Sheffield Virtual School Games NSSW Comp
Due to the current situation around the Corona Virus, many school competitions, events and sports days have been cancelled. This competition pack has been created by the Sheffield Schools Get Active Group to enable pupils across Sheffield to compete in simple generic sport skills against pupils from other schools whether they are attending school, or being home schooled.

The competition consists of 8 simple skills that can be completed at school in home:
Speed Bounce
Target Throw
Keepie Uppies
Coordination Station
Clap Catch
Plank For Points
Healthy Selfie
Creative Challenge

For more information, rules and a video demonstration please see-
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Please write which house group you are in if applicable? (Please enter what house group you are in if your school has house system in place)
Please write your class number/ name. This is so schools can track which class has been the most active.
Please write your initials. (This is so that schools can track who has been the most active and submitted the most scores).
Speed Bounce- How many speed bounces did you complete in 30 seconds?
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Target Throw- How many successful throws did you make in 1 minute?
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Keepie Uppies- How many keepie Uppies did you complete in 1 minute?
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Coordination Station- How many wall catches did you make in 1 minute?
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Clap Catch- How many claps can you make while you throw the ball in the air? (If you scored more that 10 please click number 10)
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Plank for Points- How long can you hold the plank for?
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Healthy Selfie and Creative Challenge
Please submit your Healthy Selfie and Creative Challenge pictures/ ideas via email. Please put your School Name in the subject box and send them to

Please indicate in your email if you do not want your photo to be published on our gallery.
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