University Standing Committee Representatives
Undergraduate representatives to university standing committees serve a vital function as links between students and the university, and have the potential to impact high-level decisions across campus. Student serve on committees consisting of University faculty and administration, addressing campus issues, operating within a context of increased specificity
All undergraduate representatives to University Standing Committees are expected to:

1) Regularly attend all committee meetings and proactively participate in discussion and provide input from the student perspective.

2) Carry out one long term project as a part of the committee, culminating in a written report or presentation.

3) Update the SA EVP after each meeting or on a regular basis.

Please read the committee charges ( before applying. If you'd like to apply to multiple committees please submit separate applications.

Applications are due at 11:59pm on April 6, 2017.

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Why would you be a good representative of the undergraduate student body? What unique ideas, experiences, or skills can you bring to this committee?
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