PopShop Spring 2020 - Session Two Registration
• PopShop Spring 2020 - Session Two begins the week of Monday, March 30, 2020! Session Two concludes with the SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER CONCERT 2020 on Sunday, May 17 at 123 Pleasant St!

*There will be no classes the week of April 20-24. This week will serve as a makeup week for any missed rehearsals or inclement weather.


Classes offered PopShop Spring 2020 - Session Two:

PopShop Performance Program –

• This program is geared toward players of all ages (8-adult) and musical abilities! Students meet for group lessons to create a set of music to be performed at a public concert(s). Students meet for 90 minutes a week for six weeks (9 hours of instruction). PopShop staff members carefully create groups based on age, ability and musical interests. Instructors provide musical instruction and impart the importance of teamwork, creative expression, and self confidence.

* A minimum of 4 players needed to form class. Rehearsals take place on stage with full PA and "back-lined instruments" (drums, keyboards, amplifiers, PA system, microphones) provided for students.

Instruments needed: Guitar(s), Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocalist(s), Wind Instruments. Other instruments can be incorporated. Please inquire about yours!

PopTech Program -

• Build Your Own Effects Pedal Class 1 (Basic) - This four week course will focus on three principles: the ability to distinguish and identify effects by hearing them, the understanding of hardware/circuits within most pedals, and the building of a guitar pedal of your choice (six options: distortion, fuzz, boost, treble boost, bass distortion, bass fuzz)! All materials will be provided.

• Build Your Own Effects Pedal Class 2 (Advanced) - This four week course will cover the understanding and building of one of main PopShop Effects Pedals: Dynamic Overdrive + Boost, Lofi Digital Delay, Digital Spring Reverb! This class will cover more complicated circuits and we'll take our time building to make sure everything is good to go. All materials will be provided.

• Studio Recording Class - This six week course will cover hardware/software for recording, signal flow/routing, microphones and techniques, and then recording on a band in order to experiment with different methods!

• Audio Mixing Class - This four week course is a hands-on introduction to mixing sound for students at the beginner and novice levels. Learn the concepts of mixing live audio for bands, theater and speaking events, and also recorded music for albums, podcasts and film/video. **The class is recommended for most students before taking the six week Live Sound Engineering class.

• Live Sound Engineering Class - This six week course shows students how to run a PA and mix a live band. Learn everything from setup to sound check and show time to load out. **Most students with no prior experience using a sound board should consider the 4-week Audio Mixing Basics class before taking the full Live Sound Engineering class.

• Guitar and Bass Guitar Maintenance and Repair - This four week course is designed to give players of all levels a better understanding of their instrument and the hands-on experience of making their own guitar or bass meet their needs. Save time and money by learning how to "setup" and maintain your instrument!

Payments can now be made online. Go to www.popshopwv.com to pay online. (Note: A 4% processing fee is added to any online payments.)

PopShop tuition payments can be broken up into two installments. Payment one (half) is due on the first day of class. Payment two is due midway through the session. Please contact us if other arrangements need to be made!

If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

Thank you again for your continued support!
Chris Russell
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