
Gabrielle Graham
Rick Laoprasert '18
Mara Martinez-Tavera
Gabby Angeles, College of Wooster '19
Joseph Lee, Trinity '20
Mihret Woldesemait ' 13
Jewel Llamas, Trinity '13
Megan Jiao
Christine Lee
Ibanca Anand, T'17
Borna Kassiri, '16
Rachel Baber '20
Catarina Pottle NCSU '19
Kinsey Moritz
Ariana Vargas
Kameron Schroeder T'20
David John Chatelaine, Trinity '18
Kameron Schroeder T'18
Maria Romero
Hannah Palczuk
ashton merck
Katie Cromer, T'20
Conor Smith, T '17
Sophia Laettner
diana stan
Mina Ezikpe, T'17
Ricardo Matias, '19
Olivia Lee
Abby Seeskin, Ph.D. Candidate, English
Gloria Aldana
Ivan Robles, T'20
Kate Dailey
Keny Murillo
Elena Clemencon-Charles, Nicholas School of Environment '17
Patree Witoonchart
Paula Chávez
Elizabeth Kim, '17
Jason Kim, Trinity '20
Janesha Hassaram, NSOE '17
Abi Amadin T'17
Dina Daas, Trinity '20
Nick Solfanelli
Mikhal Kidane
Romy Parzick, Fuqua '06
Sara Feraca, Trinity '20
Priya Alagesan '18
Brenda Burmeister, MFA EDA, 2014
Carlen Zhu
Karam Katariya, Trinity '20
Zachary Wheat, Divinity '16
Neylân Gürel, Ret'd, Institutional Equity
Jon Stapnes
Michael Ivory
Leah Abrams '20
Jack Dozier, Pratt '20
Cameron Beach, Trinity '20
Eric Biehn
Sha'tawndra Malinka Olajitunde UNC '16
Jorge Arredondo, Trinity '18
Lulla Kiwinda
Jimshad Farooque-Wooden, T'19
Mathew Pattillo Trinity '17
Tiffany Wu
Laura Quillen, T'18
Victoria MAILLO de Aguilera
Nathan Walker, NSOE '17
Annie Janick, Trinity '19
Vincenzo Malo '20
Kimberly Calero, Trinity '20
Alexa Ross, Temple University '18
Rishiraj Tripathy, Pratt '20
Luis Navarro Roncero
Grace Cohen
Kalif Jeremiah, T'19
Brad Wood, History PhD Candidate
Seyoung Oh, UNC '18
Linnette Sabater '19
Mandy Dailey, HASTAC
Archana Ahlawat, Trinity '19
Yash Bajaj, Trinity '19
Alfonso Pescini, Pratt '19
Chelsea Southworth, Trinity '19
Priscilla Wald
Alexander Nickley '15
Angeles santos Cruz
Drew Learner
Cathy M. Markatos, Divinity '89
Winifred Krogman
Saige Sunier, Pratt '20
Ashleigh Smith, Trinity '20
Winston Lindqwister, Pratt '20
Ethan Ready, Trinity '20
Lela Owens, T'20
Shadman Uddin, T' 18
Roderick Acquaye, T'18
Wahneema Lubiano
Zachary Faircloth, Trinity '18
Joy Sun '16
Ryan Juskus
Charles Carpenter, '18
Aydin Anwar, Trinity '19
Rann Bar-On, Lecturer, Math Department
Gurbani Singh
Seongik Kang
Katya Weiss-Andersson
Griselda Alonso
Rachel Cohn, Trinity '19
Brian Njoroge '20
Crimea River
Alekhya Sure, T'16
Maddie Swotes
Kristen Wade, Trinity '15
Tolly Boatwright
Jesús Hidalgo, Romance Studies
Evangeline Marecki, Trinity '19
James Daubert, T'19
Helen Ho, '12
Yvette Vasquez, Trinity '14
Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, Dept of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Janet Flores, Texas A&M '18
Ara Wilson
Rachel White, Trinity '14
Tom Rankin
Madhav Dutt, T'18
Rielle Quiambao, Pratt '20
Nelia Ekeji
Aditya Mukund, Trinity '17
Avery Boltwood, Trinity '20
Sakura Anning Yoshihara '19
Cody Parrott, T'16
Jimena Ramos-Santana
Elizabeth Landesberg, AMI/CDS + MFAEDA '13
Sherry Martone
Aakash Shah, '17
Lester Ruth
Holly Ackerman
Alexandria Miller
Genna Cohen
Federica Brecha, Trinity '16
Erin Simons, Pratt '19
Beth Holmgren
Pilar Rose Timpane, Divinity '13
Susan Greenberg
Maneesh K. Goyal T''97
Niquita Hohm, Divinity '16
Wahneema Lubiano, Associate Professor, AAAS
Geoff Schoonmaker, Trinity '20
Sophia Jamal '17
Jules Odendahl-James, Theater Studies & Academic Advising
Lucia Lozano
Christine Hwang
Perla Guillermo, Cedar Crest '20
William Sharman
Alejandro sanchez, Fuqua 09
Daniele Armaleo, professor
Maggie Loredo
Kathleen M Burns
Katherine Contess, T '13
Christophe Viret, T'15
Soli Shin
Chioma Iwelumo T'16
Katherine Barahona, T'17
Jason Ross, Trinity '16
Elizabeth Horton, T'14
Daniel Santoro Reiland, Trinity '16
Debbie Shim, Trinity '16
Maddie Frazier
Katia Griffin-Jakymec, Trinity '14
Diego Reyes
Gloria suarez
Lucy Dong, T'20
Natalia Espinosa, T'19
Andreas Santos T'19
Amanda Pullum, Thompson Writing Program
Ravi Trivedi
Feiyi Kuai, T'17
Ellen Holmes - Durham Public Schools teacher
Ashley Adams, SOM
katherine horton
Sofía Tenorio Fenton '17
Bryan Higgins, T'18
Demos K. Orphanides - HASTAC/FHI
Diana Arguijo, Pratt '18
Beena Kamath-Rayne, T'96
Catherine Yang, Trinity '18
Adrienne Harreveld '14
Laura Poole, Trinity '95
Kirsten Lew, T'16
Alicia Reyes-Barrientez, PhD Student, Political Science
Gino Nuzzolillo, Trinity '20
Janet Saldana
Yubo Tian, T'16
Rocío Domínguez
Dan Ruccia, graduate school '13
Fillhanablo Shmarnakov, Pratt '02
Marion Quirici
Jennifer Blazing
minoti patel, T'98
Joseph Kominkiewicz, Graduate School
Jacqueline Kellish, PhD Candidate, English
Michael Blazing
Mumbi Kanyogo
Dan McGough, Trinity '18
Jaslyn Jiaqin Zhang. T'17
John Gundersen, T'20
Alex Treyz, Divinity and Sanford '17
David Bell
Harshvardhan Sanghi, Pratt '20
Kimberly Higuera, T'14
Anna Merryman '19
Kendall Clay '19
Emily Brockman, Trinity '19
Cheska Romero
Maetha Hernandez
Ivana Lis '15
Paula Sakuma, T'20
Persis Bhadha
Veronique Geenens
Amber moreen
Stephanie Wu, Trinity '16
Valerie Thompson Trinity '98
Jordan Sjol
Andrew Heiss
Mitzi Carter, Trinity '96
Victoria Green, T'17
Ivan Gonzalez Jr
Kathleen Perry, Trinity '13, Divinity '16, Graduate '16
Imani Mosley, PhD Candidate, Music
Jaron Cheung
Kelley Tatro, 2013
Carmen Palacios-Aguirre
Patrick Bowers '20
Ismael Ruiz-Millán Divinity '10
Vera Xu, Pratt '17
Mary Paz Alvarez Valverde
Daniela Saucedo, Trinity '18
Jack Donahue, Trinity '19
Jasmin Jin, T'19
Cristina M. García Ayala, Trinity '20
Peter Constantian, Divinity '19
Steven T. Coles
June M. Hu, Trinity '10
Upasana Chandra, Trinity '16
Armin Ameri
Barbara Lau
Karina Martinez
Estefany Noria, T'13
Emma Zhao, T'16
Amanda Duffy, Pratt '16
Sam Moon, Pratt '19
Margaret Swezey, Writing Studio, Thompson Writing Program
Ariel Shpigel, Trinity '14
Austin Davis Ruiz, T'17
Evelin Huerta 25
Jules Frost, T'19
Shaina Nanavati
Malika Gandhi, Fuqua '06
Adrian Lopez Diaz '20
Hiba Fatima, Graduate School '17
Jeremy Chen
Zoe Tang
Cheryl Spinner
Olivia Bowles, '18
Mary Hoch, Trinity '14
Eden Ashebir '17
Melissa Day, Trinity '14
Samantha Morales, Trinity '20
Paulina Guerra, '20
Michael Gulcicek
Sharanya Thiru
André Mego, Trinity '20
Jason Elliott, MEM/MF 2014 and current staff
Alexa Romersa T'16
Sarah Putney, Pratt '20
Mycroft Zimmerman T'20
Meredith Davin, T '17
Jake Graber-Lipperman T'19
Amaree Gardner T'19
Annette Rodriguez, Divinity '17
Brittney Balser, T' 15
Michelle Shin, Trinity '20
Gillian Samios, '20
Heather Wallace
Tina Tian, Trinity '20
Stacy Guinto-Salinas, Divinity '17
Cristiano Méndez, NCSU '17
Joy Wahnefried, Divinity '16
Caroline Waring, Trinity '20
Mariel Charles, T'15
Trey Cumberbatch '19
Gray F. Kidd, PhD Student, History
Jason Woerner, PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology
Ashwin Mahendra
Michaeline Crichlow, Professor
Kevin Ling, UF '20
Takiyah Johnson '19
Suzanne Setti, Chapel Hill
Miriam Rosario
Aparna Ramasundar
Karen Little, English
Adam Schutzman, Trinity '17
Aileen Zhao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, '18
Jorge Nieto
Sara Galletti, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Austin Lee, T
Danny Nieto
Austin Lee '18
Samuel Hofacker, Trinity '15
Carmen Zavala
Shrey Gupta '20
Claudia Lai, Fuqua 06
Natalie Popowics
Timothy Kaine
Clayton Delp, Trinity '20
Giselle Graham, T'18
Azim Dharani
Jack Swofford Trinity '20
Jennifer Marsh
Javon Nathaniel
Mike Macievich, T'99
Dalia Granados
Joe Stapleton
Jennifer Chin, Trinity '20
Hous Bin Phartin '16
Shivani Purohit, Pratt '19
Tom Hogarty, E'98, Fuqua'05
Natalie Paluch (Masog) '98
Ryan Sparrow, Pratt '09
Kat Hefter, Pratt '20
Olivia Simpson, Trinity '20
Vivian Luo '19
Janel Ramkalawan
Kimberly A. Reyes, T '03
Salman Azhar, G'94, P '18
Noor Tasnim
Sarah Jacobs, Pratt '18
Tyler Lian '20
Aurora Ross, Trinity '20
Kelley Chisholm
Yuxuan Wang, Trinity '20
Tom Fleming, M.A. Candidate '17
Kirsten Bonawitz, T'17
Carolena León, Trinity '20
Aline Swiec, T'16
Philip Moss, Trinity '18
Meghana Rao, Trinity '17
Rachel Rothendler, JD/PhD Student
Walter Gómez
Ayana Crawl-Bey, Trinity '20
Carmen Rodriguez
Divya Koyyalagunta, '18
Patricia Bass
Joseph Chen Trinity '20
Safa Kaleem, T'16, School of Medicine '20
Meghan Woolley
Roma Sonik, T'17
Tabitha Norton
Emma Stein, Trinity '20
Anica Nangia
Kaji Reyes-Gertes
Michael DeNoia, Fuqua/Nicholas '18
Catherine Rivera, NC State '19
Justin Sherman
Jake Silver, PhD Student, Cultural Anthropology
Rachel Serebrenik '20
Victoria Thayer, '08
Heather Schirra
Manuel Hernandez, Trinity 20
George Lucas, '18
Anna Balas T'19
Attyat Mayans, T'18
Chandler Phillips
Angela Cheung, T'14
Allison Kam, Trinity '17
Margaret R. Greer, Professor, Romance Studies
Francis Curiel, Trinity '17
Rohan Sheth '19
Lindsey Smith
Ernesto Barriguete, MDIV '15
Anita Desai, Pratt '18
Yasmin Maktal
Hugh "JP" Enis Trinity '13
Michael Shu
Lauren Shum '17
Victoria Demarais
Alejandra Uria
Kari Hill, UNC-Chapel Hill '18
Addama Tucker, Trinity '19
Jenny chou
Steve Brenner T'17
Christopher Krupenye, PhD, Graduate School '16
Alina Pak
Fulya Keskin, Trinity '19
Samuel Wineburgh T'96
Allison Chang
Liliana Sanchez, Rutgers U.
Chloe McGlynn '20
Sachin Patel, T'17
Danielle Morgan, MAT '06
Matt Elia, Ph.D. student, Religion
Theophilos Collins, MEM '15
Roseline Simanjuntak'20
Lilly Xie
Jessica Moreno-Caycho, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2018
Jack Malsin '20
Ananya Chaurey, NSOE '18
Thandolwethu Mamba, Trinity ''20
Daniel Allred
Preston Huang, Trinity '19
Robin Yeh, Trinity '20
Tom J. Cinq-Mars, PhD Candidate, History
Akanksha Ray, Trinity '20
Lou Kendaru, Trinity '18
Maxwell Silverstein, Trinity '20
Melissa Barnett Trinity '98
Natalie Hollister
Isaac Andersen - Pratt '20
Terry Jerome Utley, Jr., Trinity '14
Nonnie Egbuna, Trinity '20
Kollin Absher-Baer, Duke Divinity MDIV 16"
Yujiao Sun, Trinity'17
Nikita Gawande
Maya Messinger, Trinity '20
Susie Xu, Trinity '17
Anahita Seghal
Luiza Perez, T'19
Kita Douglas
Sara Cotsakis Trinity '20
Mallorie Lynch, Trinity '13
Risa Pieters, Trinity '16
Fallquonso Tettinsquin
Peace Okpoko, Trinity '20
Benjamin S. Succop, Jr., Trinity '20
Barbara Diaz, University of Michigan, LSA 2018
Sarah Benamar, Université Paris-Sorbonne '21
Lora Oh
Andrew Chun, T'18
Sarah Teitell, Trinity '14
Iris Yang
Anjana Malhotra, '92
Anji Malhotra, '96
William Reddy, Professor, History
Emery Jenson, Trinity '18
Divya Dhulipala
Kaitlynne Janes, Trinity '20
Ming Jiu Li, Pratt '12
Maxime Ko Fuqua '05
Leah Francis, Trinity '19
Eri Nishikawa T'96
Adam Rodriguez, Trinity '14
Rick Tsao
Kabou Yengo-Passy
Anita Bateman
Adriana Parker T '18
Chris Molthrop, Pratt '18
Jair Nino-Espino, Trinity '20
Deborah Mayers, Trinity 2015
Christopher Ramos
Gerardo Parraga
Sinclair Toffa
Ruth Byers
Sydney Smith, Trinity '18
Jose Luis Zarco
Ana-Clara Caldwell, Trinity '18
Katherine Scandura, Trinity '18
Jeremy Gottlieb, Trinity '18
Karla Colley
Joan Munné
Jack Forlines Trinity '18
Erika Brigantti '18
Anna Huck, Trinity '18
Sara Idris, Trinity '20
Kim An Ta, University of Southern California '18
Erin Camile Cleveland, Pratt '18
Alan Felton, Duke Div, '14
Abdul Latif, Trinity '16
Jesse Huddleston, Trinity 2010
Graciela Vidal
Zachary Hutchinson, D '16
Leila Milanfar, Trinity '20
Megan Sherrell, Trinity '11
Kimberly Eddleman, Pratt '18
Jennifer Herz, Trinity '18
Rebecca Boyer
Daniel Woldorff '17
Miles Turpin '20
Vanessa Osman, Trinity '16
Puru Mukherjee, 20'
Alexandra Kunzle, Trinity, '20
Cameron Blount, Trinity '16
Kena Wani
Edwin Bodge
Lina Palancares, Trinity '18
Bruny Kenou, Trinity '20
Adrian Mack, Divinity '12
Carter Zenke, Trinity '20
Rachel Freedman, Trinity '17
Justin Wei, Trinity '20
Maria Resendiz
Nataly Capote-Torres
Iara Dundas, PhD Candidate, Art History
Rick Hoyle
Matthew Omelsky, PhD Candidate, English
Julia Araneta, Trinity '20
Lizzeth Alarcon, Trinity '12
Caitlin Diel, Kansas '10
Rev. Kristin Dollar, '15
Kimberly Naclerio '96
Maggie West, UNC '10
Antonio Meza
Jessica Gokhberg, PhD student, Literature
Claudia Horwitz, MPP '94
Mayra Gonzalez, NCSU '18
Zoe Hill, Trinity '14
Elizabeth Church Trinity 1978, Parent 2015, Parent 2020
Jordan Noyes, T'14
Blanche Brown
Esmeralda Guillermo, 21
Valerie J. Parker, Trinity '16
Samuel Zhu, T'19
Elizabeth McManus, MTS '16
Jasmine Tomlinson
Timothy McGeary
Lisa Unger Baskin
Madison Zamora, Trinity '18
Lauren Gardner, Fuqua '06
Robin Blazing, Trinity '17
Rachel Elliott
Katy Hansen, PhD Candidate, UPEP
Claire Gibbs, Trinity
Leslie Maxwell, Thompson Writing Program
James Chappel, Dept of History
Brenna Casey
Samantha Votzke, Trinity '19
Erin Parish
Melany Puente
Diego Cancel, NCSU '16
Thomas Kaye, Pratt '20
Samantha Holmes, Trinity '18
Katie Kanter
Matthew Bunyi, Sanford '16
Chana Kaufman, Trinity '20
Lisa Satterwhite
Sofia De La Rosa
Kyle Gornick
Joan F. Walsh
J. Francis Heidlage
Helen Solterer
Mark OlsonMorgan Bird, Trinity '20
Hugh Johnson
Katherine de Vos Devine, PhD Candidate, Graduate School '17
Kaley Deal, Trinity '14
Todd Christensen
Bradford Dubik, PhD Candidate, Duke University Marine Lab
Enrique Neyra
Haiwang Zheng, Trinity '12
Lisa Savage
Jillian Johnson, Trinity '03
Nora Nunn, PhD Student, English
William Goldsmith
Melinda Wiggins, MTS '94
Josia Gertz
Raúl Alcaraz-Ochoa
Tae Markey
Heather Bixler, Divinity '11
Martin Muenster, Pratt '20
Yolanda Santiago-Correa, Divinity '18
Crystal Terry, Trinity '15
Amanda Mathew Trinity '18
Laura Moure Cecchini, Graduate School '16
Johanna Moncada, University of Virginia '20
Christopher White, Trinity '17
Emily Dao-Forrester, Divinity '17
Tarsila Machado, NCSU '19
Chase Gregory, Literature
Baylee Thurman, Divinity '18
Katherine Tighe, Pratt '20
Hannah Ball-Damberg, Oberlin '14
Jenny Wood Crowley
Bhavya Varma, Trinity '16
Laura Edwards, History Department
Georgia Welch, PhD, Graduate School 2015
Carlos Marquez, Law '17
Claudia LaRose, Trinity '20
Angela Chen
Caroline Garriott, PhD Candidate, History
Collin Mueller, MDIV '15, MA '15, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Derek Jones, Divinity '12, current staff
Harrison Branner, Trinity '20
Deb Reisinger
Kimber Heinz
Johnson Johnson
Duhp Ortashans
Morgan Bird, Trinity '20
Hugh Johnson
Katherine de Vos Devine, PhD Candidate, Graduate School '17
Noah Triplett, Trinity '17
Mayra mendez
Deb Johnson
Ziwei Zhang, Trinity '20
Jack Myhre p'19
Jack Schitt `17
Cambridge Shae Van Wagoner '15
Levi Edouna
Eileen Anderson
Tyler Goldberger, Trinity '19
Michelle Hartman, DUSON
José Vargas-Muñiz, PhD Candidate, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Taylor Panzer
Michael McCammond
Amy Scroggin, Divinity '18
Mike Ditka
Kevin Ramseur II, Graduate School '18
Avery Anderson, SON '17
Gautam Joseph, Trinity '13
Allee Willcox
Jun Jie Kek, '17
Bryan Rusch, Pratt '20
Joanna Welborn
Leah Whiteheadm UNC '18
Seliat Dairo, T'15
Bethzaida Fernandez
Parker Yagman, '19
Amanda Auerbach, Trinity '12
Sarah Jones, Divinity '18
Eli Meyerhoff
Meghana Vagwala, Trinity '18
Kara McGaughey, Trinity '17
Tiange Zhang, Trinity '16, RCNUWC '12
Christina Gonzalez
David M. Berendes, Trinity '09
Stephanie Sieburth, Professor, Romance Studies
Soraya Campbell
Brooke Keene '20
Simone Serat, Trinity '17
Christine Costello, Trinity '15
Tatyana Bidopia
Rebecca Ingram, Graduate School, 2009
Paulina Asturias
Kevin Gallin, PhD student, English
Ariadna Chuaqui, Trinity '20
April Harrison Stoumbos, Trinity '12
Janine Rose
Olaotan Awoyomi, Trinity' 16
Stephanie J. Friede, PhD, Graduate School '18
Lindsay Chutas, NSOE '07
Elizabeth Dunn, Rubenstein Library
Jeffrey Dahmer '19
Taylor Albus, Trinity '20
Abhishek Chhetri
Delmar Kaiser
Elizabeth Edel '20
Eliza Mathew
Rose Hinson '17
Hilda Sucipto
Jennifer Cheng
Erica Rothman, community member
James Pierpoint, Trinity '18
Mathama Bility, Trinity '18
Jasmina Tumbas '2013
Meredith Fleming
Nina Voli, Duke Divinity '18
Rachel Baisden
Iris Kim '16
Ashley Holmes T'10
Ashley Rose Young, PhD Candidate, History
Renee Pazdan, Trinity '97
Luis Franco ,NCSU
Natasha Young
Helen Kim, Trinity '95
Sarah Griffin, Graduate School '09
Fernando Revelo La Rotta T'13
Lorena Ortega
diiv sternman, Hampshire College '03
Edward Mandolang
Swapanthi Nagulpally, Trinity '11 Law '16
Natalia Mesa, Trinity '20
Sam Korman, Trinity '16
Margaret Lillie, MSc-GH Candidate
Jonnathan Singh Alvarado
Lesley Chen-Young, Trinity '18
Dustin Benac, Divinity '15, ThD '20
Lydia Barrios
Alana Bossen, Trinity '12
Ryan Culhane, Trinity '20
Michèle Longino
Marissa Michaels
Hannah Figueras, Trinity, '20
Evelyn Atkinson, UChicago
Lauren (McMillen) Ormsbee, Trinity '96
Benjamin Grant, Trinity '19
Cristina Nascimento Patel, T'98
Denise Dunning
Brian Grasso, Trinity '19
Ruth Villegas
Samantha Garland, Trinity '20
Ulysses Torres
Gabriel Espinal, Law '19
Breana van Velzen '17
Jody Wortman, PhD Candidate
Teresa Meng, Trinity '19
Lucia Reinaga
Arturo Villarreal III
Gabrielle Stewart, Trinity '18
Shannon Sherfey, Trinity '96
Quinton Tran
Jane W. Faller, '71
Ana Corral, Trinity 2016, Staff
Indira Alvarado
Amayrani Calvario Salgado
Susan Thorne, History
Yehan Mo, Pratt '19
Ashleigh Widstrup, Trinity '20
Rev. Adam D. R. Baker, M.Div. - 2014
Stephanie Tepper, UNC '16
Allyson Luo, T'18
Rose Reddick, M.Div. '16
Helen Yu
Haejung Yoon, UNC '18
Jennifer Farmer Adams T'96
Jessie Shin '17
Jonathan Chou
Andrew Hook '17
Anchi Wu, Pratt '17
Xiao Ke, CultAnth
Sarah Rapaport
Suzanne Dolan, Duke Trinity '20
Justin Havas
Shannon Roche, T'97
Adam H. Boyette
Jess Beering '20
David Beaning, Trinity '97
Damien Gu, UNC'17
Emma Schmaltz, Trinity '20
Katya Gorecki, PhD Candidate, English
Karolina DiStasi
Sheila Dillon, AAHVS
Amanda Lee
Ally Perez Trinity '20
Celeste Handy
Devyn Parks MEM
Sarah Dooley, staff
Victoria Maselli
Jonathan Rodriguez, Trinity '20
Lucia Francese, Tufts University
Usamah Chaudhary, Trinity '20
Anne Gordon
Korland Simmons, Trinity '96
Lekha Shupeck, Law '11
Elizabeth Shulman '20
Sarah Elizabeth Needham, Trinity '19
Michael Granne 97
Eeyi Oon, Pratt '17
Catherine Admay
Ulises Munoz, Trinity '14
Julia Notar, Graduate School '21
Adary Zhang, Trinity '19
Claire Payton, PhD Candidate, History
Barbara Groh, Pratt '20
Casey MacDermod, Trinity '18
Aarthi Vadde
Lindsey G. Harts, UNCW '17
Donna J Hicks, Woman's College 1969
Jess Issacharoff
Julie Grundy
Grace Shen
Amanda Bunn UF'20
Jai Eun Huh
Robert Koech '20
Erica Rodriguez
Maria Almanza
Liam Smith, Trinity 20
Amy Frykholm PhD '01
Rachael Lau, Pratt '20
Christy Lohr Sapp
Kate White Pratt'20
Chris Hamilton
Natalia Androsz '20
Alison Byrnes, Trinity '10
David Hershey, Trinity '10
Cherian Mathews, Pratt '96
Elizabeth Styron, Duke Divinity '17
Sophie Alman, Trinity '17
Nathalie Dupont, Associate Professor of French, Bucknell University, Duke PhD Romance Studies (French) '07
Robert W. Schloss, Jr., Trinity '97
Erin McDermott
Elena Townsend
Germain Choffart, Lecturer, Romance Studies
Dana Kling, Trinity 96
Christine Ford, Pratt '20
Laurynn Garcia
Alicia Jimenez
Kelly Shimoda
Anna Lee Trinity 19
Matthew Potter, Divinity '17
Reyna Rodriguez
Austin Chang, Pratt '18
Mahsa Khanjari, ECU '20
Ben leonard, Trinity 2020
Aliyah Salame, T'18
Taylor Lipsich
Emily Mills, NSOE '17
Atiba Ellis T'96, L'00, G'00
Bethany schmall, Divinity, '17
Christine Wei, Trinity ’17
Alexander Lee, Duke Divinity ;18
Jair Oballe, Trinity '19
Christine Varnado, AB Trinity 2002
Spencer Shaw, Divinity '18
Danielle Dvir, Trinity '18
Ibrahim Butt, Trinity '20
Jai Eun Huh, Trinity '20
Ian Eldridge-Allegra, Pratt '20
Rachel Berlowe Binder, Trinity '19
Anika Richter
Sejal Zota, 1996
Michael C. Muto, Trinity '13
Willem van den Hoek, Trinity '20
Mackenzie Geisman '18
Victoria Wang
Shilpa Sridhar, Trinity '15
Ethan Lampert
Ali Altaf Mian, Grad School 2015
Elizabeth Grosz
Todd Ramon Ochoa, Religious Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
Palmer Cantler, Divinity '18
Janghoon Yoon
Kelli Hitchman, Divinity '18
Kevin Zheng, Trinity '20
Emilia Soulios '19
Haley Moss
Karla FC Holloway
Orlander Thomas, MDIV '20
Esther Han, Trinity '16
Benjamin Rousseau, Trinity '17
Rachel Greenspan
Ivan Vargas, Romance Studies
Charlotte Moore, PhD student, Psychology
Tariq El-Haddad, Trinity '96
Aman Ibrahim P'20
Christine Luong
Virginia Hine, Trinity '12
David Rambo, PhD Candidate Literature
Yifei Wang, Trinity '20
Rusty Piper, T '04
Abhishek Bose-Kolanu, PhD Candidate, Literature
Angela Zhang, T'15
Carla Hung, PhD Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Joanna Kaplan Lee T '96
Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Bravo Cortez, T 2005
Gabrielle Dawn Lawhon, Trinity 1996
Allison Shen, T'14
Emma Stotlemyer
Adriane Lentz-Smith
Margaret Farrell, Trinity '96
Linda Daniel
Carolyn Laubender, PhD Candidate, Program in Literature
Joseph Ren, Graduate School
Adrienne Krone, PhD, Religion '16
Shahrazad A. Shareef, PhD student, Program in Literature
Maryann Murtagh, PhD student, Literature
Lauren DaSilva T'19
Orin Starn
Ariel Dorfman, Walter Hines Page Emeritus Professor of Literature
Nathan Lewis
Amy Vickers, Trinity '96
Moriah Taylor Trinity '19
Alex Sanchez Bressler, Trinity '18
Maria Espinosa, Trinity '20
Maggie Lin, Pratt '16
Alejo Gonzalez
Hannah Neitzey
Patrick Neitzey
Kilpy Singer
Giulia Riccò, PhD Student, Romance Studies
Julia Pritchett, Divinity '18
Mia Hutchins-Cabibi
Femi Omoni, MA '17
Sofia Hidalgo
Eduardo Salgado, Trinity '18
Gillian Card
Thomas Liu, Trinity '13
Crystal smith-Spangler, trinity '98
Lissette Guerrero
Michelle Roberts, Graduate School '17
Jeffrey Li, Trinity, 2020
Holly Hardin
Deb Reisinger
Praveen Kosuri T'91
Laura Micham
Aaditya Jain, Trinity '20
Elena Dudel, Trinity '12
Olivia Johnson, Trinity '17
Lori Rauch
Ellie Bullard, Trinity '13
Liz Adams
Nancy Hare Robbins (DUCIGS Staff)
Matthew Farrell
Jennifer P. Talmadge, Trinity '91
Tala Fakhoury, Pratt '19
Anne-Maria Makhulu, Cultural Anthropology & AAAS
Jennifer Zhou
Sarah Rogers, Trinity '04
Scott Ripps '91
Katrina Martin, Library staff
Ravi Dasari
Shai Ginsburg
Dane Emmerling
Helen Murphy, Pratt '17
Julian Mercer
Brian Williams, Divinity '19
Todd Campbell, Jr., Divinity '19
Jennifer Ahern-Dodson
Katherine Vernon, Trinity '95
Lauren Reno
Eleanor Hanna, Doctoral candidate, Psychology and Neuroscience
YK Hong, 1998
Carlo Lindner, Pratt '20
Paula Ajumobi Trinity '19
Katy Wischow, Trinity '02
Dierdre Shipman, GLS '14
Molly Dektar
Kristin Vandeventer Trinity '96
Robyn Wiegman, Program in Literature
Barbara Dickinson
Amy WebbT'96
Barbara Lynn Weaver, Trinity '20
J Layne Shepherd, Trinity '95
Carl Berger '97
Amy Davis
Thomas F. DeFrantz
Carolyn McAllaster
Jamie Chu, Trinity 2009
Molly Riddick, NCSU '18
Patrick Herron, Information Science + Studies, Computational Media Arts & Cultures
Carly Miller, Divinity, '19
Rebecca Lai
Roxanne Baker, Trinity '17
Melissa Neeley
Jonathan Mark, Divinity '19
Richard Brodhead
Amy Webb T'96
Sara Seten Berghausen
Aura Young, '08
Victoria Szabo
Adam S. Rosenstein, T '91
Heather Wasserstrom, Trinity '99
Brian Valley, Divinity '19
Lucia Zerbino, trinity '20
Amy Webb T '96
Robert T. Tally Jr., Trinity '90, Law '01
Olivia TumSuden
Yair Rubinstein, PhD Student, Literature
Jake cohen
Bart C Matthews Trinity '96
Darla Villani
Keren Batun
Beverly Beno, Trinity '96
Jesse Remedios '17
Barnaby Carpenter
Jennifer Moreno, Trinity '15
Arilia Frederick, Pratt '20
Marcus Benning, Trinity '14, Law '17
Jennifer Sneider, T'95
Lauren Gerald, Trinity '15
Emma Burke
Ivana Bago, PhD Candidate, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Tiffany Wei, Pratt '20
Ellen Jacobs
Seema Shah, Trinity '95
Sofia Calvo
Jason Wang, Pratt '20
Mara Sedlins
Ricardo Contreras
Erie Seong Ho Han '20
Shian-Ling Keng, Trinity 07
John Chavez, Davidson College '17
Jacob Hoberg, Trinity '20
Surya Dutta, Yale University '18
Ketan Gupta, Trinity'20
Annie Yin
Devri Adams
Whitney Laemmli, Trinity, '07
Mayyadda Major, T'15
Lynea Bull, Trinity '14
Miguel Rojas Sotelo
Allison McHorse, Trinity '20
Mary Zhang, Pratt '19
Hillary Martinez, Trinity '12
Matias Horst, Trinity '18
Ariyani Challapalli, Trinity'20
Anna Jenkins, Trinity '19
Isaac Lund, Divinity School '19
Luciana Fellin
Kyra Citron, Trinity '20
Melinda Winter Trinity '96
Marie-Martine Uwera
Michelle Nowlin, Law/SOE '92, Clinical Professor of Law
Prerana Reddy, Trinity '96
Alice Sy Dolbow, Trinity '95
M. Alex Smith, Trinity '07
Mark Hill, Trinity '94 and staff
Della Chambless
Bradley King, Trinity '19
Anne McMullan Erickson T '99
Lauren Sibley, Trinity '17
Jared Alosio, Pratt '16
Janice Hyeju Jeong
Zephyr Farah, Trinity '19
Fiammetta Di Lorenzo, PhD Candidate, Romance Studies
Michael Rosenthal, Trinity '11
Sarah Jobe, MDiv '06
Lisa Robinson Bailey, AM '07
Anna M. Lutz, T'99
Alex Fattal
Alyssa Granacki, Trinity '11, Grad School '20
Bernhard Rosenstein, father of 3 grads
Judith Rosenstein, mother of 3 grads
LaMonique Hamilton Barnes '01
Joanna Sattin, Trinity '99
Linda Hogan, Trinity '91
Helen Yang
Jessica Stark
Carin Walsh
Jen'nan Read
Deborah Dooley
Michael Haller, Trinity '96
Chris Polydoroff, UVA '80
Ji-Ho Park, T'16
Michelle Dove
Elliott Golden
Nicole Ladas Fitzgerald T'99
Jodi Belcher
Betty Brandt Rouse
Catherine North Hounfodji, Engineering '96
Azusena Martinez, Berry College, 2018
Lissa Neira, Trinity '19
Laura Perkins Davidson, Trinity '99
Louise Meintjes, Music & Cultural Anthropology
Jason Yi, PhD, Graduate School '09
Beatrice Capestany
Gordon Mantler, PhD '08
Angel Qin, Trinity '07
Nia Moore, Trinity '19
Sara Zimmerman
Rev. Dave Allen T'04 D'10 United Methodist campus minister
Ana Patricia Gil
Matthew Wisner, Trinity '20
Pablo Ortiz, '18
Luciana Fellin romance Studies & Linguistics
Rebecca Mendelson, PhD Candidate, Religious Studies
Noel Magtoto ABSN '17
Michele Traeger Kaufman (T'95)
Meredith Conte '99
Todd Sears, Trinity '98
Stefanie Berman Solomon, '00
Brian Berger, Trinity 1999
Jocelyn Corey, Pratt '18
Kelby Welsh, Trinity '20
Genevieve Daftary MD, Trinity '01
Lisa Galluzzo Seidman, T' 2000, Grad school 2004
Kathleen Grishman, E '99
Grant Mak, Pratt '20
Rani Croager '99
Nicole Pouchet Skuba, Trinity '00
Katherin Slimak Crossling, Trinity '00
Gretchen Fair ('95)
Rabia Geha Gregory, Trinity 2000
Marcee Harris, Trinity '99
Mansi Shah, Duke CFM PGY-1
Joseph Joson , E'97
Charlotte Foreman '20
Chance Fleeting P'19
Lauren Blake, Trinity '13
Kathy Crutcher '00
Melissa Stevens '95
Lindsey Gregg-Kearns, Nursing '13
Julia Matheson, Trinity '99
Komal Bazaz Smith, Trinity '98
Catherine Cho, Trinity '20
Derek Anderson '91
Ariel Nazryan, Trinity '96
Emily Walker '19
Aaron Zhang
Jiyun Yoon '18
Katherine Robinson, Trinity '97
Emily Dubie, PhD Student, Religion
Cara Peters, Trinity '20
Heather Carkuff Joson, Trinity '98
Jon Umbdenstock, MDiv 2017
Carla Gregg-Kearns, Divinity '06
Laura Mistretta, Trinity '14
Kathryn Walters T'00
Cara Leigh Downey, T'19
Jaime Acosta Gonzalez, PhD Candidate, Literature
Virginia Black, Trinity '19
Sarah Miller Shea, Trinity '99
Alexandra Burrall Jung, Trinity '01
Kirby Jones
Didier Turcios, President of Mi Familia, North Carolina State University
Jocelyn Antonio, Trinity '12
Wendy (Leembruggen) Zachary '97
Jamie Browne, Instructor, Thompson Writing Program
Adelina Luna
Juan Ayala
Ann Lockhart '94
Elizabeth Samuelb
Niki Stringer T'99
Rui Wang, Trinity'15
Madison Enos, Trinity, '17
Haley Enos, Trinity, '17
Yashas Manjunatha
Hannah Palmer-Dwore, NSOE '17
Letizia Montroni, Visiting Lecturer, Romance Studies
Robert Wainblat Trinity '11
Jennifer Shen, Grad School '16
Morgan Whithaus
Ashley Halleran, 2020
Leah Wuebbens, Tufts '19, Durham community member
Zuri Milanzi '12
Young-In Song, Trinity '09
Vanessa Mintzer
Victoria Grant
Alexandru Damian '20
Tyler Taffuri '20
Zachary Moser, Divinity '11
Isabel Lake
Paul Guohao Qu T'16
Sandra Widstrup, parent
Kim Powell, Divinity, '18
Matthew Kaplan, Trinity '19
Ashley Sage, T '17
Carolin Benack
Elle Chen, Scripps College '17
Sara Oliver, Pratt '06
Ana Galvez
Sidney Gaston Sanchez
Karyn Stitzenberg T'96
Nash Mepukori, Trinity '16
Jamie McGhee, Trinity '16
Roberto Dainotto, Professor of Romance Studies
Olaotan Awoyomi, Trinity '16
Prof. Kerry L. Haynie, Political Science & AAAS
Hillary Clement, Pratt '13
Kevin Poole '98
Hannah Rozear
Catherine Ward
Sarah Atkinson
Madison Enos
Luke Duchemin
Matt Elia, Religious Studies
Anastasia Kārklina, Literature/AAAS
Betty Chen, Undergraduate
Ileana Astorga, Undergraduate
Leslie Turner, Undergraduate
Hannah Neitzey, Div School
Patrick Neitzey, Div School
Meghana Rao, Trinity Undergrad
Kendall McBroom, Div School
Nora Nunn, English/Duke
Lauren Bunce, English/Duke
Kathleen Burns, English/Duke
Shontee Smith, Div School
Carissa Elder, Div School
Julia Pritchett, Div School
Patrick Snipes, Workers World Party
Nura Sedique, Graduate School
Friedo Merhout
Edward Lilla, Biochemistry
Abhi Chhetri, Biochem
Alison Stuebe, Trinity '95
Tony Macias, Southerners On New Ground
Alicia Sun, Duke
Nick Cox, Duke
Cary Woskovitz, Thomspon Writing Program
Nathan Kalman-Lamb, Thompson Writing Program
Taylor Ross, Duke
Koffi Nomedji, Cultural Anthropology
Ian Gardner Chhs 18'
Carolina Waring, Duke
Carlos Padilla, Graduate Workers Union SEIU
Terri L. Purifoy LPN.
Nico Portuondo, Duke
Raahina Malik, Duke undergrad
Harry Karahalios, Duke Lecturing Fellow
Emilie Huffman, Duke graduate student
Alex Lee, Duke graduate student
Allen Ingram, Graduate Student
Joey Honeycutt, Duke graduate student
Beepul Bharti, Duke undergraduate
Benton Berghuis, Duke Div
Bruce Puckett, Duke
Cindy Li, Duke undergraduate
Sarah Jacoby, Duke Div
Alec Greenwald, Duke
Saskia Ziolkowski
Pavithra Vasudevan '03
Meredith Young Sofer, Trinity '01
Aleah Bowie, Duke
Gregory Williams, ThD Student
Mikaela Kovach-Galton
Amy W. Hill, Trinity '94
Deanna Mackey Molina, T '01
Margot Trusty Pickett, 75
Christina Lee
Ashley Boaeuf
Erica Ridderman, Divinity School '18
Alexa Panagoulis Schmid '00
Martha van der Drift PhD, Romance Studies
Katherine Knudsen, Trinity '95
Ong Ruici '16
Mary Dysart Metz '69
Alexandria Baynes, WCU
Jessica Alvarez, Trinity '15
Lou Brown
Kate Collins, Rubenstein Library
Mindy Marcus
Laura Bronner
Tracy M. Jackson
Glenn Holzapfel
Adam Bullock '19
Carlson Sawyer, Divinity '18
Emily Stewart
Andrew Foster, Clinical Professor of Law, Law School
Summer Caniglia, Divinity '19
Frances Williams-Crawford '94
Stefanie Grossman T'97
Alan Zibel
Jennifer Gilmore-Robinson, Trinity '97
Courtney Pickett, Trinity '04 and Nic School '17
Charlotte Sussman
Emily Daly
Amy Stone Haggarty '96
Joyce Chapman (staff)
Stephen Conrad, staff
Amanda Blake
Sol Osterkatz, Trinity '00
Rev. Chris Breslin, D2011
Mark Hampton, MDiv '18
Orsola Capovilla-Searle, PhD student Mathematics
Austin Wilson, M.Div 2017
Noah Huffman
T. Quantá Holden
Zarak Khan, Sanford '13
Katherine Wang, MIT '19
Ryan Nini, Trinity '14
Krista Kowalczyk, T'17
Cris M Rivera, Trinity '01, Instructor
Jarred White, M.Div '16
Macon Armistead
Laura Wagner, PhD
Megan Lewis
Amy McDonald (Libraries staff)
Scott Hecker, T'00
James MacCarthy
Priya Ranganathan
Jena Barnes, Graduate School, '18
Cullen Tyndall T'19
Korrina Duffy
Tammy Chang trinity '01
David Stark, ThD Candidate, Divinity
Achille Castaldo, Ph.D. Candidate, Romance Studies
Kurt Koenig
Jessica Foster, Trinity '98
Matt Whitt, Thompson Writing Program
Beth Stringfield, staff, CHPIR
William Verner
Sarah Deutsch
Leila Alapour '15
Elizabeth Hosea Lemoine (T '97)
Christina C. Davidson
Shannon Maggio Mason, Trinity '94
Christine Tse, '01
Anna Park '96
Vanessa Hines
Jackson Harrison UNC '19
Alex Keller T'12
Keya Kuruvilla
Xinyue Laura Bai, Trinity '07
Maggie Dickson
Ginny Boyer, Duke U Libraries
Samantha Pugh '02
Austin Sarfan, PhD Student, Literature
Johnny Shanahan
Roger William Yamada, Trinity '05
Michael Daul
Claude Ezekiel Graves, Trinity '98
Elaine Abrams parent of students
Beatriz escamilla
Charlton Lee '99
John P. Stadler, PhD Candidate, Literature
Alex Weck, Pratt '20
Cory Lown
Sarah Maniates
Molly Bragg
Ann Krabbenschmidt, MPP Candidate
Colleen Cox, MPP Candidate '18
Ankur Singh Chawla
Allison Hall, Trinity '10
John Little, Duke University Libraries
Dan Baum '07, '12
Elena Feinstein, Duke University Libraries staff
Emily Fechner '20
Alaina Kleinbeck, Divinity '13
Pontus Leander, '09
Christelle Gonthier
Jeff Fleming
Sarah Lambert Daniels, T'00, MEM'05
Rosa s m
Torang Asadi, Graduate School '19
Carla Yarger Benigni '00
Tamara Kissane '95
Lavanya Singh, Sanford '18
Jessica Garda, Trinity '18
Janelle Weaver Duthie, Trinity '99
Anna Adams Petrin, Duke Divinity School 2010
Anastasia Quintana, Nicholas School of the Environment, 2019
Caitlin LaFerney, Trinity '06
KF Harlock, PhD, English
Lynne Lown
Alexandra Sutton '18
Bonnie Perkel
Michelle Chen
Maria Ruatto, '12
Amanda Nicol, M.Div. '18
Everlyn Perez
Christine Nesbitt
Jessica Harris, MBA/MPP '12
David Friedman, Trinity '13, Law '17
Christine Lin, Trinity '96
Kavya Sekar, Sanford '18
Scarlett Harrod, Fuqua '13
Ylana Miller
Amauche Uzoigwe Pratt '20
Thomas Morris
Rosalba Gómez, Fulbright scholar
Camille Chanod
Aneisy Cardo, Appalachian State University '15
Rachel Schmidtke Sanford School of Public Policy '18
Alec Greenwald, DAE, Academic Advising Center
Zach Blas, PhD, Graduate School, 2014
Joey Honeycutt
Lucas Power, Literature
Emily Wexler, MPP '11
Lisa M. Beyeler
Janay Jones, MDiv '16
Melissa Gamble, Divinity
Amanda Moodie, Trinity '08
Emily Johnson, Sanford '18
Kaili Simien
Laura B. Robinson
Ben Weller, Trinity '02
Dana Vachon '02
Kendall Bell, Trinity '19
Maegan Burns, Trinity '19
Paige Arnold, Trinity '14
Alyssa Carter, Trinity '20
Kim N Le '12
Shannan Hayes
Michelle Boaeuf
Jeanny Wang Trinity '15
Katherine Ivey t'94
Brian Kim '96
Abbie Turiansky, Sanford/Nicholas '10
Yvonne Lopez
Tiffany Jiang, Trinity '20
Libba Shankle Genova '77
German Melendez contreras
Tiffany Pyen
Jessica Hatrick
Jorge chavez
Katherine Tedrow Astrich, MPP 2003
Alice Dominguez
Katya Wesolowski
Haley Hedrick, Trinity 2019
Emma Mengistu, Trinity '20
Nathan Smith, Literature
Shea Gilliland, Divinity '17
Stephanie Friede, PhD Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Zachary Harris, Trinity '10
Madhu Vulimiri, Public Policy '18
Nari Sohn, Trinity '12
Molly Bierman Pratt '09
Barry Wright, III, Trinity '09
Katherine Henderson, Pratt '10
Hannah Guerrier, Trinity '10
Shannon Beall, Trinity '10
Sophie Caplin, Trinity '18
Manar Ghanayem
Akeliah Ace Robinson, T'00
Elizabeth Littleton Murphy, Trinity '75
Alexa Hankins
Suman Momin '17
Nicole Rapfogel
Nicole Scully, Law '18
Caitlyn Greene
Suzanne Perreault Blakely T '99
Erika Moore
Alicia Garbelman, T81
-Margaret Smith-Isa '02
Khadijia Tribie Reid '96
Nakeisha Neal Jones, Trinity '96
Brent Caldwell, JD expected '18
Ian Zatkin Osburn, 2019, Law School
Sydney Thomas, Trinity '10
Zach Lankford
Jennivine Lee Simon FSB 2007
Robert Ian Blakely T '99
Matt Rosenstein T'94
Stephen Fox, MA '77
Blair Mason, JD '18
Gemma Seidita, Law 2018
Rory Henry
Paul Ream, L'17
Daniel R. Echeverri JD/LLM '17
Dr. Tory Eisenlohr-Moul, Psychiatry alum
Bethany Wong, Law '19
Monica Quiroz
Karen Zhao
Matthew Lang, JD '18
Brianne Marino, UNC 2016
Steve Pierre-Jean T'14 L'17
Yishan Cheng, Trinity 2010
Julia Klein '18
Hon Chu
Petra Rasmussen, Trinity 2010
Michael Torosian Law '00
Sankar Muthuswamy Fuqua 2016
Kelsey Shaw Trinity 2010
Perry Zheng
Victoria Prince '18
Adrian Cato, Trinity '17
Heidi Miller GEMBA 03
Adam Fischer, MEM 2018
Eirene Chen, Trinity '97
Kayla moreno HSA 12
Kenny Dalsheimer, MA '85
Surekha Samal
Marc Sorace, Trinity '99
Katherine C Hutchinsin, PhD 2009
Gabrielle Goodrow, L '19
Charles L. Campbell, Professor of Homiletics
Justine Jackson-Ricketts, T '10
Robert Sherrill UNC-CH '15
Amy Murphy 03
Haolan Cai
Sophie Smith
Carol Holihan
Linda Yi Trinity '12
Sam Hodges
Alexandra Jantzen, Graduate School, 2014
Megan Benham, Trinity, '10
Hannah Borenstein
Jane Morris
Jarama Lateef '96
Jonathan Wall '10
Deborah Wojcik T '97 MEM '00 MAT '00
Rene D. Caputo, Instructor, Thompson Writing Program
Scott Sorrell, Trinity '07
Maja Kricker
Lisa Beyeler
Vicki Bartosik Stocking Trinity '85, Robertson Scholars Program
Steve Newman T'92
Kristen Finlon, '97
Tamara Frances, Trinity '18
Rose Sheela, Trinity '12
Kathi Jo Williams, Trinity '78
James Zhang '10
Leila Easa '96
Angela Zoss
Toby Matthews T'94
Holly Little
Linda Zhou
Jeff Jackson '93
Tony Strimple
Jacquie Samples, Librarian
Amy Kostrewa
Katie Murchison Ross, Divinity '17
Hansol Sim, Duke Divinity, M.Div. '18
Jason Oliver Evans, Divinity '12
J. Kameron Carter, PhD
Christopher Boswell, Duke Divinity School
Layla Aldousany, PhD Candidate, English
Evan José Cartagena, Law '19
Jessica Ronco T'96
Myles A.Fleming M.Div 16
Ariana Méndez
Catherine Gómez Méndez, LCSWA
Catarina Mendez
Jocelyn Tsai MEM '16
D'Nita Albritton, Trinity '17
Andrew Hamilton, Nicholas School '17
Andrew Sutherland , Duke Div '15
John McInnis, Duke Law 1983
Jose Santos Lopez
Ashley Shan
Alexis Garcia
Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi ‘17
Tsitsi Jaji, English and AAAS
Nancy MacLean, William H. Chafe Professor of History, Public Policy, and Women's Studies
Ngoni Ndhlala, Pratt '19
Kedest Mathewos
Hadeel Abdelhy '19
Bria Brown, Trinity '17
Jen Fry-OUSF
Jill (Snyder) Wilson, Trinity '98
Paul Berliner, Emeritus
Sarah Vega, Trinity '14
Suvomita Ghosh
Adriana Lein, Duke Global Health Institute (2017)
Frank Webb
Steffen Kaupp, PhD '16
Alexandra Wisner
Lynda Buskey-Berg, '14
Caroline S. Lebar, Trinity '10
Sarah Briggs T'20
Rachel Meyers
Eva Arroyo,
Katherine Burgett, Graduate School
Lydia Hendrick
Jalene Spain Thomas T'01
Megan Arias '12
Ammara Aqeel '19
Justin Pearce, Nicholas School '17
Geoff Wright, Law '17
Jillian Wisse, PhD Student, '21
Mindy Tran
Thandolwethu Dlamini, Pratt '19
Kezia Matson, T'20
Seth Cotton, Divinity '13
Carlhey Bolz
Cathy Shuman, Lecturing Fellow
Elizabeth Ananat
Sara Cleaver
Ian McDonald, Law '16
Peter Heisler, Trinity '10
Marc Lavarin M.Div '18
Renuka Gogusetti NCSU 2020
Jackson Skeen
Alexa M. Mieses, MD, Duke Family Medicine, PGY-1
Danielle Arostegui
Ingrids Torres
Tapiwa Sondayi '17
Kiamya Philson
Florence Tesha
Valerie Rosenquist, Ph.D. '87; M. Div.'91
Khalid Williams, Trinity '18
Gabrielle Lucero, Law and MPP '17
Nathalia Aguirre Castro, Sanford' 17
Ryan Smith, MTS'04, MPP'14
Laura Bellows, PhD Student, Public Policy
Caitlin Saunders MPP '17
Tyler Kopp
Ellie Sweezy
Akshay Mehta
Julia Wang
Abigail Sylvester, MPP 2011
Michael Burrows, PhD Student, Public Policy
Gavin Yamey, Professor of the Practice of Global Health and Public Policy, Duke
Paschalia Nsato '18
Hannah Demeritt, Law '04, Law School
Harry Karahalios
Nicole Jadue, MD MsGH 16`
Cecily Larison, Duke Law 2019
Liz Mathenge, MD '17
Irene Lawrence, MPP '16
Shannon Cummings, MPP
Jess Chambers, Divinity
Alisha Pinto, MPP 16
Melanie Walker
Bryce S. Cracknell, Trinity '18
Sarah Nolan Trinity 2013, Graduate School 2021
Josephine Chambers Carpenter
James Carpenter, Duke '63
David Frisch, Trinity '20
Meron Hagos
Jamie Hysjulien, PhD, Literature, '91
Jordan Burstion '20
Lauren Berdell Podoll '99
Joshua Smith '19
Nisha Uppuluri, Trinity '19
Minna Ng
Zachary Hennessee, Law School '18
Max Krochmal Ph.D. 2011
Nicolette Cagle, Lecturer & '08, NSOE
Sarah Loftus
Justin K. Ho, Fuqua '06
Julie Moore
Wendy Weiher, NSOE/Graduate School 1996 & Duke staff
Morgan Williams
Kate Sakofsky
Nahal C. Kaivan, M.A., Doctoral Intern CAPS
Zoelene Hill
Qin Hu, CAPS
Emily Porter
Yan Li
Sheridan Spivey '16
Angela Griffe '18
Jennie Dickson-Mills
Kency Cornejo, Phd '14
Marina Poole, Trinity '17
Nicole Mason, ABSN '09
Stephanie Holmer, PhD '13
Quinton Smith
Maria Schubert, Rotary Peace Fellow
Susan Carroll, Managing Director, Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center
Anna Martin, Sanford '17
Jackson Carroll
Page McCullough, Trinity '71
Maja Muminagic
Kelly Garvy '15
Andrew Blakely, Divinity and Sanford '18
Susan Day Moore
Thad Day Moore
Luis Molina NCSU '18
Amberlene De La Rocha '14
Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jaleelah Abdulai '16
Nicole Elizabeth Barnes
Ignacio Asis
Ryan Nilsen, MTS '12
Erin Conn
Paula Scatoloni LCSW
Michael Iezzi
Jenny Grant
Kendra Varnell
Jaewon Moon, Trinity '20
John Wilber Swetnam, Trinity 1968
Dominique Dery '15
Melissa Bromley '08
Lisa Pataky, T'08
Hollen Reischer, Trinity '06
Megan Moskop, Trinity '08
Xiating Chen, P '17
Erin Hammeke
Jaleelah Abdulai T'16
Catherine Whitaker, Trinity 2007
Jessica Levasseur
Kim T. DuBose
Liliana Marin
Joseph Longarino, Graduate School
Ana Huang, PhD candidate
Dana Miller-Martinez
Aaron Lee
Dasha Chapman, Postdoc, AAAS
Ann Krabbenschmidt Trinity '15 MPP '18
Lucy Cao, Trinity '18
Samantha Archer
Michelle Burgess
Meghan Antol, Trinity '08
Alma Sanchez, T'05
Claire Logsdon T'04
Miho Kubagawa
Sebastian Hoyt
Richard Phillips T'17
Antonio Cruz
Naa Adorkor Allotey '18
Jie Gao, Trinity 2007
Bob and Liz Conroy '68
Sonia Nayak
Jacqueline Wachholz
Rachel Russell
Ziqi Deng
Koffi NOMEDJI, Cult Anth
Marie Collins, Divinity '18
Joella Bitter, PhD Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Katie Becker '17
Kristen Larson
Gregson Davis
Karen Jean Hunt
Osasenaga Aghayere
Phoebe Kiburi Trinity '20
Beatriz Rangel, University of Northern Colorado
gloria faley
Kathryn Mathers
D.W. Duke
Kaitlyn Sanders T'10
Amanda Foy, Graduate School
Revogatus Tesha, Trinity '20
Sarah Caroline Duffy
Tyler Wright
Paolo Balladares
Amanda Fratrik
Chanelle Henry, MDiv '19
Michael Grigoni, PhD Student
Brandon Wayne Hepler
Monica Oliver, AFC NCA1
Scarlette Briones
Ana Maria Maganto Ramirez T'17
Morgan Peterson
Leah Downing '18
Jie Gao Trinity 2007
Joao Luciano Bogo Kasprzak
Jessica Del Villar, T'16
Sonam Aidasani, Trinity '14
Layla Brown-Vincent, PhD '16
Nayoung Aimee Kwon
Olivia McKinney
Kelly Hunter
Zachary Newkirk, Law '17
Dominique Beaudry (T'15)
Rebecca Logsdon Walker, T'06
Nicole Evans Stringer, T'99
Nina Bellucci Butler
Jennie Isaacs
Evan Smoller
Kelly Moore DiTrapani T'98, N'07

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