Virtual Treasure Hunt by Classic Car Connections

This fun treasure hunt is open to all ages and has a car theme.  You have a week to complete it as winners will be announced on 10th May.

It raises funds for Kent, Surrey, and Sussex (KSS) Helicopter Rescue Emergency Campaign for Covid-19.

KSS is appealing for your help to ensure they can continue providing life-saving care to those in urgent need.

At Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), like everyone, is facing unprecedented challenges. Never before have they had to call on your support with this urgency as they launch our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

Their priority remains responding to the sickest or critically injured across our regions in their hour of need. In addition to continuing their life saving, specialist emergency service, they have now been called to action to support the NHS in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working alongside the South East Coast Ambulance Service and the wider NHS, KSS will make the best use of existing resources – their state of the art helicopters, response vehicles and equipment – and the outstanding expertise of medics and crew to contribute to this national effort by supporting the transfer of critically ill Coronavirus patients across our regions, as and when required.

They are investing in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infection protection controls and specialist medical equipment to support our service delivery. It is their utmost priority to protect the team, ensuring they have the necessary resources and equipment to stay safe and save as many lives as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

£15 could buy 7 bottles of alcohol hand gel offering protection from the virus.

£35 could pay for 200 surgical masks that protect the crew.

£75 could buy 50 ventilator filters that protect the ventilator.

To donate visit


General Winner ---

The winner will receive a £50 curry voucher kindly supplied by Shampan Bromley for a 'book and collect' curry at Bromley only (Westerham is closed).  The winning prize is available to both non-members and members of Classic Car Connections.  

To join visit

Classic Car Connections Winner ---

The Classic Car Connections member prize will be a £30 voucher from Westerham Brewery, supplied by Classic Car Connections.  Your membership fee must be fully paid by 3rd May to join in.

Family Winner ---

Family day ticket to The British Motor Show next April for 2 adults and 2 children worth £37

***** A tie-breaker question will be used if necessary.  This will be sent by email for you to answer *****



Please make a voluntary donation via 

No matter how small every penny will make a difference.  When you make a donation please select the following answers so we can monitor our campaign.

What inspired you to give today?  - select other - Classic Car Connections
Select your donation reason - select your choice or Classic Car Connections


The answers can be found on google maps by following the link below and keeping to the blue map route.

Please zoom out of the map find the start at Westerham Brewery.

To find the clues you will need to use:

a. Road view - the aerial view of the roads.

b. Street view (SV) - Using the little street view yellow man (bottom right) and dragging him onto the road to get a street view.  If you can’t get the man to rest on the road it means that road hasn’t been photographed by the Google camera or you may need to revert to the map view or move further down the road to get him to latch on.

Where questions use Street view (yellow man) it will be indicated by (SV)

Here goes and best of luck…

Lee - Classic Car Connections


To Peter Gatward from Pastdrives for testing the hunt
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1. What berry is open at The Brewery? (SV) *
1 point
2. Go along Beggars Lane towards the A233 roundabout. He wears sheep's clothing but where does he get fuel? *
1 point
3. Follow the A233 turning left onto the Pilgrims Way - On Street view (SV) you will find it a modern classic protected by cones - what is it? *
1 point
4.  At the end of the Pilgrims Lane turn right onto the B269 - There is a church at bottom of the hill. How many steps lead up to the church Lychgate? (SV) *
1 point
5.  Turn right into White Lane - This measurement is the imperial equivalent of what we must all do now, what is it? (SV) *
1 point
6. Turning onto the B2024 you follow the path a famous driver from the 1960s what was his name? *
1 point
7. Continuing on the B2024 and around the roundabout onto the B269, Limpsfield Road. In Botley Hill car park is a Wedgie (not a potato variety) what make and model is it?  Be warned if you go into the car park it magically disappears! (SV) *
1 point
8. Turning left into Slines Oak Road bearing right into Haliloo Valley Road.  Take an off-track detour to Woldingham Golf Club.  How many Red cars are in the main car park? (SV) *
1 point
9.  At the next junction, what car would you like to go up the hill? *
1 point
10. Onto Woldingham Road.  If you spend too much time in the garage you’ll be in the dog house.  But which one? *
1 point
11. Go across the roundabout to Burnwood Lane.  Close by is a school to test your driving skills but who owns it? *
1 point
12.  Just down the road, you take shelter in an anti-aircraft defence tower.  What is its name? *
1 point
13. Left at the end into Townend.  MFG Townend Petrol station - who is there to rescue you? (SV) *
1 point
14. Turn into Charldon Road - The pub has a Golden Lion on it. What second oldest car manufacturer has a lion on their logo? *
1 point
15. Continue on the B2031 - Don’t waste too much time on this road dumping your bicycles but where? *
1 point
16.  B2031 Rook Lane - just off this road is a Doctor for your car engine what is the road and company name? *
1 point
17. Rebel Without a Cause but where would he live? *
1 point
18.  On Shepherds Hill and driving over the M23. Look south for your ride in style, what are they called? *
1 point
19. Right to London Road North on the A23 - You’ll spot a red Italian car.  What car is it and what Lane is it near? (SV) *
1 point
20. Just before the BP station turn left into Star Lane, leading into Hoggscross Lane (SV)   How much is petrol? *
1 point
21.  How many deer are by the memorial in Star Lane? (SV) *
1 point
22. On White Hill, there are some abandoned Roadworks - What company lives there? (SV) *
1 point
23. From White Hill leading into Chipstead Lane - A different kind of horsepower can be found on the Lane?  What are they and how many? (SV) *
1 point
24. Turn right at the roundabout onto Brighton Road A217.  Jaguars smaller cousin might stay here? *
1 point
25. Turn left into Mill Road B290. Anagram Clockwatcher Drub Tit.  What's the Answer - please type your answer exactly as it appears on google maps (upper and lowercase). *
1 point
26. Turn left onto Dorking Road (B2032).   How many trailer style warning triangles are at the entrance of the Private road leading to Stonecrop? (SV) *
1 point
27. What is Chris Rea’s favourite road? *
1 point
28.  On the Roundabout leading to Pfizer what is advertised (SV)? *
1 point
29. Turn right onto Headley Common Road B2033 - What is it unsuitable for? (SV) *
1 point
30.  Bear left to Box Hill Road.  How many cyclists are waiting at the junction? (SV) *
1 point
31.  Box Hill Road. Who will be playing at The Tree pub on 1st June? *
1 point
32. In the garage next door what silver modern classic does the man in the red t-shirt like? (SV) *
1 point
33. In Zig Zag Road.  Who does the Memorial belong to? *
1 point
34. At the top of the hill, what does the van provide? *
1 point
35. At the bottom of the hill turn onto the B2209.  How many bollards are outside the yellow gate of Rykas Cafe? (SV) *
1 point
36. Cross the roundabout junction heading to the A24.  How many cyclists are on the roundabout next to Bradley Lane? (SV) *
1 point
37. In Bradley Lane what event is advertised by the Bridge? (SV) *
1 point
38.  Keep in the right-hand lane going to Denbies.  In the car park, what is the guy in the pink t-shirt carrying and what's in it? You have to look really hard from all angles. (SV) *
1 point
39. Who is charging here? *
1 point
40. How many acres do the Denbies vineyards cover? Google will help you. *
1 point
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