Parent/Caregiver Survey March 2020/2021
Dear Families and Friends of Northampton Parents Center and Northampton/Hadley Family Connection.
We would like to get your feedback on our winter offerings in order to improve our current and future programming. We responded to the pandemic and our previous surveys by offering outdoor and online programs for families with young children. If you attended, please let us know about your experience. If you did not, please let us know why! If you reached out to learn about information and resources in our community please let us know how we did.

Thank you so much for your participation.

Swansea, Mandy, and Erika
Northampton Parents Center and Northampton Hadley Family Connection
March 2021
Please check all of the NPC/NHFC programs you participated in this past fall of 2020: *
We provide parents wth information and resources about our community. If you connected with us about information about childcare/preschool options, concerns with your child's development, or other questions, please rate your satisfaction with our responses.
Not satisfied with the information shared
Very statisfied with the information shared
Clear selection
Any feedback about our responses and whether your needs were met?
How did you learn about the family center/playgroup/programs? Select all that apply: *
Please check all of the NPC/NHFC programs you are most interesting in participating in the next few months: *
Please give us feedback and comments about our Outdoor In-Person Playgroups or StoryWalks:
Please give us feedback and comments about our Online Circle Time, Story Time, or Music Classes, or any other online programs with us:
Most of our programs start at 10 am. Does this timing work for your family?
Please check the box if you agree with the following statements: *
As a result of your participation with the family center/playgroups in person or online, would you say you are more (+), less (-) or equally (=) likely to: *
more likely
equally likely
less likely
Feel connected to other families with young children
Read to your child
Feel prepared to select books, toys and activities to help your child learn
Play, sing and talk with your child
Understand your child's development
Feel able to cope with the emotional ups and downs of parenting
Know about community resources and events for children and families
Which platform do you prefer for Online Programs: *
If you attended our Outdoor In-Person Playgroups, did you feel that our pandemic health and safety measures worked for your family? (Please elaborate in the comments section if you like.) *
Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Is there anything we can do to improve our programming for your family?
Name (optional)
What town does your family live in?
Thank you for your feedback! We value your responses and will use them to improve our programs. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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