Ship to Shore Classroom 2017: Underwater Fire Expedition
A team of researchers from the University of Hawaii, Oregon State University, University of Washington, and NOAA/PMEL will soon be at sea on the R/V Falkor, studying the submarine volcanoes of Tonga. To learn more about the cruise, visit the expedition website here:

Schmidt Ocean Institute has offered to provide a Ship to Shore Classroom Connection from the R/V Falkor during its expedition of one the Meta Volcano group, which is one of the most active underwater volcano sites in the world. This experience will involve a 30 to 40 minute call during which a student group will take a virtual tour of the ship, see in real time what is happening on board, and interact with members of the science team to talk about the work they are doing. The experience will end with a short period of Q&A.

Requirements for the school:
• A designated person at the school who will host the event and coordinate with the Schmidt Ocean Institute staff.
• A laptop with video connection and projector so everyone can see, good speaker capabilities so everyone can hear, fairly decent internet bandwidth, and the ability to use Google Hangouts.
• A commitment to prepare the students for the interaction by helping them learn where the researchers are and what they are doing.

Each interaction will begin promptly at 10:00am, and each date will focus on a particular grade level:
Tuesday, Dec 5th for Grades 5-6 - FULL
Thursday, Dec 7th for Grades 7-8 - CANCELED
Friday, Dec 8th for Grades 9-12

Connections may be made to a particular classroom, or if you are able to gather more than one class in a common area to participate, multiple classrooms from one school may participate. Please gather the students and test the equipment prior to the 10:00am connection time.

If you are willing and able to have your students take part in this experience, please fill out the following Google Form immediately A limited number of connections will be available, and the spots will be designated on a first-come basis.

By December 1st the Oregon Coast STEM Hub will identify and confirm the schools selected to participate. If selected, your information will be given to Schmidt Ocean Institute and you will be contacted with further instructions.

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The only remaining time is Dec 8th, so we are opening it to both MS and HS classrooms
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