Business Impact Survey: COVID-19
The Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on our member businesses. We ask that you take a few moments to complete this survey so that we can not only gauge the level of impact, but share this information with our state and local elected officials.

In addition, we will share the results with our members and leaders in the community in hopes that the information helps to identify best practices and ideas that will be beneficial to the entire business community.
What type of industry describes your business: *
Have you applied for any loans for financial assistance (Select all you have applied for)
Please rate how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected your business or organization:
Significant Impact
Some Impact
No Impact
Not Sure
Business Development
Customers' Business
Events & Meetings
Others business operations being impacted by COVID-19 situation...(check all that apply)
How much has your monthly revenue been affected by COVID-19?
How has this outbreak affected your business hours?
How has this outbreak affected your employees and level of staffing?
As concerns grow over the spread of COVID-19, what is your business doing to address employee and customer concerns and mitigate risk? (check all that apply)
At this point in time, what level of impact do you expect this to have on your business?
Based on your current finances, if the current business climate were to continue, how long would it take for your business to see significant negative impacts, such as layoffs or temporary or permanent closure?
Has the situation around COVID-19 caused your business to adjust personnel/hiring decisions? Select all that apply.
Please rank the items you are most worried about right now as it relates to your business?
Very Worried
Somewhat Worried
Not Worried
Not at all worried
Cash Flow (rent, payroll, etc)
Keeping Staff (workforce)
Accounts Receivable
HR Benefits
Child Care
Messaging (i.e with clients, staff, and potentially crisis communication)
Contractual/Legal Concerns
How many employees did your business have on March 1, 2020?
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What are one or two actions your local City or County could take to assist you at this time in managing business operations during the COVID-19 emergency?
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What percentage of your employees are currently working from home?
Are you a member of the Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce?
Any other comments about the impact of this virus on your company?
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Do you have any suggestions or newly implemented practices you would like to share with other businesses and organizations? How can the public help?
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Do you have any questions you would like to pose of similar business and organizations that we can ask on your behalf? (please be specific)
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Is there anything that the Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce can do at this time to help your business or organization?
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Thank you for completing this survey. We will share this information as it becomes available.
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