Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association - Survey for possible Blues Festival - 2018
Please consider the possibility of a Blues Festival in Kalamazoo sometime in 2018. As we investigate who, what, where, how, and when, we would greatly value your input by answering the following questions:
Have you attended a live music concert or music festival sometime within the past 5 years? *
What is your Postal Zip Code?
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Consider the possibility of attending a Blues Festival sometime during the summer of 2018. Rate the importance of an outdoor venue:
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Critically Important
Rate the importance of a lineup of nationally-recognized bands, versus a lineup of local / regional bands
Local Bands are just fine
Nationally-acclaimed bands required
Rate the importance of the availability of a wide variety of beer / alcoholic beverages:
Don't Care
Critically Important
Rate the importance of the availability of a wide variety of food and non-alcoholic beverages:
Don't Care
Critically Important
What ticket price would prohibit you from attending the ideal music festival, given all your preferences above were fulfilled:
If you could schedule a 2018 Blues Festival, what months would be preferred:
If the 2018 Kalamazoo Blues Festival fit your needs as described above, what is the likelihood that you will attend?
Will Not Attend
100% Certain to Attend
Please provide feedback about a possible Blues Festival in Kalamazoo for 2018 - how can we best serve you?
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Thank You!
We very much appreciate your feedback - it will be critical for us as we plan a possible 2018 Blues Festival for Kalamazoo!

The KVBA Board of Directors

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